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Hi Ravi,

How can I set up google analytics in our template ? Thanks

Hi Ravi,

How can I set up google analytics in our template ? Thanks

You can paste the code in the admin at System->Settings -> Server tab.

Template works like a charm!!! Service is also A+ We had some questions and responses were incredibly great and fast.

Thank you. Looking forward to more in the future.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

This theme doesn’t work with opencart v1.5.1.3, only with opencart v1.5.2.1. Check http://ultraskin.ru/ But in description it is written “Software Version OpenCart 1.5”. Both opencart v1.5.1.3 and opencart v1.5.2.1 are opencart 1.5, aren’t them?

How should I install the theme on opencart v1.5.1.3?

I,ve sent you a message through the contact form the day before yesterday, but there is no response.

It will not work with

It is clearly stated in the item’s description that it works with the latest version of Opencart only. That is v1.5.2.1. Why are you not using the latest version?

stated that it is compatible with opencart 1.5 http://my.jetscreenshot.com/5186/20120328-fzwz-14kb

v. is the latest one translated to russian.

Themeforest provides only v1.5 as an option for the “software version”. I can’t do anything about it. Like I said in my previous comment, it is clearly stated that it is compatible with

Try to update your language pack and use the latest version of Opencart.

Ok so i installed the theme and I love the theme but only glitch that i’m have is when I first load my site, www.ocraceshop.com, the slider forward and backward buttons stay at the top of the page

This also happens when I refresh the page as well


For the slider, just add a link for each of the slider images and it will be fixed.


Firsly, the welcome message text does not appear to load correctly. There is no white background or styling. I fixed this with: .welcome-module {width:715px;background:#fff;border:1px solid #e4e4e4;padding:10px; float:left;min-height:68px;margin-bottom:10px;border-width:1px 1px 2px 1px;}

Secondly, in the category module which displays on the left. Is it possible to have it show only the 1st tier of items by default and not the sub-categories, unless clicked on it? I have a lot of categories, so this looks rediculously long. Ideally, I only want each sub-category to show when clicked on. Can you help?



I will look into the css for the welcome module..

For the sub categories, you will have to write the Javascript code and add styles in CSS file. I will not be free to customize it for you.


I just purchased this theme and loaded into a clean install of OpenCart However, the them is not showing the horizontal menu with the theme. Instead… it is showing the default theme menu location with some of the CSS . Additionally… it does not show up unless you hover the menu with the mouse. What is gone wrong here?

This project is time sensitive so your timely reply would be most appreciated.

Peace… Trek

Can you provide a link to your site?

I replied to the email… for I do not want to post a link at this time.

OOPS ! I guess I can reply to the email… do you have an email I can reply to with the link; so, I do not have to make it public at this time?

:) Trek

You can send me a message from the contact form on my profile page.

I sent link via your contact on profile~ :)

Fantastic! Thank you for your patience and willingness to help me through this issue. Too many horizontal menu entries will not work! So anyone working with the OpenCart default menu delete some entries if you want the menu to sit properly in the theme.

One more question… does this theme work with vqmod? If not can it be integrated into the default them so it will work with vqmod?

Again… thank you for your timely assistance. Great job! :)


You are welcome. I’ve just updated the theme. Please download it again.

I have replied to your email.

I’d read “compatible with” in the past, now “updated to work with”, it made me think it should work with both them, since I can’t see “It will not work with anymore”.

You could at least leave files in the zip or learn how to use vQmod. It’s a pain to manually edit files your theme would overwrite if we upload it over current install.

I can’t ever be satisfied with a theme I buy from you. Last time I bought a theme from you I needed to request a refund because it didn’t work with any languages apart of english and you didn’t replied for 2 weeks, and now this. Beautiful themes, but very frustrating…

I can send you the version for if you want, but I am providing support for v1.5.2.1 only.

Which files are overwritten?

Please send me the files for then.

Your changelog says:

March 08 – Fixed for Opencart compatibility. – Added Color Options Module. – Updated Documentation File.

Files altered: All files!

Like I said, it does not mention would not work. You should clarify it better, or keep in default zip.

The changes made to the theme after this date are only bugfixes for or I will lose any new feature?

My mail is renatofrota [at] gmail [dot] com


The language files are overwritten when uploading the theme. The changes could be a .xml vQmod file. No manual edits made before the theme install would be lost in this case. www.vqmod.com


Email sent.

Very better support this time than when I bought your last theme =)


You’re welcome.

Not sure what was wrong with the other theme. You can always email me and I will fix the errors if need be.

Hi RaviG, I asked for advice before when considering purchasing this theme about swapping the placement of modules. I have spent a whole day trying to do this and am really struggling. I would like Specials to be in the top right corner (Content Top) and Featured to be a main tab (Content Bottom). I have tried swapping the files, swapping the code, restyling and it simply does not work. Can you help me please?

If you copy the code from featured.tpl and paste it in special.tpl it should work. Send me a message from the contact form on my profile page and I will try to help you out.

RaviG, I am having a problem whereby, the first category item gets lopped off in the list. It appears to be a bug with product/category.tpl. This also creates the problem in that some products under these cartegories will not display if the sub-category is clicked. My dev website is slacklinewarehouse.com.

Many thanks…

Hi raviG

Thanks for this superb theme. I run into a problem though, a self inflected one. I was trying to create a layout for Sitemap as it wasn’t showing when I clicked the Sitemap link (I think it was’t). So I went into Extensions/Modules/Category and added a Module with Sitemap [Position:Column Left, Enabled,Enabled,Sort Order 1]. When I checked the Sitemap page now it wasn’t quite right so I deleted this module. But what happened was that all of the content from the Home page disappeared so all I have there now is Header and Footer, no sliders or anything. I can’t remember changing anything else but I probably have so just wanted to ask if you have an idea what happened and how I can get the Homepage back again. All the product and sub-category pages are missing Category and Best Seller areas on the left. Thanks a lot.