Discussion on Hera - Responsive HTML 5 Template

Discussion on Hera - Responsive HTML 5 Template

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Sent you guys an email privately at first but there was no response to the email.

The website has a responsive issue based on mobile. I’ve taken screenshots of your original template on my mobile phone [samsung s10+]

Please review this responsive issue as I’d very much like to use this theme, otherwise I can only request for a refund as it’s not working the way it should.

https://pasteboard.co/J5zbPki.jpg https://pasteboard.co/J5zc3wB.jpg https://pasteboard.co/J5zc97P.jpg


no answers for my support questions!

since 3 weeks NO answer!


Any update of this template?


how do I make the load time speed up. It’s slow on the desktop and very slow on the mobile.

I have a question regarding navigation. When I click on it it the words sometimes completely disappear or show up partially. How can I fix that issue? Thank you

Howdy! Great template!

I don’t understand why in your demo the .small-text is .small-text { color: #fff; font-family: "Lato",sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-weight: 400; left: 0; letter-spacing: 2px; line-height: 14px; margin-top: 35px; position: absolute; text-align: center; text-shadow: 0 0 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); text-transform: uppercase; top: 50%; width: 100%; z-index: 200; }

and it’s in the line 1 (style-intro.css)

but in the zip file downloaded by Themeforest is

.small-text { position: absolute; left:0; top:50%; margin-top:35px; width:100%; color:#fff; font-family: 'Satisfy', cursive; text-shadow: 0 0 5px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); text-align:center; font-size: 24px; line-height:24px; font-weight: 100; z-index: 200; }

and it’s on the line 844 instead line 1.

Did I made some mistake loading the template files?

Anyway: I modified the class (copy and past from the demo version) but the final result is different cause in your demo it keep the font size even when you make smaller the browser window. Instead the template downloaded by Themeforest make it… bigger and it’s look ugly actually. So I whent to read the code by Firebug and in your demo leave the same values. In the template downladed the values are crossed and they become bigger. I could tell to the css those values are !important but I don’t want to make confiusion maybe about responsive set.

May You explain how to solve it? Thank You!

hi, how do i change the map location? thank you great theme

Any update on WP version?

I wish to add a form for contact from FoxyForm to the contact page (instead of the default php one). Problem is the height. It gets limited to a certain height and made very wide. How do I make it look at the correct height and width without a scroll bar appearing on right?


I figured out the cyrillic fonts, but now i have issues with page loading in CHROME, could you help me, when i click on projects – in work page – it does not even load. Please help, waiting for your reply, by the way i did not get any answer for the previous questions though i fixed them myself.




First i love your work !

I have questions for you ?

How to change the address for gmap please ? can you put a video on the home page? Did you develop a blog page?

Thank you


Edit html file where you want to change preloader background, on the bottom you will see javascript code and code for preloader, find: background: [’#000000’] and change to: background: [’#FFFFFF’]

NIce ! Thank you !!!

The pictures in the homepage and the paralax are getting resized according to the screen size how can i avoid it? The website is lagging a lot on mobile devices please help out. twisterleggings.com

Hi again, I am not a profi, and hope that you will help me with the cyrillic web fonts for this theme so that i can change your fonts into cyrillic.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi there, very nice theme, could you please help me with the cyrillic fonts for this site. Thanks a lot.

hello i want to buy the site, i have a question first. the home split slider can be set in autoplay?


hello i want to buy the site, i have a question first. the home split slider can be set in autoplay?



No, it’s not slider, it’s scroll effect.

The expander in the WORK page isn’t working, does the website need to be running on the server for it to work? I am unable to cofigure the map as well. Please help out. Thanks in advance

Yes, need to running on the server, it’s ajax portfolio. For google map edit template-contact.js find google map code and change coordinates

unable to find it, please help me out


Sorry, my mistake. Edit template-intro.js file and on line 128 and 129 change coordinates.

Hi IG,

I want to show more of the background images on the About Us and Contact Us pages in order to showcase the parallax feature. How can I push the content down? Not sure what part of the CSS or JS I need to edit. Please help! Thanks!

Hi, Thank you for this theme, is it possible to easily add automatic scrolling on the split layout ?



Right now split layout don’t have that option.

Hi, I’m a very big fan of your work!

I have trouble expanding each project page in the ‘work’ section tho. I click them and it seems that they are not doing anything.


Hi thanks,

It’s ajax portfolio, need to be on server, not working on pc.



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