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Hi, Nice theme.. Is billdesk payment gateway integrated in it?


Thanks. :)

You will find all the included payment gateways on this page: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=feature/feature&path=8


Hi again ravi

Re Featured product tabs and layout I have tried reloading theme but can’t get the tabs and layout back to how it was maybe you can take a look at the admin page for me i will send details to your email address. Thanks Natalie


The featured module was not properly set.


Hi Ravi,

How can I seperate the Pre and Next button on slideshow on CSS ? I can only move them to left but they are stand next to each other?

Regards Mei

It depends on what you want to do with it. You can add position absolute for each buttons and adjust the position to however you want.

Hi Ravi,

Thanks, I am trying to change the speed “animSpeed:500,pauseTime:3000,effect:’random’ to “animSpeed:1000,pauseTime:9000,effect:fade’ on catalog>view>javascript>jquery>nivo-slider>jquery.nivo.slider.pack, but not working? any help?

Regards Mei


I am using the cycle plugin. And the code to change for the animation & speed is the one below:
fx: 'scrollHorz', <- Change to fade
    speed: 'slow', 
    timeout: 3000, <- Change to 9000

I’d like to buy this theme, but I’d like to know if once I buy it, how I can make it lo0k like the demo. Is it pretty easy?

Thanks for the interest in the theme.

Yes it is easy to install. There is a documentation file in the package where I have included all the steps to make it look like the demo.

Hello ,

I want buy this theme but i have one question in my brain.

If i buy this theme , i will change site language (menu and others) ?

Yes you can name your menu items in your own language. Search for your language there: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&path=2

and last question :) ,

if i will delete or inactive any page , i can make this?

Yes you can.

I think it will be best if you install OpenCart and play with it a bit to see how things work.

I have installed the theme, but i got the same issues with @akidslife.

please help me.


Please give me your email, i will send you password and can u login to admin board to check my site?

Please fix the tabs module for me also! Thank you

Sure, you can send me your details from my profile page.

Oh, I fixed that issue. Thank for your support!

Yes, i was followed every step!

only green color?, thanks!

I am working on a module for unlimited colour options. I will upload it once I am done with it.


How can I change background image ? Thanks


You will need to change it in the CSS file directly.

I will upload an updated version of the theme today for 1.5.2 compatibility and you will be able to change the color scheme from the admin.


If I buy this theme will I be able to change background image and button colors?

Yes you can change it from the admin. Here is a screenshot of the admin section: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/1628239-herbal-opencart-theme?index=1

hi i’ve just bought this theme but its not display as it is.

top menu which is categories items font size is bigger than original one and it doesn’t fit.

also slide just images are lost.


hi do you know why I’m receiving this error? thanks

Order Information Notice: Undefined variable: error_warning in /nfs/c01/h13/mnt/6968/domains/rosense.uk.com/html/catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/account/order_info.tpl on line 14

you have the same error in your demo

Order Information Notice: Undefined variable: error_warning in /home/webizmu/public_html/themes/opencart/herbal/catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/account/order_info.tpl on line 14

I just uploaded a fix for that file and 2 other files. You will be able to download it later.

is your herbal theme multi language and multi currency ready?


Yes it is.

I have added the currency only for the demo but the languages work. If your store has more than one language installed, the language switcher will show up next to currency.

Hi Ravi,

How can i hidden sub-categories on box-categories of the left column, but when user click on main categories, the sub-categories will drop down?

When i buy a voucher, it wont show any voucher theme image on checkout page. how can i fix it?

For my invoice, order email and voucher email, i want a different logo, not same as my website, how can i change it to different logo?


Hello, Congratulations for your template.

One thing that I can not do on the home page. This is the category list. Indeed, on the template, you can see on the home page, left column, the list of categories and brands from bestsellers. I can not display it. How please?

Thank you for your response.


Thanks. :)

Have you taken a look at the documentation file? For the bestsellers and categories, you just add the modules in the left column on the home from the extensions section in the admin.

For the bestsellers to show products, you need to have a few orders completed. You can do that by placing some dummy orders on your site.


Hi! congrats on the template, great work. i want to buy it but before i have a question, is it difficult to enhance price drop “special” so you can have the old price and a badge with the word promo?

Thanks. :)

It is not that difficult to do. I can help you with that if you want.

Ok! thanks, can you send me that to : paulodercamp@gmail.com Example here: http://pereiraepinto.pt/1ac-185x185.jpg http://pereiraepinto.pt/136-75x75.jpg The size of the big badge is 65px 65px The size of the small badge is 33px 33px

Thanks again. keep up the good work

Please send me a message from my profile page with the details.

Hi Ravi,

I am still working on my website and I have a small problem… I put 3 homepage text boxes with using your html code. They are ok but, there is a problem in layout. Please check my website… http://istanbuldan.com.au/index.php

How can I fix this ? Thanks


Edit line 259 in stylesheet.css. Put it as (2n+1) instead of (2n).

Let me know how it goes.


I am using previous version template. In my files (2n) was line 236 and I changed with (2n+1). It works, thanks…

Hi Ravi, I would like to change slide speed. I checked your comment. you said that

“I am using the cycle plugin. And the code to change for the animation & speed is the one below: fx: ‘scrollHorz’, <- Change to fade speed: ‘slow’, timeout: 3000, <- Change to 9000”

But in my cycle.js file there are no lines like that.

I found timeout line in my cycle.js file and I changed from 4000 to 6000 below codes, but nothing changed…

“startingSlide: 0, // zero-based index of the first slide to be displayed sync: 1, // true if in/out transitions should occur simultaneously timeout: 6000, // milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance)”

For the latest version of the theme you can change the speed and animation from the admin.

The line I was referencing to is in the file custom.js.

I am having issues with CSS and lots of confusing stuffs. Nothing is properly displayed. Can you help me fix it? its really urgent. I need to get this working by tonight.


This is the link . I am Using version Version . I’ll send u admin details if u need. Please help,

Did you buy the theme here?

It has been fixed for v1.5.2.1.