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Looking great! Good luck with the sales :)

Hey joefrey,

Many Thanks! :)

Looks great,

just one glitch,

your resizeable fluid and fixed resolution system breaks down upon resizing the window once the page has loaded (chrome osx lion)

i have to refresh the page in order for it to load correctly

good luck

Hi again,

Charts plugin issue solved! 8-) Refresh demo pages so js changes can take effect.

Now all boxes’ content is completely fluid and do not need browser refreshing.

I have included a thread in the support forum including files and explanation how to apply the changes. We will also include the changes in the next version of the template!

Thanks again sobrilliant for the feedback! We appreciate it. :)

Regards, OTWthemes

Fantastic and really quickly fixed OTW .

Great admin pannel hope you get many sales!

Hey sobrilliant,

Again, thanks for the help. It is much appreciated :)

I love Responsive Design! Great work :smitten:

Hey louiejie,

I’‘m happy to hear that :)


wow, its my first time to see an admin responsive theme here, good luck! :)

Thanks mabuc. :)

How hard would it be to make this my wordpres admin panel? is it as simple as uploading the folder or something kinda like a wordpress theme?

Thanks in advance! - Arthur Herrero

Hi there,

Check this article http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_Admin_Themes I haven’t tried it myself, but it looks possible to me :) It might need some coding, it’s not gonna be just copy and paste.

Regards, OTWthemes

Nice and clean code. Very well done!

One quick question… If I decide to use the fuild version, does the directory fluid contain everything?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your kind words. :)

The folder called fluid contains all files – html, css, js. It is a separate version you don’t need anything else from other folders. It is all in there.

Best, OTWthemes

Can someone tell me what are these admin templates for, what can they be used for if these static html pages (non-CMS)?

Hey shqipo,

This type of templates can be used for any kind of administration – site, CMS , application.

You get nice professional design, color options, flexible code, many plugins and functions integrated and ready to use. All that plus support in a very low price! In our case you also have your template looking very good on all kinds of phones and tablets.

Hope this gives an idea of what are admin templates for.

Best, OTWthemes

Good work with that one! Many design options and functions. The code looks pretty flexible and easy to customize. Good luck!

Thank you ralitod.

The code is indeed super flexible !

Hope you like it.

Best, OTWthemes

This is AWESOME ! I spent the whole day browsing admin themes and this is easily the best on ThemeForest, out of 20+ bestsellers.

I loved all of it but you had me at the login page!

Quick question: I really want to use this theme, and need a little help with back-end scripts. If you launched a site where users signed up, paid for subs, then all they did was upload files, what would you use?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Thank you! I’m glad you like Hello Admin template. :-)

For sign up you can use a simple register/login form. Paying for stuff it depends on how you want to organize the whole process. For uploading files check out the form elements there are two types of uploaders. Then you can organize lists using tables, view, edit.

It is really up to you and how you want to organize the whole process. I personally like it all as simple as possible. If this info wasn’t enough please email me more detais via my profile or start a new discussion on the support forum.

Regards, OTWthemes.


i am looking for a template where i have admin panel or CMS , it is for my customer who is willing to edit and modify the content of his website. He has no knowledge of coding, can this template suite his needs? I have never used an admin template is it difficult to use it?


Hi piaf,

Admin Templates are HTML /CSS templates. You use them to dress up your CMS for example. How much coding knowledge you need to do that, really depends on your CMS .

If you are looking for an admin skin for a specific CMS for example joomla, admin templates in this category are not gonna do it with a few clicks.

What you get with an admin template from this category is HTML /CSS templates and Javascript plugins integrated.

Hello Admin has very flexible code that you can manage however you want easily. It works on phones, tables and desktops.

I hope I managed to clear things for you!

Regards, OTWthemes.

Hi OTWthemes

i don’t have any idea about CMS , what i know is HTML , and i use template to prepare my sites, but this time i have a customer who is asking me for CMS to be able to modify and add content to his website without using the code.

I must solve this issue for him, i don’t know if this template is suitable to my needs? can i integrate a HTML template to this skin? or should i build the template from this?

can you please send the documentation on how to use it before i purchase it? i just need to understand it.

thank you in advance


Hi Piaf,

Hello Admin like all templates in this category are just interfaces. Not ready to use content management systems. Such templates do not deal with storing data and databases.

You will need some coding (php, .net, etc) and most probably some database knowledge. How advanced knowledge you need depends on what do you want to build as a CMS . If it is something simple you might need just a little coding, but still.

The documentation explains the structure of the template, what we have used, where and how.

Hope that helps.

Regards, OTWthemes.

Wow! This is awesome.

I’ve been looking everywhere for a clean and yet powerful solution and this is it.

I’m developing a Blogging system for children (and teachers) to use and I think this is going to do everything I need for the backend system.

Thanks :D

Hi mightymango,

Glad to hear that ! :)

Thank you.

Regards, OTWthemes.

Hi OTWthemes,

thank you for your reply,

I think i will purchase your template , i will look around if i can do this or not.

In case i can’t, are you available ? and may i contact you via email ?


Hey piaf,

Yes. Contact me via the profile page and we can discuss your project.

Best, OTWthemes.

Hi OTWthemes i will contact you through your email, by the next week


OK drop us a few lines. :)


Just a little thing… ...noticed that the ‘Red’ buttons have an underline on hover and the others don’t. Is this by design or an oversight? If so can you point me in the direction of how to fix it? Thanks

Hey mightymango,

Thanks for purchasing Hello Admin!

Now to your question. To remove the button underline on hover:

Open the following file: hello-admin/css/style.css line 591

Remove from this line: #main p a, a.black {color: black;} #main p a:hover, a.black:hover, a.red:hover {text-decoration: underline;}

the following: a.black:hover, a.red:hover

In case you want all your buttons to get underlined on hover add all button classes on line 591 as we have done for the black and the red one.

Regards, OTWthemes.com

Just bought but now we’ve encountered a BIG miss feature in forms section: Calendar date picker!!! Our project needs it. What can we do? :(

Hey schwaller, Date picker is located in the Interface elements section (Features – Interface elements in the demo menu)

Regards, OTWthemes.com

Sorry, thought it would be on the forms section. On the other hand, it seems that on the iPad the sliders does´t work, and also the color picker. Did you notice it?

Thank you!

Hey schwaller,

I have tested the color picker and the sliders under the following user agents: Safari 5.1 mac and windows Safari 5.0.6 mac Safari iOS 4.3.3 iPad Safari iOS 4.3.3 iPad touch Safari iOS 4.3.3 iPhone

Also tested it for Android – Tablet and mobile.

It all seams to be working well to me.

Note that for touch devices it might be a little picky to play with that kind of stuff. With the mouse cursor it is a lot more precise.

Regards, OTWthemes.com

Nice work with Hello Admin. We integrated it with our CMS and it all went pretty well. Your code is indeed extra flexible and easy to customize. The little doc lines in the code help a lot too. The variety of elements covered all our needs. My boss loves your design!

Six stars out of five! Keep up the good work.

Hey Enzio,

Glad to hear that! Thanks. :)

Regards, OTWthemes.com

Great template, but I got a question:

Is there a new way on getting the spinner value? the propoer .spinner(‘value’) call is not working. I saw that it was customized, so is there a new way to get the raw data from the plugin or it must be treated on the code?

Hi there,

Here is the function you are looking for spinner.val();

I am pasting an image example here:

Hope that helps.

Regards, OTWthemes.com

hi, I need to change the format date on the calendar and change the language for Datepicker, as I do?

Hi fabrixnet,

For the calendar we use the following plugin FullCalendar. Check out the documentation link, I believe this is what you are looking for http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/utilities/formatDate/

The date picker is the default jquery UI date picker. It has a localization option, check this out http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/#localization

Hope that helps.

Regards, OTWthemes

Hi OTWthemes,

for datepicker dateFormat I modified in “Hello_Admin/js/script.js”

//$( ".datepicker" ).datepicker();
  $( ".datepicker" ).datepicker({ dateFormat : 'dd/mm/yy' });

But Please for datepicker Italian initialisation where I Insert This code? http://jquery-ui.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ui/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-it.js

Hi there,

You need to paste the following code at the bottom of your HTML , lets say before

<script>$.datepicker.regional[‘it’] = { closeText: ‘Chiudi’, prevText: ’<Prec’, nextText: ‘Succ>’, currentText: ‘Oggi’, monthNames: [‘Gennaio’,’Febbraio’,’Marzo’,’Aprile’,’Maggio’,’Giugno’, ‘Luglio’,’Agosto’,’Settembre’,’Ottobre’,’Novembre’,’Dicembre’], monthNamesShort: [‘Gen’,’Feb’,’Mar’,’Apr’,’Mag’,’Giu’, ‘Lug’,’Ago’,’Set’,’Ott’,’Nov’,’Dic’], dayNames: [‘Domenica’,’Lunedì’,’Martedì’,’Mercoledì’,’Giovedì’,’Venerdì’,’Sabato’], dayNamesShort: [‘Dom’,’Lun’,’Mar’,’Mer’,’Gio’,’Ven’,’Sab’], dayNamesMin: [‘Do’,’Lu’,’Ma’,’Me’,’Gi’,’Ve’,’Sa’], weekHeader: ‘Sm’, dateFormat: ‘dd/mm/yy’, firstDay: 1, isRTL: false, showMonthAfterYear: false, yearSuffix: ’’}; $.datepicker.setDefaults($.datepicker.regional[‘it’]);</script>

You can also include that piece of code from a file, just make sure it is included in the end of your HTML file.

Hope this helps.



perfect! many thanks OTWthemes

Hi there,

I am glad we helped.

Regards, OTWthemes