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I get an error on the register user page: http://www.lacasport.cz/index.php?route=account/register

Notice: Undefined variable: entry_account in /data/www/19480/lacasport_cz/www/catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/account/register.tpl on line 110

Line 110 of the file says:

<?php echo $entry_account; ?>

I don´t see anything odd in the code and we haven´t changed it.


Hi, I’ve bought your Herbal theme and need to change backround pattern in theme admin panel (background color field is empty) but in front end is still default background pattern.

Do I something wrong or some fix is needed? Thanks

Can you see the image pattern in the admin area when you uploaded it?

yes, I can see uploaded image pattern

Can you send me your admin credentials from the contact form on my profile so I can have a look.


I have installed a fresh OC 1.5.6 but the on the product page, the “specification” tab, “review” tab has no response. Please advise for solution.



What do you mean by no response?


I have sent you a private email. Please give me some advise what possible could be wrong. I have upgraded from 1.5.6 to but still the same.

Thanks and regards


I replied to your email.

Any chance or a mobile version of this theme? its really nice, i would like to buy this responsive would be really kl, can you do this for me?

It is in the works but it is not coming soon as I am a bit busy at the moment. I will try to make it responsive by the end of this month.

People don’t buy his template, use different seller if you don’t want be ignored. I bought two themes from him and both of them are not supported. I ask if it can be responsive and for over half year still same words, read previous comments its tell everything. I bought from different one months ago and have laser support. I will suggest you avoid him as hell, or you will be disappointed.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but at any point in the file description I have stated that the theme is responsive. What theme support means is fixing bugs with features that are present not adding new features.

Like I said previously, I will try to make it responsive but I cannot find the time right now to do it.

I expect you to support your product not to say sorry for disappointing customers and for gods sake stop telling me “you can find time right now” !!! you cant for over HALF YEAR!!

Yes providing theme support is what I am doing but adding new features is not possible now.

On a side note, posting comments saying not to buy my themes because I am not making this one responsive in all the comments section of my other themes will not help.

Hello RaviG,

I hope you are doing well. :) i am facing a little problem with this Theme. check this image http://i.imgur.com/0NA45Bc.png It doesn’t show as tabs

Best Regards,

Still no response

I cant get the add to cart button to work. any suggestions?

im using the latest version of opencart and herbal theme

Hey bro i REALLY need your help here. I have been using your theme for 2 years now & have always loved it but am having a critical issue at the moment. I tried paying some coders to look into it with no help. The GoDaddy server people also & they found something that may have to do with it but not helping. The site seems to go down off & on through the day at times for hours & give this error below. Also when i edit or add or delete any products as well. The go daddy person said it may be because under the Order_Products database there are 28000+ things purchased that it is trying to load up & he said h does not know why the site would be trying to load all previous orders when i am not looking for the orders in the admin panel i am only someone trying to look at the site & catalog. It times out. The error is below. I sent you a message as well through the send message feature. I do not know much about how to fix anything like this but i will pay you for your time well & even buy the theme again since i can not prove if the person i paid to make my site bought it or not as we no longer talk. I’ll pay whatever i just need this fixed. I am losing money daily from this issue.

notice: error: lost connection to mysql server during query error no: 2013 select op.product_id, count(*) as total from order_product op left join `order` o on (op.order_id = o.order_id) left join `product` p on (op.product_id = p.product_id) left join product_to_store p2s on (p.product_id = p2s.product_id) where o.order_status_id > ‘0’ and p.status = ‘1’ and p.date_available

hello, my client purchased this theme and im trying to make it work for him. i have a problem on the homepage, the special and latest tab has an error. always the first tab doesnt show any products. even if i switch the the 2 tabs, the first tab will dont show anything. this is a demo page http://hookahcleaner.com/boomvaporizer

Hi i hafe small problem… When u visit my website www.body-gear.eu You can see on head the menu one is black rest are transparant how i can fix this ?

I fixed it for you. Check the site and let me know.

raviG thank you so much you are the king !

You are welcome :)

Is this theme compatible with the latest version of Opencart?

Not yet. I am working on all my opencart themes to make them compatible for 2.0.

when it will be released the latest version

I purchased the template and tried to install on the hosted server as described in the documentation but while opening the frontend, I get the following error. Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/herbayia/public_html/catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/module/featured.tpl on line 9

Somone Pls help to get resolved.

its not working on new opencart version

Hello sir

When you visit my site

www.primus-ray.nl and click on a product when its visit the link i get error page and even when you click on the category i gett eror how i can fixx this ?

It’s Not working FULL OF BUGS.

please can we have update for opencart 2

I like to use with wordpress in woocommerce do you intend make this?

No for woocommerce.

Give OpenCart a try, it is pretty easy to work with and better than woocommerce. http://opencart.com

well opencart don´t have system blog and others plugins to customize my site. think about create theme for wordpress ok. tks.

Im new to opencart, How do you install the theme via FTP (FileZilla?)

Your last update was: June 26th 2013.. This theme isn’t compatible with today’s opencart.. Are you making a new update?

How do I remove “welcome visitor” and just have login & signup buttons? Also how do you add content to the tabs on the left? :)http://multimediakitsdirect.com

I would like a refund, this theme is full of bugs and should be updated for OpenCart 2 by now. I will wait for your response my friend. Thanks!

will you update the theme?