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Hi. Just FYI, there are a few issues with the shortcodes. Above, someone asked about the promo box. The issue there is that it does not ask for button_url. And, the green button comes in as grey. Might be worth editing for a new release.

I’m having a different problem though. When I view the site on mobile, it doesn’t show up well. The header text doesn’t wrap as it shows in the preview. The site only shows half of the screen on vertical view on an iPhone. The menu starts at the last menu item, which is contact us instead of the first menu item. It seems to be the top header that is the biggest issue. My site is www.AcuCareClinic.com and is live now.

Hi, ok thanks for your suggestions and information, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?

Sorry for delaying your questions.

Yes, site is www.acucareclinic.com.

One more question as well. Not needed immediately, but is the slider set up for video as well as photos? They intend to do a video later in the summer and I’d love to add it in the slider if possible.

This theme is fantastic! One issue I have is that I have a large gap between the top menu bar and the divider/body below.. The new site is not published yet but the a picture of the gap is here: biggap.jpg

Do you know why the gap might have appeared? It is there on narrow or wide style. Thanks.

One other query – is it possible to remove the Read More button from some of the slideshow items?

Thankyou, should I also change the values from 210px in top-container and header-box?

I edited my slides and changed the Read More button on the slideshow items to a ‘Contact Us’ and linked it to the contact page – no need to remove the button now!

ok great, glad it’s working now :)

A couple of extra queries!

(1) One of the staff items is out of line: www.omnitec.co.im/about (2) On the Contact Page there is a heading for Branch Office – can we hide that because we have no branch office!

Thanks again.

Thank you for theme. I really like it. But I have a problem. There is no bullets showing up in bullet list. Tried different style but nothing. I tried both to add short-code from drop-down menu and typed by hand. Other shortcodes worked well. Please help

I solved the problem. I found answer in support forum. Thank you.

ok great :)

From the “Tracking Code” saving removes the <script type="text/javascript"> and </script>.

Hi, looks like the latest WordPress version stripped out the <script>..</script> heading, will fix this issue soon.


Testimonials are not working – I can see the image and subtitle – but the content is not showing? What am I doing wrong – I have been through the editor and see nothing.


I have replied your question in our support forum.


Hello, I have submitted requests on the support site but no response in 2 days….can you please take a look and respond?

ok we will check this soon.


Hi, please take a look at this URL: http://bit.ly/1rsCC8n

I’ve created a test blog post with no content and the theme breaks. Is it a div issue?

The support here and in the forum doesn’t reply to simple question put since October 14. Now I have to hire a guy from Fiverr to fix the theme I just bought?

Not answering to clients tickets is neither professional, nor polite.

That’s it, I went on and fixed this by myself. Errors in this guy’s code. Stay away, from this seller. Will not support if you buy his theme, period!