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awesome work,. GLWS :D

excellent work,good luck:)

Much appreciated!

very clean.. good luck!

Thank you!

beautiful theme ! excellent platform integration… I wish you a lot of sales…

A question: when you say it works alongside the desktop theme…. Does it mean we need to enter specific post and pages ?


Thank you :)

Posts and pages that are published on your desktop theme will also be published on the mobile theme. Does that answer your question?

yes ! Thank you :-)

Similar pre-sales question to poivre:

If my current theme has a page type called ummm, XYZ, and I install your theme as mobile only, will all the pages with the page type XYZ still display on the mobile version, with the content (only?) of the original page. Most of the other mobile themes will only show a blank page on a mobile device and as a work around we have to make a new page for mobile only with the original content. And posts . . . well it’s even more complicated.

Hey texxs, I just tested it out to confirm. When the desktop theme (I tried 2 different ones) had a page template that HERO didn’t have, then the content was still shown on HERO, just on the default template.

As for post formats, they worked fine as well. HERO has all the default WP post formats covered (Aside, Link, Gallery, Status, Quote, Image), plus a few extra ones.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Clean work! Good luck :)

Much appreciated :)

I am having problems with this theme. I have setup the menu system as described in instructions. And it run perfect when it is the main theme on my iPhone. BUT, when it is the secondary theme and Any Mobile Them Switcher points to it… the menu goes away. www.ditchmarketing.com


Yeah, looks like you deleted the menu button. Can’t properly post code here, I emailed the menu button code to you. Put it under your logo.

no i have that… it’s just not showing in the forum… i will email you back. I took out the tagline, but it was doing the same thing before I took it out

Hi I am runnning the Invictus wordpress theme can you tell me how this would work in tandem. The theme works well on an ipad but I need a bit extra for mobile. Can you choose which devices it will pick up on?

Hi Paul. Yes, you can pick by devices. We recommend using a little plugin called Any Mobile Theme Switcher, which allows you to select which theme you want to appear on an iPad, iPhone, Android devices etc. It’s just a matter of selecting the theme in a drop down menu, ridiculously simple. Here’s a quick screenshot: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/any-mobile-theme-switcher/screenshots/

Hi, awesome looking mobile theme. I have a couple of questions. 1 How can I enable a custom logo? 2.And is it possible to have the landing website with latest posts from all categories? 3. Can this landing page be different from the desktop theme?

Hi, thanks. I believe it is much more complicated that I thought- unfortunately. My standard desktop theme uses static pages which are then pupulated by the theme functions.

I need to check for the third option. Can you post the link here or shall I email you?

Mail me. You still want to handle the logo issue too I take it?

I just did so, thanks for the quick replies…

Hello, I would like to know how to add a custom logo. Also i would like to know how to make the header menu the same way like the footer option, that way, users don’t have to click the button, many people did not knew that was a button.

Hey there, thanks for the purchase.

Send me an email, I can’t paste code to switch out the logo text with a logo image in here. And when you say you want to have the menu the same way as the footer, I take it you mean you’d like to have it open by default?


Customization request instructions sent via email.

Excellent theme, fantastic support with a speedy response. You have solved my mobile headache.

Thank you indeed for your time and patience!

Glad to have helped :)

Hi, fantastic theme :) Is it possible to upload logo in the black field at topp?

Thanks L G

Thanks for fast answer :) I just send email.

It works perfect :) Thanks!

I noticed that if you select your theme as the mobile theme altjernative the post thumbnails are not created and look very odd and pixelated. In order to get the correct image thumbnails I have to select your theme as default and regenarate the tumbnails via plugin. Any better and more elegant solution possibile?

replied via email…

thanks for your help…

No problemo :)

I have created a custom background and uploaded via your “Background” setting. Also, I am using the “Any Mobile Theme Switcher”. If your theme is active, the background appears without issue. When the Hero is not active and is displayed on a mobile device via the theme switcher plugin, the background image does not appear and it defaults to a black background. Anu suggestions? Here is my site http://www.crystalbride.com/

Hey, thanks for the purchase!

This is a really quick fix. Shoot me an email and we’ll get it taken care of in just a few moments.

just sent you an email

Right back at ya :)

Great theme, Thank you!

I have a small problem and was wondering if you could help please.

I’m using a theme for desktop view that requires the “Reading Settings” to be set for posts instead of a static page, and it doesn’t use/or have “menu” option. It generates a visual menu from “Pages”. It’s a very simple One Page Template. The issue comes down to me setting up the HERO them for mobile and w/o a “Menu” none of the pages show.

My work around this was to re-create each page as a post which shows on HERO but they are all stacked on top of each other and have a “no comment” button as well as a useless menu button under the logo. I wanted to get your input before I start digging into the style.css.

Any thoughts?

So what you need is to get rid of the menu button under the logo as well as the comment buttons for each post? Email me, quicker to respond that way.

Thanks! I sent you an email

This by far the best support I’ve gotten on TF. These guys not only design great themes but also offer really good and fast support.

I highly recommend this theme as it’s really easy to customize, looks great and gets the job done!

Fantastic job Bonfire. Please keep up the good work :bigsmile:

Super nice theme, but how can i install my social icon in the header? Any way to do this?

Hey there, thanks for the purchase.

Your social icon? Do you mean a Twitter or Facebook icon or what exactly? And where in the header? I’m about to head to bed but do shoot me an email explaining what you mean and I’ll get back to you first thing in the morning.

I’m sure we’ll get what you need done. Cheers.

Just purchased this theme, did I miss something?, am I supposed to see a screenshot in the Themes section? it’s blank

When I try to preview it shows all blank

Browser source shows no code

I have to delete theme folder in order to see my backend after I activate theme but why should I activate if I want to have my other theme as default?

Not working at all for me, the instructions state I have to make a Home and Blog page and change the homepage look? but why do I have to do that if I want my desktop theme to have the default look?

Hey there, I haven’t heard from you? I’d appreciate it if you could get back to me at you earliest convenience. It’s been 24 hours since you posted that you had problems and a comment like yours isn’t exactly good for sales :)

The theme works beautifully as many others who’ve bought it can and have attested to, so the problem must be on your end. I’d love to help you figure it out.

You have multiple points of contact; either email me through ThemeForest, or use the email address in the documentation’s front page.

Cheers :)

I apologize for not replying, got it working, had to disable an annoying plugin.

One questions though, my main desktop theme has some codes that are showing up on my theme, what would you recommend so they can work together on both themes? to me it sounds very complex but maybe you have a suggestion?

Thanks! :)

Glad to hear you got it working, thanks for the update! :)

I’d have to know what kind of codes they are. Feel free to shoot me an email, I’d love to have a look.

I have 2 themes on my WP site. One for desktop browsers and Hero for mobile browsers. Each theme needs its own static Front Page. Right now I can only have one static Front page which is used by both themes. Is there a way to use a different static front page for each theme?

There is, shoot me an email. I’ll dig up a link for you.

Interested to buy this one. How easy is it to change from dark theme to light colours in panel? I dont want black background/menu, need it to match my site which is white.

Hey Aqua. Changing colors is quite easy. Make the purchase and shoot me an email, I’ll happily guide you through it :)