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for Customer Support

Theme looks nice, but there are some critical errors with the cart/ecommerce functionality that the developer needs to address. The shop was the main reason I purchased this theme but it is built sloppily off the EDD solution. In terms of support, you will have to reply on chat/forum - the developer provides no consolidated documentation and doesn't respond in a timely manner to the forum. Don't hate the theme, but definitely felt disappointed.

for Customizability

The world map (contact page) needs more doc information to customization or flexibility to change to other map (as google maps).
The customization to translate of some page sections (like search) and the languages avaliable need to be more documented to make easy this process.

for Flexibility

This theme is absolutely terrible for anything you want to do except what it does out of the box.. ZERO plugins work with the ajax function causing everything to break and not load. You cant even put a simple timeline plug-in into the content area because it wont load the javascript to have it run...

Piece of S^T Template..


Author response

No AJAX themes will ever work with any plugins except you make it work by adding the necessary code for that particular plugin. That's the nature of having AJAX to load your pages, nothing to do about it.

If you want me to help you get your site working, I'll be glad to help. Just send me an email.


for Design Quality

i love this theme .easy to edit and high quality product .he gave me various update .awesome!

by PP - Germany 4 years ago

for Design Quality

by EL - France 4 years ago

by JM - Mexico 4 years ago

for Design Quality

by WS - Netherlands 4 years ago

for Design Quality

by AC - Italy 4 years ago

for Code Quality

by PG - Netherlands 4 years ago

by IX - China 4 years ago

by BB - United States 4 years ago