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just purchased this for an app we want, a few quick questions:

how do we get it to prompt users like some of the other themes to install as a home icon on their device?

Is there a way to get it to resize for ipdads?

looks nice so far btw!

cool – cheers

Can you contact me via email? I’m working on the web app prompt now and am really close to having it done. I would like to have you among my beta testers, if you will :)

awesome, sure will mate.

Hi, my WordPress site is just a blog, so can this theme show up the recent blog posts as the first page you see?

Hey Larian.

Yes, absolutely. It actually does that by default :) It’s the static front page that you’d have to spend a minute or two setting up.

Thanks for the reply. How easy is it to implement ad code to this theme? Also, is it possible to have an ad appear in the middle of content? And can this use my Disqus comments from the main site? Thanks.

In that sense it’s a theme like any other. Just put in the codes where you need and there’s no reason they shouldn’t work.

Great mobile theme! It worked perfectly with my desktop theme after some careful editing, but all themes require some work. Author is quick to respond and very helpful. Thank you!

Love the app!

Any way that the blog section could have a “back” link or logo when clicking on a story to read to it takes you back to the main headlines instead of clicking the top part of the app again?

Regarding the blog entries, is there a way to remove the excerpt? Most of my articles also have images attached to them and was wondering if it was possible to align the images to the left of article titles on the “read the blog section” instead of the images being on top of the article headline?


Hey John.

Right now the logo links back to the blog index but sure, a little back button could easily be added also.

As for your second request, if I’m understanding you right, you’d like to only have the image and title on the blog index, with the featured image and the title placed side-by-side? If so, that could be done also.

Make the purchase and send me an email with info on where exactly you’d like the back button to be placed, what size you’d like the image to be, and we’ll get it done.


Best support i’ve ever seen! Real time conversation and fast resolution. Five stars is not enough!

Hello, You did a great job on this theme. I’m willing to purchase it but I’ve a couple of questions: 1. Can I change the text header into logo and move the menu button aside to it, just like any menu button in iOS apps? 2. Does it support Arabic language (RTL)? 3. When I previewed your web app, it appeared as an iPhone 4/4S. (Not optimized for iPhone 5), – also the landing page takes too long.

Thank you so much!

Excellent :) I’ll submit an update to ThemeForest first thing tomorrow morning.

And the update was just approved :)

Thanks a lot! I’m doing the purchase!

Hi there – does this have functionality to choose precisely which pages / posts are displayed?

Ah. In that case you could easily make a menu that only shows up on the mobile site (this is already explained in the documentation by the way), and then link to only the pages you want.

OK thanks – that’s very helpful. In that case I’ll probably buy it. Cheers

Of course :)

Hi guys. Your theme really seems gorgeous. A (maybe) silly question: what’s the main difference between Spartan and Hero?

Again, thanks for the super kind words. Those are always nice to hear :) And don’t you worry, we’ll keep creating themes, including desktop ones :)

Ok, playing with the theme, I have two small issues: 1) The responsive slider is not taking all the page width as in the “hero” demo but there are some margins left on both sides. Silde size is 1800×1200 so I guess that’s not the problem. 2) How do I remove the “Categories: uncategorized” at the bottom of static pages?

If you want to take a look the url is http://caffenero.net/nudaluce. Thanks!

1) I think you’re talking about the full screen image gallery (I don’t see a slider anywhere on the page.) The gallery will keep image proportions. If you resize your browser, you’ll notice that right away; that’s why when a browser is a certain size, it shows black bars.

2) That’s a widget you have active. Remove it from Appearance > Widgets.

Also, shoot me an email for further support. Easier to keep track of things that way.

I just purchased this theme and I’m having some issues I didn’t anticipate.

I’m building a site for a client that is highly customized and I’ve had to use a variety of divs within the content of most of the pages in order to get them to lay out the way the site’s designer intended. The client has asked for the site to be mobile-capable, but the original design only functions well on a desktop. I purchased your theme so I can create a mobile-only version of the site.

The challenge I’m having is that Hero is calling the original theme pages. Ordinarily this would be fine, but the styling I’m using is causing them to look bad on Hero.

Is there a way to create a completely separate set of pages that Hero calls and have Hero ignore all of the non-mobile pages? I would like to be able to have a different menu for the site when Hero loads on mobile and also have a different homepage. Basically I would need the two themes to be completely separate, but running from the same site.


Hey there, thanks for the purchase.

You can make a mobile-only menu, sure. Look in the documentation for that. After that you could just make new pages and use the mobile-only menu to link to them.

Do you need mobile-only posts as well?

Shoot me an email through TF. Easier to back-and-forth that way. Cheers :)

Ok. That worked. I didn’t see the part about changing the php file. Thanks for the quick response.

On a related note… Is it possible to have Hero show a static home page that’s different from the main theme’s static home page?

It is. Shoot me an email, I’ll need to give you a piece of code (can’t paste it here).

Hello, I installed yout theme and activated it but the problem is that the deskotop show the mobile theme and I cannot change that (also installed the plugin Any Mobile Theme, thats the first thing. Works when the main theme is active but in the docs it should be Hero. Then it uses the custom Static page for mobile I created when I active it as in the normal desktop version… should you not have 2 different in some way?? I read in the docs but all things feels upside down…. hope to hear from you about it.


Hey Robert. You don’t need to activate Hero. Just install it and select it with the switcher plugin :)

And you want to have different static front pages for both you desktop theme and Hero? Am I understanding you right? If so, shoot me an email and I’ll walk you through it.

Hi Support,

I just installed your theme and I have a few questions.

Can I bundle this theme with another theme that has Portfolio functions? (I also can’t seem to understand how to actually set up individual portfolios)

If not, is it possible to have the menu items go to another set of items. For example: Artists (on main menu), (when selected) goes to a list of Artists to choose from, then I go to each artist’s individual page where I can have their portfolio showcased…

I probably should have asked this before purchasing..so I really hope I can do the above…

Please kindly advised.

Hi Support, I sent you a message via your profile, did you get it?

I replied to your message days ago :) I just resent it.

If you’re still not receiving it then try contacting me at the email included in the documentation.


Thanks for the beautifull theme. I have one problem though:

My website keeps being to wide on my HTC One X. I haven’t changed anything, only the custum menu fix. I want it the width to be fixed to 320px or something like that. I have been digging in the Style.css but with no luck.

Website: http://www.nvproducties.nl


I just checked it and I can see the problem. There has to be something else going on though since the theme is working as should on a number of test sites I have. I’d view the code to see if there have been some changes made to the code but of course I can’t do that on a touch device :)

But we can fix it either way. Shoot me an email through my TF profile and I’ll have an aswer ready for you. It’s easier to do support via e-mail rather than in the comments here. Cheers :)

Hi there I recently purchased your theme and I am encountering issues with the basic functionality. The dropdown menu will not work correctly, I have already changed the menu name in the header.php file but still it does not work. On loading a page the menu is already populated although there is no styling to it and the button does nothing. I need the menu to work exactly as it does in the demo. The responsive slider will only work with internet explorer and not chrome, firefox or safari. Please advise on both of these issues.


Hey. There must be something going on on your end since the files you downloaded files are exactly the same ones that are used on the demo.

Shoot me an email through my TF profile along with your site’s address. We’ll figure out what’s going on :)

Nice one. Thanks for going in and sorting it out. Problem solved :)

My pleasure :)

Awesome theme – we love it.

Why can I not get any of the sliders to sit full width? Even with the images you use in your demo setup?

And, how do I actually get this swipable?

I tried all three gallery/slider components that come with.

I am a php guy, but not a huge WP guy… what am I missing?

Thanks, HD

It’s in the WP backend. When you’re editing a post/page, there’s a little tab in the top-right corner, called “Screen Options”. Slide that down and tick “Custom Fields,” after which the Custom Fields box will be visible below the area you enter your content.

Then just insert the name of the custom field into the “Name” textfield, in this case “Shortcode” (capitalization matters), the slider’s shortcode into the “Value” textarea, and click “Add Custom Field”.

Voilà :)

Awesome, thank you. That is an obscure wordpress feature to the WP noobs. I am now on to figure out why it is not swiping… I will consult the instructions now that you’ve helped me so far. If you are ever looking for dev work on some Hollywood productions let me know… we are always hiring great developers from everywhere. ;)

Glad to have helped :) Btw, I just went to your site again and the slider responds to touch beautifully now that you’re using the second slider plugin. If you just mean that you want it to actually slide and not fade, then you can change that in the plugin’s options.


Really interested to implement this for my existing kevinzahri.com wordpress website.

Do you provide integration services?


I guess it depends on what exactly you have in mind. I’ll happily offer a pointer here and there if you get stuck during setup, though if you’re after massive customizations then I’m afraid that’ll have to be on you.


Thanks appreciate the reply. Its pretty massive but I can always start small and select which pages to enable as mobile friendly? Or is it a all or nothing approach?

You can make a mobile-only menu, and then just link to mobile-only pages. That’s an option, sure.

Hello, I have just purchased this theme. Its well designed and looks exceptionally well on smartphones.

I had a few queries – 1) I have added the menu in the primary navigation but it still does not show up. 2) Is there a widget that allows me to insert Ads easily? If not then how do I insert the ads on the home, category and content pages.

Also can I get your email address so I can share my website with you?

1) The pagination is loaded from indcludes/pagination.php, change that to your liking

2) Look into: http://codex.wordpress.org/Next_and_Previous_Links

3) Look into: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_the_category

How can I embed the category link in this code – Read more – <?php the_tags(‘ ’,’ ’,’ ‘); ?>

I would want to show the category first and the tags for the respective entry.

If you want to show the category between the comment count and tags, in loop.php, loop-misc.php and index.php, replace:

<?php the_tags(‘ ’,’ ’,’ ‘); ?>


<?php the_category(' ') ?> <?php the_tags(' ’,’ ’,’ ‘); ?>

If the code is not showing properly here, email me.

Edit: Yep, the code is not displaying properly. Email me through my TF profile and I’ll send you the code.

Thank you for creating a great theme I’m sorry, my English language skills

But what should slide image margin. The demonstration sites have occurred margins. Help me.

Lack of English language skills in the video attached


It’s really hard to understand, but I’m guessing you don’t know where to activate custom fields. Look at this screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/159548794/custom-fields.png

Thank you very much. Has been resolved. Please make a lot of good themes I love you.

Hi How to Align Center button link?

Not with both or p> dev>. Do the same like my screenshot link Not resolved

It works beautifully with “div”, just put it into text view and don’t switch back into “visual” afterwards.

I’m really sorry dev div typos, ..... Thank you for your help.

Read the blog like the menu of the demo site Into, but should I do?

I’m sorry, my English language skills

Your demo site


I want to make

Menus at the click of Style Blog

Please tell us the law that is displayed in the form of blog.

I’m guessing you’re talking about a static front page. Check the documentation, it’s all explained there.

Thank you resolve Lack of reading ability manual I’m sorry to bother you

Hi Bonfire,

Liking your theme! When editing a page down at the custom fields within the drop-down menu it mentions ‘toggle_page_title’. Does this mean I can hide the page titles? If so, what do I have to enter in the field next to it please?


Hey, thanks for the purchase :)

That custom field is probably there from you main theme. HERO uses the “Shortcode” and “FeaturedEmbed” custom fields. You can find out their purpose in the documentation.

OK. Thank you for your swift reply!