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Responsive Slider categories can be created?

The M-vsilder, are not sliding your finger

It will work, but you need to press the button.

But I

I want to finger sliding

What should I do, but

I’m sorry, my English proficiency

Hi risio. As explained in the documentation and the demo site, one slider is swipe enabled, the other is tap-only.

If you’d like support on these plugins, please check their respective support sites.


Hi! I’m blind. I’m not seeing any documentation. I have it installed and working alongside my desktop theme… but I see no way to customise Hero. I’m still new to this WP thing. Please help? Thanks.

Ah ha! Which is not included in the WP upload zip file. Thanks – I should have checked that. I’ve downloaded the full package and see everything now. Thanks for the quick response. :) Gorgeous theme.

Ok yes. I’m still having the same issue. I have a light grey, pink, and black theme (with customised background/menu/etc) for my desktop version and would like to have a plain black and white version of Hero for my mobile one. They’re working side by side at the moment but I can’t do any sort of customisation of Hero using the usual “Appearance > Background” in the WP backend because it only changes my main desktop theme. Any suggestions?

Those options apply for the currently active theme only. Email me through my TF profile, tell me what you need to customize on Hero and I’ll gladly give you a few pointers.

how can I change the little sstrip of color on the navigation menu to black, I already edited the CSS for “blue” to actually be black but I cant figure out how to change the theme color. The option you have to type the color under the menu pages does not work because I do not have a “custom CSS’ text box

Also how can I change the font throughout the entire theme to just Arial?

I see that changes the link color… Here let me ask you this, how do I change the strip to white actually lol :)

Also the font, can you change all of it?

To make the strip white, find this in style.css: #menu-button

Then under it, change “border-bottom: 2px solid #F0004C;” to “border-bottom: 2px solid #fff;”

(if you activated any of the color schemes, then make this change not in style.css but in the CSS file you activated)

If you want to use a different menu font, use a plugin called Fontific. After installing it, head to Appearance > Fonts and enter ”.menu a” where “Enter selector here” is. After that, select the font/size etc you want, but clear out the “Font color” field or the menu colors will be overwritten.

PS. If you need further assistance, contact me through my TF profile. Much better to offer support that way. Cheers.

Hi there,

does this means that I can use this theme to show to my mobile audience only? Is this then a second wordpress installation? And what do I do with the existing content? I a just curious how this will work!

Any Mobile Theme Switcher. We even have a documentation item on how to set it up.

where can i find the documentation?

It’s included in the main download.


Is it possible to add a back button on the Post?

Yes, I got it :) You need to contact me through my ThemeForest profile because I can’t post code here.

Thank solve. Theme rating was 5 stars


I need to insert a privacy message at the footer. How can I do this?

How can I change the image button for the menu please?

Hey there, thanks for the purchase.

For the privacy message, you could just insert a text widget. Or you could hardcode it into the footer. Both ways are super easy, contact me via my TF profile if you want to do the latter.

As for the menu button image, it’s using two images; one for normal screens and the other for retina. They’re called, respectively, “menu-button.png” and “menu-button@2x.png”. You just need to overwrite those images with your own in the theme’s “images” folder.


Hey there,

I just purchased your theme, the selling point was being able to use it with my current desktop theme. I went ahead and activated it, edited everything to my needs, installed ‘Any Mobile Theme Switcher’ plugin and set it to your theme for all mobile devices. After I went back to switch back to my desktop theme and loaded on my ipad or iphone, it routes to HERO as the plugin is intended to do, however all my editing is gone, it looks to be pulling the styling from the desktop theme..so my question is how do i fix this? Thanks!

(note: if i activate HERO as indicated in the instructions, when viewed on a desktop, it’ll load HERO and not my main desktop theme)

Hi. You don’t need to activate Hero at all; you should activate it only if you’re running a separate installation for it. Otherwise use the AMTS plugin to redirect visitors, which it appears you already are, so sounds like you’re all good on that front :) We simply included instructions for both occasions.

As for these edits you’ve made, I really can’t help unless I know more about what it is you’ve changed. Email me through my ThemeForest profile with more details. We’ll sort it out in no time :)


i just purchased couple of minutes ago. Clicked download and its taking forever for my download to come through. Whats happening? can you email it to me please? jamal at dextatek dot com. Thanks.

Hey Jamal. The file is hosted on ThemeForest’s servers, maybe it was some temporary slowdown on their end or something; I just downloaded it and it came through in just a few seconds.

Either way, I’ve sent it to the email you provided. Cheers, and thanks for the purchase :)


nice theme!

I have some questions on the layout setting, I can see by default the loop will show the featured image and content in the post (text + image before “more” ) , it makes the images duplicated in the loop and every post. any solution about it?


Hey there.

The image appears twice because you’re inserting it twice; once as the featured image and once inside the post.

I had a look at your desktop site and it seems this is how your desktop site functions; the featured image is only shown on the front page. If that’s how you’d like Hero to behave as well then there’s just a quick loop change you’ll have to make. Contact me through my ThemeForest profile and I’ll gladly walk you through it.

I have done it with the theme files, thank you man!

No worries :)

Another Question , is it a must to use Shortcode to display youtube video?

I found that there are errors with posts with youtube link.

Warning: Missing argument 2 for add_video_wmode_transparent() in /home/wwwroot/new.unwire.hk/wp-content/themes/Hero/functions.php on line 240 Warning: Missing argument 3 for add_video_wmode_transparent() in /home/wwwroot/new.unwire.hk/wp-content/themes/Hero/functions.php on line 240 you could see here: http://new.unwire.hk/2012/11/01/steve-jobs-likes-utada-hikaru/news/


I just tested it again to be 100% sure; posting the YouTube URL works beautifully with Hero. This is the result: http://thatblognetwork.com/_hero/quick-video-test/

Thanks for your efforts, it can load the video before but with error message on the head and will not adjust the optimal size for mobile.

I just rollback all the files to original and the error message is still there. http://new.unwire.hk/2013/05/29/youtube-test-1/news/

could you suggest some solutions to let me fix this?


I just tested on another WP installation as well. Works beautifully without any errors out of the box. So it has to be something unique to your installation.

I have a few ideas on how to assist you though. Contact me through my TF profile. A support forum this is not :)

Hello, I am in consideration of purchasing your wonderful mobile theme. I have a question regarding selling items via pay pal or what not. Would your mobile theme support this feature? I’m not looking for it to function as a shopping cart system, but for single item purchases would be grand.


I just tried out the Disqus WordPress plugin on a test installation and it worked fine. Hero’s comments count button is replaced by Disqus’s own blue “comments and reactions” text, so you may have to style that if you don’t like how it looks. But as far as function goes, it worked beautifully :)

Awesome!! Thank you so much for checking into that. I’m going make the purchase now and get this set up. I just ran into your theme about an hour ago, the timing was remarkable. This is looking to be a great savior. Hence the name. Thank you again!

My pleasure :)


A quick pre-sale question: My desktop version has some elements/info that I don’t want in my mobile version. So my question is: Can I choose what to display on my mobile website and what not to display? Doing this will mean I also have a different menu.

Greetings Pascal

p.s. theme looks great!

Hi there, thanks for the kind words.

To answer the menu question, yes, you can load a different menu in the mobile theme. You just have to call it by name; it’s all explained in the documentation and will take a minute to change.

As for showing different content, that depends. If you’re talking about pages, then sure, just link to the pages you’d like to show on the mobile version in the mobile menu.

As for posts, they will all be shown on the blog index as usual.


Great! It should show all my post, but I just want to leave out some pages. And Damn, what a quick respons!

You just earned yourself another $25! Buying it right away.

Hello again, this theme is working wonderful so far, but I am having some trouble. If you could help direct me with the following questions.

1. When viewing the theme in Web App mode, the back button is absent. Is there a way to feature a back or prev page button?

2. I am using this theme with the Any Mobile theme switcher. I want to change the header background. Since I can’t activate this theme for it’s settings menu, which lines would I need to manually change?

3. I’m wanting Posts to make use of the excerpt but the mobile version is not recognizing it. It does work when I input ”<!-more->” into the editing field. Is this the only way to make the excerpt feature function properly or is there something I’m overlooking?

4. Is there a way to disable the iOs icon gloss effect?

Many thanks.

Hi there. Everything you asked for can be done. But please contact me via my ThemeForest profile with answers to the questions below. This comment section isn’t designed for the kind of support you’re after.

- Where would you like the back button to appear?

- And please expand on the 4th point. Do you mean the web app icon on your iOS device desktop?


I can’t seem to get my retina logo right. It looks blurred. I’ve named my logo “scheuten_logo@2x.png”. Using the code in your documentation I placed it in the header file. Now, on my iPhone it looks blurred. Did I missed something?

Ow and yes, normally, my logo normally is 230px wide, but my retina logo is 460px wide.

You’ve got mail:)

Wooow that logo looks sharp! :D Looks way different.. in a good way! Thanks for the assistance!

Hi there!

Wanted to say that you worked on a great app! Nice layout, etc. :)

I have the same “problem” like Pascal3000 about the retina resolution. (Made it in both resolutions “normal” and ”@2x” and uploaded to the images folder on the server.)

The other problem is that i can’t put the “[responsive_slider]”-value into the “custom fields” – the slider wont show up. YouTube embeds are working fine.

Thank you for your help. :)

Best, rflx

I think you guys aren’t using the proper css to go with the retina image. Again, links please. I’m just blind otherwise and can’t properly help :)

And what custom field did you put it into? (capitalization matters)


Name: FeaturedEmbed Value: [responsive_slider] Goal: Put the slider exactly like your demo to the home (static page) of the app.

Do i need to add additional retina CSS for the logo in the stylesheet?

Thank you in advice. :)

Name: Shortcode

The responsive slider is a shortcode, so put it in a “Shortcode” field. This is mentioned in the docs too.

As for the image, yes, retina devices need to be told how to access that fancy retina image :) It’s super easy though, contact me through my TF profile and I’ll send you the instructions.

Absolutely great theme, and support is incredible. Very willing to help and fast to respond. HIGHLY recommend. Big thanks to Rain Anderson!

Hi, a question before i buy…is it possible in the contact form to add new fields like company, phone, ...? Sure it is possible ;-) But also for me who have no php/html skills :o)

Hi there.

The intent was to keep it simple yeah. If you’d like more fields, you’ll have to get your hands dirty I’m afraid :)

Or you can always use some plugin that has a built-in form builder or something similar.


ok thanks! Another question! Did the slideshow on the frontpage have a fade option instead of slide to left? Thanks!

That slider has both fade and slide, yes.

is this for wordpress only?

php files not working on testing php site

This is a WordPress theme, yes. And the demo site is working beautifully :)


I want to make a button using the shortcode plugin that comes with your theme. When I do this, the buttontext is not inside the button.

Please check at to bottom:

Hey there. Please contact me through my TF profile. It’s much easier and faster to provide support that way. Cheers :)

You’ve got mail!

Thanks for the quick reply! Both problems are fixed!


Also another one, how do I setup the revolution slider just on the homepage? If I use the shortcode it only appears on the homepage, but not full-width.

Again, contact through TF profile pease. I’ll have answers for both questions ready when you do.

You’ve got mail!

Thanks for the quick reply! Both problems are fixed!