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webtunes does not currently provide support for this item.

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I have no problem getting a valid API key for Google but can I integrate maps in your template without interfering with the existing javascript?
I’m asking this because I’ve been there ;)

best regards

Hello, There is already some solution to the problem of icons of social networks? I bought the template and I need to configure network access for these items.

Please I need an answer quickly.

Layout is good, but badly documented and contain bugs!!.

@mezmerrick , @nbradette

If you haven’t solved this issue, then try this snippet in style.css

.social a { display:block;height:38px;width:38px;line-height:38px;text-align:center; text-indent: -900%; }


Socials buttons don’t want to work :s

How can I solve this problem… ?


Hello, In the mail.php I do not have the code that you provided in documentation. How to make that form will work, where can I put my – receiver address? Please send me the proper mail.php file.


Add following code in your style.css
.social a { display:block;height:38px;width:38px;line-height:38px;text-align:center; text-indent: -900%; }
and then in index.html
<div class="clearfix social-info">
 <a href="#" class="button effect float-left">Let's get social!</a>
  <ul class="social">
  <li class="rss">    <a class="effect" target="_new" href="#"></a></li> 
  <li class="twitter"><a class="effect" target="_new" href="http://twitter.com/yourID"></a></li>
  <li class="in">     <a class="effect" target="_new" href="http://linkedin.com/yourID"></a></li> 
  <li class="skype">  <a class="effect" target="_new" href="yourID"></a></li>

do not forget to replace yourID in the code.

@mickey0 In your mail.php if you cannot find the function sendMail, I suggest to re-download the package and extract mail.php.

Hello, Nice work! But i have a problem when i check the template using an iPad. If you check the theme straight from theme forest on an iPad, it’s okay, but if you download it, change nothing and check it on a tablet or cell phone, the wrappers is not in the center anymore, but left… Can you check/fix this please?

Thanks a lot!

thanks hoysala, it works !! :)


This is one the nicest templates I have seen. I have purchased it. But I am having an issue with installation here on digi8.co.in. Initially I thought style.css path was incorrect but it was according to specified path in index.html file. Could you please help me with it. Something went wrong?

I appreciate your quick response.

It would be really a great help if you could drop me a email with the necessary changes to be made or fixes to be done. Here is my email id: mahinderreddy.ch@gmail.com