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I got it from my friend. It must be an older version. Can you please help me with it?

Theme support is provided to buyers only.

The license is not shareable?? Can you just tell me the reason. I’ll try and fix on my own.

No one is allowed to share the theme.

Can you reply my email? You said it was quite easy to put the promo badge on all slashed prices. Thanks


This is a great looking theme. I’m looking forward to buying it once I upgrade the entire site to 1.5.2.


Thanks Chris. :)

Since I get no support here, just promises before purchasing the template. I will try to add the badge to the slashed prices. Thanks raviG.

Hey pauloder, I’ve been busy and I rarely code during the weekend.

Do note that support is not obligatory and I am providing it for free. So please, be patient.

If you are in a hurry you can hire someone to do it for you.


Hi! Ravi ;)...like your new theme…very nice! as always I think though there is a prob on the cart page, when estimating shipping…you can’t see the button or apply shipping (button).

Thanks GGal! :)

I will look into it. It might be a CSS bug. Thanks for pointing this out.

Problem fixed! I will upload the fix right away.

how easy is it change my complete site to your theme as I am using another theme from here at the moment…?

You will need to upload the theme, select to use it from the admin and follow the steps on how to set it up like the demo from the documentation file.

It is easy.

OK, one more question, does your theme over-write any of the OC files?


None of the core files have been altered.

Ok raviG. I will wait, I just wanted to know when, depending on your time schedule you colud just replied saying next week or next month. Altough support is not obligatory, is part of a good template/file, and more sales for you. Thanks

I will add it to the theme today. Maybe others also would want it. So, you will be able to download it later.

I will keep you updated.

Ok. I sincerely thank you for your effort and I hope other buyers can use this update too.

You can downloaded the updated version. Promo badges included.

after login the place which says .You are logged in as Erdem ( Logout ) isn’t displayed correctly.

its like

() Logout Erdem You are logged in as Erdem

This is the language file. You will get it in the updated version.


Lovely theme. and very easy to install! I highly recommend it!

Thanks. :)

The updated version has been approved. You can download it.

Hi -I have this error message on the menu: Notice: Undefined variable: currency in /catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/common/includes/top.tpl on line 7 Notice: Undefined variable: language in /catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/common/includes/top.tpl on line 8

-I have a lot of category so they cannot stand all in the menu how can i remove the category from the menu?

thanks for your help

Which version of Opencart are you using?


If you are using the latest version of the theme,you should use OpenCart version It will not work with

ok thanks greats theme!!! but can you send me the version for in the meadtime

Email sent.

Hi Ravi,

How can i hidden sub-categories on box-categories of the left column, but when user click on main categories, the sub-categories will drop down?

When i buy a voucher, it wont show any voucher theme image on checkout page. how can i fix it?

For my invoice, order email and voucher email, i want a different logo, not same as my website, how can i change it to different logo?



1. You will need to modify the category.tpl file and custom.tpl for the javascript.

2. There isn’t this kind of functionality. Where have you seen that?

3. For that you will need to add the image directly in the files order.tpl and voucher.tpl from the mail folder instead of the logo variable.


There are gift voucher function on the footer, so i click on it, and add into cart, when i checkout, the cart/checkout page, image not showing on the cart? but if i put 1 item/product on the cart, it will show the image.

The image does not show up in the cart for gift vouchers.

Hi Mr raviG

How do I fix this? Photobucket

Are you using the latest version of the theme which is compatible with

raviG Thanks for the update. 5 starts rating, sorry for the previous misunderstanding.

You’re welcome.

Hi How can i removed the menu with the category in the top of the page in the menu. I have a lot of category and it didnt display p roperly so i want to remove them form the top menu. thanks

You can do that from the admin by unchecking the “top” box from the “data” tab when adding/editing categories.

Is there any chance to change height of the top menu ? Because my logo is a little bit high…


You can change the height at line 25 in the file stylesheet.css.

ave this error message on the menu: Notice: Undefined variable: currency in /catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/common/includes/top.tpl on line 7 Notice: Undefined variable: language in /catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/common/includes/top.tpl on line 8

can you send me the latest version for

ave this error message on the menu: Notice: Undefined variable: currency in /catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/common/includes/top.tpl on line 7 Notice: Undefined variable: language in /catalog/view/theme/herbal/template/common/includes/top.tpl on line 8 can you send me the latest version for

The latest version of Opencart is and the theme has been updated for it. It will not work with

Just update your OpenCart to the latest version and the theme will work fine.