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In the demo site on my mobile phone (Motorola DROID RAZR , Android 2.3.6 stock) the userbar menu is cut off. The issue is also very noticeable in my companies design where we do not have the search or notifications section. Do you have a fix for this?


Please send me a message via my profile page contact form with as much details as possible. A Screenshot will be great so we can see it exactly how you see it. We will check it out and get back to you as soon as possible.

Regards, OTWthemes

Nice… so when will you guys make a WordPress admin dashboard?

We’ve been discussing it for long time now. It might happen in the future. I will let you know :-)

Regards, OTWthemes

Nice theme.

But, when I resize the window, from a certain width the black background disappears and the menu becomes unreadable (in all browsers), even in pages that don’t have charts.

I have tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, all in the lastest versions today.

When you go bellow 760px it switches to mobile version. When you resize the browser and it goes bellow that it needs refreshing and it is all perfectly fine. When you are on a desktop nobody is bellow 760px. When you are on mobile it loads normally.

Regards, OTWthemes

Thanks! I bought it and it’s and excellent theme!

I just need a suggestion from you.

What method do you recommend for me to correct decrease the text and images sizes in CSS ?

I need to use smaller fonts and icons in all theme, but I don’t want to start from the wrong path!

That is it! Hugs from Brazil!

I am glad you like our template :-)

To reduce font size you need to reduce the font size for the general body text and headings h1 to h6 from the CSS .

About icons this template has sets of icons in two sizes 16×16 px and 32×32 px. You can use whichever fits your needs best.

Regards, OTWthemes

Hi, does your template make use of any CSS PreProcessor like LESS or Sass? Thanks, Uli

Hi Uli,

No just pure CSS , no preprocessors.


@mcollins Hey bro. What’s your email contact in Australia? I am in Melbourne and would like to get in touch if it’s OK.

razzc :)

Hi, Silly question but can this be used as a full blown cms, like intergrating it with a database, making it work fully standalone, using against a front end website etc. or is this just the html, stylesheets etc.

Thank you

Hi there,

This is an HTML /CSS template that includes all kinds of UI elements. It is not a whole back-end system with a database, etc. But can be used to style any back-end system with it.


Is there a way to stop the browser from automatically opening the first accordion tab on a page?

Any way to float/center the twothirds column to the middle of the page?

Hi, It’s been calculated to be with another column of 1/3 so it can be a full row. You will need to play with some custom css to accomplish that. Or maybe place two empty column on both sides of the 2/3 and set the % width for the new columns.