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Hi there! Great theme! Question, the slideshow on the homepage is can be any height? Is the homepage created by a page builder – I can add, remove any section such as Blog, Portfolio or add in HTML ?

Oh and one more thing—do you know how this theme plays with WooCommerce? Some themes and the CSS completely messes up when Woo Commerce is installed.

Thank you!


1. The featured slideshow height is variable. You can add set of slides of any height you require and it’ll self adjust to them. The homepage sections can be enabled / disabled and rearranged. To add more elements it’ll need some editing. Homepage uses theme options to control the elements.

2. Woocommerce plugin uses fixed pixel based css dimensions. It’ll need some adjustments as the theme is responsive.


Looks great :)

The 2 colu,n bloglist page goes to the same page as the main blog

Can I have featured images on single post pages with a set width but variable heigh?


1. Yes. You can treat the 2 column and fullwidth bloglist as a template and place it anywhere you prefer.

2. Slideshows can be generated inside posts and pages using shortcode generator. The slideshow adjusts to the max height of any image inside the slideshow set.


Thanks joefrey! :)

Good luck with sales!

one of the best… good luck!

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Is there a setting to chance body text font size. Maybe a little larger?

Hi kemrich, This can be adjusted from style.css .entry-content class. Line 381. Single font-size change will affect all inside the contents area.


if I have 50 images, will it do pagination?


Yes. The portfolio lists have the option of displaying all or set number per page with pagination. There is no limit to the number of portfolio items.


Hi I love your theme. I am thinking of buying for a not for profit project i have.

is it possible not to have the circle icons on the colored boxes on the front page …customise, extend etc


Yes. It can be switched off using a css property. I can provide modification code when required.


Great theme, and cool name :D

Thanks! :)


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beautiful theme, congrats :)

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Good work man!;)

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Awesome work im.. GLWS !

Peter Zickler..

Thanks Peter :)


I bought this template after reading in the comments that there’s a pagination in the portfolio. In fact, the pagination doesn’t work with ajax and filtered portfolio although the author said that the pagination works with the Portfolios.


Pagination works with portfolio columns. Ajax Filtered and Normal Filtered portfolio displays all items and filters them according to the selected category. Pagination maybe a little confusing to the visitor on these as pagination isn’t normally expected in them. Pagination option is available for all other portfolio variations.

I haven’t had a request for this before so will note it and see if there are any other requests for them.


Hello imagem,

The reason that it would be a good idea to set a pagination to the ajax portfolio is to prevent to have 100 items on the same page.

Do you think it’s possible to have this option ?


This won’t be the standard WordPress pagination as it can’t be applied to the jquery filter list. If you can contact a jquery developer on this – with jquery coding it can be possible.

The quicksand plugin in use with filter function doesn’t give number of items displayed per filtration, it can still be achieved using jquery functions by counting the number of items displayed in the quicksand filtered list. Pagination can be generated based on the total.


A beautiful theme. Good luck!

Thanks flashmaniac! :)

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Great theme but do you know why the first and the last items of the submenu are taller than others ? When i put another submenu on the first item of the first submenu, this second submenu is not aligned.

Hi, It’s part of the menu design for this theme. As seen in the demo.

You can modify it by editing following file


Remove lines 30 to 35

.homemenu ul ul li:first-child a {
.homemenu ul ul li:last-child a {

You can also adjust the top and bottom values to your preference too – or remove them altogether.

Let me know if you need more info.


Thank you Imaginem, it works !

Best regards

I have a few questions before buying this great-looking theme:

Is it easy to change the /portfolio URL to something else like /art-projects

Can the images on the individual portfolio pages be made smaller (so the title and info starts to the right of the image) like they are on AJAX portfolio browsing page?

Also is it easy to change the images in the portfolio on the frontpage and in the portfolio browser so they go to the portfolio page rather than the lightbox?



1. I think you meant ‘project’ which is the term registered for the portfolios currently. They are generated in the permalinks. Yes, this can be easily done by editing following

/functions/custom-post-types.php line 25. Change text ‘project’ to your preferred one.

2. This will require customization. Best if you can contact a WP developer on this as it’ll need HTML as well as CSS changes.

3. Yes. This option is available in theme options as a switch. It can be linked directly to the post or have the media display inside a lightbox.


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We launched our new customer support forums.

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Awesome work! Good luck!

Thanks webinpixels! :)