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hello, i just want to know how dose the like button works? it doesn’t work some time.

i got 1st computer chrome and ie don’t work firefox work. 2nd one ie chrome firefox 3 of them don’t work 3rd one work on chrome don’t work on firefox and ie….


In order to offer a better support and keep track of the issues, can you please use open a topic on our HelpDesk Discussion Forum ?

Regards, George

OK, Will do

I really love this theme style and tone of voice, but while I am playing with the demo on my Iphone, I found some problems. Can you check/reply on the pre-purchase questions/remarks below? They are all about the mobile size.

1 – If I touch the menu icon, the page seems to reload in order to open the menu. If I close the menu it works fluid. It schould open and close as easy as on vimeo.

2 – If I use the search function, I need to scroll up to find the ‘close search’ button. It took me a while how to figure out how to cancel search for it was hidden ;-)

3 – If I click on the ‘comments’ icon, below the excerpt, It looks like the article is loaded first, and after that, the page reloads again and opens at the comments section. Why loading twice and not load the comments section directly or use # ?

4 – If I am on that ‘comments’ section, and scroll up to read the article, I first find the related articles and after scrolling further up, I finaly find the article. As for me it makes more sense to have the related articles below the comments on the mobile phone, not above.

5 – With all this scroling it would be nice to have a button to get back to top. Any idea if this will be added in the near future?

6 – I have been reading trough all comments and am wondering, is the live demo also the latest version?

Looking forward to your reply.

Hey salgra and thank you for your interest!

Here are the answers and explanations:

  1. Depends on your phone OS, if it’s older, there might be a small flash. I tested on an iPhone 5 and it’s working well
  2. The problem is that the mobile browser automatically scrolls to the focused input and that’s why the close buttom remains outside of the viewport. Anyway – once you clicked the search button I suppose you’re going to type and search for something. We will try to improve the behaviour.
  3. That’s how a default a browser behave using the #hashtags anchors in URL – load the page and after the page is loaded, scroll to that anchor.
  4. We will think about that – now it’s something related to the position of the related articles on desktop, which is above the comments.
  5. On mobile devices you can simply touch the very top bar (at least on iOS) to go back to the top – but we’re thinking to have a back to top bottom on the footer area too.
  6. Yes – on the live demo is the latest version.

I hope it helps.


Hi George, thank you for your reply, it helps. I hope this theme will get in the top sales rank on themeforest. I love it and I’ll buy it. See you soon on the other side (Support forum) ;-)

Glad to have you as our customer.

Hey guys, I just purchased your theme and it looks really good. I have a question though: on the homepage I only want to display the Post Title, but not the short preview of the Title body text. How can I do that? I went to Theme Options > Archive and then set the Excerpt Length textbox to empty, but still the text preview is being shown.

Many thanks for your help

Hi. When empty that option will default to a 180 value. Use this custom CSS to hide the excerpt. Add it to Theme Options > Custom Code > Custom CSS:

.article-archive .article__content {display: none;}

Let me know how that went.

it worked, thanks so much!

You are welcome :)

Hey guys, I have another question.

The only main problem I have with your theme is that the Featured Image on the post page is really huge and it comes even before the title of the post.

How can I make sure that the Post Title is always on top of the post page?

Also, is there a way to hide the Featured Image only on the post page? I tried to add the following code: .article__featured-image {display: none;} but it hid also the Featured Image on the homepage, which is not good.

Many thanks for your help

Hey ilvava and thank you for being our client!

The Featured Image width is set to filled the container width, that’s why the portrait oriented images becomes very big. You can hide the featured images using this code:

.single-post .article__featured-image img { display: none; }

I hope it helps.

Regards, George


I have a small problem with the “Featured Image”. Once I set an image as featured, it will automatically appear as the first thing on the post page AND it is too big! Even in a relatively large screen like mine (21 in iMac), you can not view the whole image, because it becomes too big!

Where can I manage that size?

But the thing is… I want that the image is set as featured, because it’s going to be on the home page posts’ grid, BUT, that doesn’t necessarily mean I want it to be gigantic on top of things on my posts.

Maybe I want an introductory text, or whatever.

How can I manage this?

Thank you.

P.s.: I’m posting this request here on the theme forest because I already noticed that some questions in your forum remain unanswered for months.

Your welcome! We can transform the forum in such a “snippet directory” :) only if you post there. Cheers

I will post there NOW! :)

PS: We have a lot of guys (hired) that are active only on the helpdesk :)

Hi, I need to know if there is possibility to click on image (gallery post) at listings to move user into post content (despite grabbing image and move slideshow left and right). Now I can click only on title in order to change url. Arrows are ok to make_it_slide, but clicking on image is too much, I see that my users dont understand UX correctly and thinking that this is only little slideshow without something more .. I hope you understand my english. Thank you.

Hey and thank you for being our client! English is not a problem – your idea might be good to implement, even if I’m thinking that an option to display only one image (linked) instead of the slider might work better. Thank you for the suggestion. George

Hi there, is there any way to embed Tweets on the homepage in Grid Layout? All attempts so far have resulted in Tweets being displayed just as text and being cut-off. Would be great to enable Tweets to be displayed in full, ideally with images etc. Thanks in advance!

Hi. Can you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WP admin access so we can see what you are trying to do and see what we can improve? Thanks

Hi, great theme! i found some translation issues. it’s not possible to translate the following elements: - + load more - By AUTHOR. Published on DATE

reagrds, Nils

Hi. Thank you for reporting this. We will investigate and fix the bugs.


First off I’m loving the theme :) I have a few questions for my use of it as an event calendar.

1.) Can posts have an expiration date? Where if the post is for an event on the 17 of May the post will go to ‘draft’ on the 18 of May.

2.) Can I call all post under a category? Say I have 30 posts under the category of ‘June’ and I have a menu link of ‘June’ so when I click that link all the posts with a tag of ‘June’ appear.

3.) On the masonary page the date of posting appears next to the comments and likes. Can this date be one that I give it? The date on the event.

Thanks again.


1. You will need some plugin for this since WordPress doesn’t provide this kind of functionality out of the box.

2. Yes you can have that. This just the archive of that category.

3. Unfortunately no. That it’s the date that post is published. You can try using some plugins for event management but I think you will need some custom coding on your side.

I absolutely love this template. By far the cleanest and most effective blogging template ever.

Couple questions: -Can the layout be boxed? -Also the scrolling bar is horribly slow, can we use a different scrolling bar? -Will it be compatible with Theia Post Slider?

Thank you!

Hi. First of all this is a 2 months old thread. Please make sure you have the latest version of our theme. As for the scroll, if you don’t want the custom scroll, you can disable it and leave the default system scroll instead. This way there would not be any performance downsides.


I am putting together a writing and SEO team to start a website like DesignRazzi.com This is very important for me to have a theme which is fast, and can be SEO optimized, and is boxed.

I see that you are getting great numbers in speed but one of the problems I was noticing was the difficulty of scrolling, but thank you for letting me know that this is a feature that can be turned off.

And by boxed I mean something like this: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/heap/category/graphics/?blog_layout=classic&content_width=1150

But I want it like this with a default homepage grid like look. I can get that right?

And can you tell me briefly about the SEO factors of this theme.

Thank you!

Hi. Yes you can get that boxes look anywhere. About the SEO factors those are in the eyes of the beholder. We have done our best to get you started (with social meta tags included, semantic HTML, proper order of content) but it mostly comes down to your content and what you believe is good SEO, as there are many opinions.

Hi, I’ve installed your theme as I would any other theme, and I’ve hit the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Envato_Protected_API in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxx.com./wp-content/themes/heap/wpgrade-core/vendor/envato-wtl/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 13

I’ve tried going in and manually adding my Envato username and API key with no results.

How do I fix this?

Hi. You probably have the Envato plugin installed. Please remove that plugin because we have it embedded in the theme.

Fixed. Thanks a lot :)

You are welcome.

Is it possible to have 3 grids and the sidebar for the homepage? Also is it possible to utilize products with prices in that format?

Hi. Unfortunately we don’t have this options.

Wow! Gold mine! :kiss:

Couldn’t agree more :)

I just bought this Theme and after installation a fatal error ocurred and I really don’t know how to proceed.

“Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Envato_Protected_API in… on line 13”


Hi There. I was able to sort things through! Thank you! I have a quick question – for the contact page which plugin did you used?

Plus, I would like to hide the blog post author and I can’t seem to find any plugin that works with this theme. Can you please help me with this?

Hi. We are using the Contact Form 7 plugin. As for the blog post author you have options to hide it under Theme Options – Posts.

Hello, Isn’t there a big problem when you print a post ? Here, I’ve got 6 pages of mess… I would like to check the print item really closely because I would like people to print my recipe post. Thanks

Hi. Improving the print behavior is on out to do list and we stove to deliver it soon in an update.

Hi, i had purchase your theme, and i found that when windows size is smaller than 900px, it will become one column, Just want to know where can change it because I want 2 column on iPad Verital screen.


Hi. You need to add the following custom CSS to Theme Options > Custom Code > Custom CSS:

@media screen and (min-width: 481px) and (max-width: 767px) {
    .mosaic__item  {
        width: 100%;

@media screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1249px) {
    .mosaic__item  {
        width: 50%;

Hello! How can i change the ”+ Load More” text button?

Hi. You can change that text from Theme Options > Archives. If you don’t see the field next to the checkbox “Show [Load More] Button” simply uncheck and check it again and it will show up. We have a little bug in there that we will fix.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme. Just wondering if the header image can go all the way across the top without the facebook and search icons?

Hi. We have in our Theme Options settings for disabling them. And with some custom CSS you can make the logo area fullwidth. Once you buy simply open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will help you.

a feature image question:

i have a theme that uses the featured image to post an full image in a single post …

all these posts are standard posts …

will heap do the save …


Hi. Yes Heap uses the standard WordPress workflow with featured images and all. So no problems there.

Is it possible to have custom objects in the masonry? Like could I have a text box or ad placed inside the masonry on the homepage? or a Twitter Card? Could I have a custom HTML box in the masonry on the homepage?


Hi. Since those are posts, you would have to use them to get your wanted behavior. For example you could enter a Twitter Card in a post and have it displayed in the masonry. You could use one of the Post Formats to output raw HTML without any title, post meta like date, etc. But this would require some custom coding.