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Awesome Template. Highly Recommended. :-D

Hi there, before I purchase the theme. Is your Twitter API updated and working?

I will update it soon, Before that I can help you to implement the new API to you once purchased.

Looks very clear, thank you!

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it..

Hello There,

This is not working on the my phone responsively. When I view it, the ( iphone ) is missing if you hold the phone properly, but appears if you turn it to the side, also the last word on the text above the fish does not appear when phone is held normally.

Please advise what you need to check.. Thanks so much.. working well.. you need to update the twitter api though – I don’t use it but I am sure it is a nice feature and should be fixed for future downloads.. unless it already is. was not working on mine as of today 10.25.2013

Thanks again!

Any chance we can get a google+ icon added? I really need one and I am unsure how to construct the icon image.. thanks!

Thanks… However, I know I could use another icon.. I wanted to use the same format you have with the other 3 social icons using that one image and the css integrated already..

Hi, This is a beautifull template! One question: I made a subdomain to test a site and now when I send a link to this page the main site wich I made withe the Hello Responsive Coming Soon Template site it is send to

Is there a redirect in the template? I could not find it…

Hope I am clear enough ;-)

Nothing wrong with Template, Please check your .htaccess file (This makes redirection). The links working fine here.

You ar right, the file is ok. Don’t know what happend!


I would like to translate the days, minutes, seconds text below the numbers (I am using this plugin on a Dutch website). Can you tell me where and in which file I could do this?

Regards, Donna

You can change this in js/countdown.js

I looked there and changed some but it did not work. Can you tell me what to adjust in that document?

Search for seconds, minutes and hours inside Quotes (””) and replace it with your text. Or if you can send the text you want to my support mail, I will edit and send you back.

Ok, found it!


hi, i found it is a good landing page tamplate, it will be used on wordpress applictaions? and how can i loaded into the background, is there have any plugin to install?


Its just an HTML template. You need to do custom coding to install in wordpress. You need to hire a wordpress developer for this.

Thanks Surjith

Hi, Really love the layout. Was just wondering if I would be able to change the Phone to an android phone or if it could only be an iphone.

Thanks in advance

Hi, Why not? You can use any phone you like to. It could be iphone, android, nokia.. etc..

Is it built into the theme? Or is it just a picture I can change?

Just replace the picture from /images folder. That’s it.

in video popup when video is in play mode and if you click outside it the player disappears but video stays is in play mode only. how can this bug be fixed?

Add the below script to your html

$(".modal-backdrop, #myModal .close, #myModal .btn").on("click", function() {
        $("#myModal iframe").attr("src", $("#myModal iframe").attr("src"));

Be sure to change the ID #myModal to your actual ID.

Contact me on for further support.