Discussion on Helium - Modern Portfolio & Blog Theme

Discussion on Helium - Modern Portfolio & Blog Theme

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Hi Mairel,

I am not sure whether my emails are getting to you or not so just in case I am posting here as well. There are several things that need to be addressed.

Critical issues:

1. Checkout Cart is not using nonce hence it’s impossible to remove items from the cart. See the reference here: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/development/2018/07/09/important-update-to-ajax-requests-in-easy-digital-downloads-2-9-4/

2. I noticed that some times when I open checkout page the purchase form is not loaded. I have to reload the page or change the payment method to force it to appear. This issue is not often happening and I suspect it has to do something with the page I am redirecting from. You might be able to reproduce it by adding the Checkout page in your main menu and use the link to navigate there. When coming from download page I didn’t come across the issue yet.

3. Archives not showing filtering. The same applies when I specify what categories to include.

4. Single Download archive page doesn’t show ‘back to archive’ button in the navigation at the top.

Missing features:

1. When customizing the theme I noticed there are some missing default options for EDD grid settings compared to Portfolio – there is no option to show filters, change ordering and layout.

2. Support for Elementor single templates. I am not sure whether this would be possible or not but it would be very convenient to have it working. Elementor page builder is working great with the theme, but when I try to build a template for a single download, it will overwrite header (Title + navigation) and footer (related downloads) which I would like it to avoid.

Requested updates:

1. Update Font Awesome to the latest version, it’s using the old version and many icons are missing.

I realize that the author might be busy or with very limited interest in supporting this theme so I would like to ask other people that purchased the theme and are doing some custom changes.

Would anyone be interested in sharing their developments as I suppose many of us are actually applying the same fixes/changes to the theme? I personally want to use the theme to sell digital products using EDD so most of the changes are around download pages, like adding media, supporting things that are integrated in portfolio but not in downloads, etc. Would appreciate if I could get in touch with other developers to help each other as I am looking forward to launch a new website as soon as possible.

In case of interest, please contact me through an email: jiri[at]poshtrader.com


I am running into an issue where on initial webpage visit, my photo gallery fails to load the images (I see a white / blank space where the images should be showing). On page refresh, the images in the gallery load fine. Is there something in the code/script that is preventing the images from loading in the galleries on a user’s initial visit. Please see this video that demonstrates my issue: https://youtu.be/ZENpnNIA7Os

When I reverted back to default theme, the galleries loaded the images fine, which suggests something in the Helium theme could be preventing the images from loading in the gallery on initial visit. Please see this video: https://youtu.be/s1FVXobYS2Y

I tried a few gallery plugins (Envira, Foo, NextGen) and they all have this same issue with the Helium theme but not with the default Twenty Sixteen theme, so it points to a conflict with the Helium theme. Can you please help me understand what I can do to fix this?

I would like to request a refund. No response to any of my questions, theme prevents many plugins from loading including Envira Gallery. Shopping cart experience is broken, does not allow user to remove item from cart.

How do I ajaxify cart links, or where do I find it excluded so I can change the code when AJAX navigation is enabled? Thanks.

I would like a refund for Helium. I ended up not using it as it kept causing issues for image galleries to load such as Envira Gallery and more importantly, the shopping cart doesn’t work properly – customer unable to remove item from cart. I switched to WooCommerce Storefront after not being able to address the above critical issues and not getting any support from the author. Please refund me.

Using the Contact Form 7 plugin, after clicking send, the response message appears above the form. How do I make the response message appear below the submit button? I already tried to put the [response] tag at the bottom of the form, but it did not work.

Will there be an update as there is no way to delete products from the shopping cart.


I really like your theme but cannot figure out how to move the side menu to the top of the page. I believe that this website is using your theme and I would like to have it arranged exactly the way they do. https://www.airstream.com/

How do I configure the theme to look like the layout of the airstream website?



Hi Dave,

That site does not use the Helium theme by us, it uses another framework with the same name.

There’s no way to have a top menu using this theme without heavy code modifications, sorry :)


I Have a domain name “resimsevinci.com” and I use Helium Theme… But I can’t remove items in checkout menu. What is my problem? I don’t understand it?...

Don’t you have a dummy file?

I don’t know how to divide categories.

Hello, I am looking at hiring a programmer, purely to remove the Revolution Slider from my theme. Is there an easy way to disable this completely, so that I can be removed?

Can Revolution Slider Be Removed??

my site uses [downloads columns=”5” full_content=”no” pagination=”true” excerpt=”no” orderby=”post_date” order=”DESC” buy_button=”no”]

There is an issue where the Alt tages are hidden by the grid-list-image-placeholder

and If I change my page to “EDD Publisher Page Template” in an attempt to remove the revolution slider, then the Grid Images essentially the “grid-list-image-placeholder” become ** unclickable images.

Hi, Buy now button style not shown as purchase or detail link, when product is added as external link. Can you please fix it or let me know how to do it work. See link: https://ibb.co/wzwLhc0

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

I am trying to edit my client’s website https://bethisraelchabad.org/.

I am taking this over from another member on my team who built it. I believe it was created with the Helium theme. Please confirm. If so, I am trying to edit the link of two items in the services page and I can’t find where to do so. Can I send you the two links that need to be changed or can you advise on how to change the URL the icons lead to?

Hi there, is there a way to completely turn off loading effects, and pagination effects, along with initial page loading effects…. Essentially Turn off ALL Special Effects on the website? as Currently due to Googles new Algorithm due for release this month….. Heliums, Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) score is incredibly bad due to the loading effects and special effects. So I am wondering if there is an easy way to turn them ALL OFF? please help. Many thanks