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The theme looks great. I’m considering making a purchase. It says that the theme is “widget ready” but I don’t see any support for widget areas in the demo. Is it possible to have certain widget areas display only on specific post/pages? Additionally, is it possible to make images in the slider link to other pages?

Hi there, thanks for the kind words.

There are no widgets visible in the demo indeed, but they’re in the footer once activated and appear on all pages. If you want certain widgets to appear on certain posts/pages only, then I’m afraid you’ll need to work that out on your own though. You could possibly find a plugin that may assist with that.

And yes, one of the two sliders we recommend (the m-vSlider plugin, which is the one on the demo site that has captions) allows you to insert a different link for each slide if you’d like.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m gonna purchase it from my IMKcreativestudio account.

Best Of Luck

Glad I could help.

I’m having some problems with iframes from Soundcloud either not showing(Windows7) up or not playing(iphones) when I place the code in the text widget. It’s working fine on desktop browsers. Any suggestions?

Hey there.

I’ve read about plenty of issues with Soundcloud’s embed code, regardless of where it’s embedded. It works fine on iOS on my end, but on Android I have to press play, pause, and then play again for it to start playing. And on WP7 it doesn’t show at all indeed.

I’d say it’s clearly an inconsistency problem with Soundcloud, as this happens on all theme’s I’ve tested Soundcloud on.

Some other services like Vimeo still don’t support WP either. Weird but true :( Nothing to be done on my end about it I’m afraid.

I have a desktop theme with Elegant Themes and an active blog.

Not sure if you’re familiar with elegant themes, but i use the page builder on static pages and I use the regular text field when writing blog posts.

How will page and blog content look with this mobile theme?

Is there any extra work that needs to be done because of elegant themes?

Fairly new to WordPress. Thanks!

Thanks for the fast reply!

Is it possible to use the mobile theme just for blog content and leave the static pages as is?

If so, how difficult is it to implement?

It should be as simple as installing it and then setting up redirection as detailed in the documentation that comes with the theme, really :) Based on what you told me, it wouldn’t take more than that.

If you decide to purchase and run into trouble though, shoot me an email via my TF profile and I’ll gladly assist.

Cool. Thanks for the help!

Hi, i have several question before buying. Will the theme automatically recognize mobile device and switch the theme? Is it possible to use custom thumbnail in home page with each post (or what thumbnails theme is using). Is it possible to set excerpt length?

Hey there.

1) Yes, there’s a plugin we recommend for that. It’s all explained in the documentation.

2) If you mean the images above the posts’ titles, then yes, of course. Those are inserted via the WordPress featured image feature.

3) By default, the theme will show full posts on the blog index. But by using the WordPress editor’s “more tag” button, you can break up stories wherever you want to.


Perhaps I’m missing something obvious. I’ve installed the Any Mobile Theme Switcher, installed the HERO mobile theme, however, when I activate the HERO theme to edit it and make changes, the HERO theme instantly becomes the default theme for desktop viewers. How am I able to make changes to the HERO theme without it being visible to desktop viewers?

Hey there, I’ve replied to the email you also sent. Cheers.

Hi, I just have seen the 1.7 update, I was wondering if there’s a way to update without having to overwrite all the files?


Yeah, just overwrite the functions.php file. That’s where the changes were made this update.

Thanks so much for the quick response! Cheers

Hi there. Could you please explain a simple way for me to change THE MOBILE LANDING PAGE for Hero — WITHOUT CHANGING the desktop landing page? I need them to be different.

When I play with this in the CUSTOMIZE section, the page does two things — it changes the overall setting for both DESKTOP and MOBILE, and it also crashes, taking me back to the login page — and won’t allow me to sign in.

Please help. Thank you as i am losing traffic.

Hey there.

WordPress isn’t really intended to function that way; if you set up a static page in the back end then all themes will load it.

You can however set up different static front pages for both themes if you make slight changes to both themes. I haven’t tried it myself and so can’t provide support for that, but I’ve been told on several occasions by buyers that the trick described here works beautifully: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/setting-different-static-home-pages-for-different-themes (maybe you can even use it to show a static front page for one theme only).

Also, we provide support via email. Cheers :)

This theme is excellent! Thanks for great support, and great design.

Thanks mate :)

Hi there,

Same issue as jb0063, so i’m re-copying the message, maybe you could help me :

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious. I’ve installed the Any Mobile Theme Switcher, installed the HERO mobile theme, however, when I activate the HERO theme to edit it and make changes, the HERO theme instantly becomes the default theme for desktop viewers. How am I able to make changes to the HERO theme without it being visible to desktop viewers?

Thanks for your response :)

Hey there.

You don’t need to activate Hero, just install it and then set up Any Mobile Theme Switcher. Cheers.

Awesome theme. And best support that I’ve received from any theme or plug-in I’ve purchased on the Envato network.

Cheers mate :)

hi we plan to buy this theme, we like to ask some pre-sales questions 1.) we have woothemes + woocommerce we dont like the existing responsive theme. can we override our existing theme with your theme and what is the best way to do it

2.) we still want woocommerce to work visitors will be able to buy in our shop

Hey mate, thanks for the interest.

While chances are it will work fine, Hero isn’t tested with WooCommerce and therefore we can’t provide support for that I’m afraid. So please keep that in mind when buying.

As for switching themes entirely, if that’s what you’re asking, just install and activate a new theme. If you mean you’d like to use Hero as the mobile theme only, then there’s a little plugin (Any Mobile Theme Switcher) we recommend for that (all explained in the included documentation).


Does it support pagination?

Hey there. If you mean breaking up posts into different pages with “<!--nextpage-->” in the editor, then yes, absolutely.

Perfect! I was looking into doing something around the lines of article galleries. Would that fit this?

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘article galleries’. If you have some examples, do shoot me an email (there’s a contact form on our profile). Cheers.


My desktop website has it’s own static frontpage. I want to use your theme for a 1 page mobile website that displays my basic contact info. So it has to have it’s own static homepage or….? How do I do this?

Hey there Pascal. I do believe I already answered this when we talked via email in early June. Please have a look at the email I sent on June 6th (I’m sending it again now).



Yes you are right! I forgot because I had to make a separate WP installation for my mobile site because my main site was working with an ‘page builder’.

This is for different client. It works so I’m glad!:) Thanks!

Just wanted to reintegrate how much the support for this theme is appreciated. I had an issue and went back to the emails I received from BonfireThemes in response to my initial theme support questions and I was able to quickly rectify my error. Thumbs up!

Hi, I am shopping for the mobile WP theme. I need to know if the header could have fixed position and contain not only the logo, but click to call link as well. Also could you, please, tell me if I can have multiple locations on the map. Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for the interest.

The header/button modifications would have to be a paid customization. As for the map, it’s your standard embedded Google Map; whatever Google Maps allows for, you can do.



Your theme details says this is suppose to work along side my desktop site. My desktop site uses a static home page and apparently so does your mobile theme. My desk top site and your theme don’t work with each other. Do you have a fix. Or, do I need to request a refund?

Hey there.

A static front page isn’t something Hero must have. It’s totally optional.

If your desktop theme has a mandatory static front page however, then after setting up Hero as the secondary theme, that static front page will of course be shown on Hero as well, simply because that’s how WordPress works; if a static front page is set up then all themes reflect that.

That said, there is a workaround if you’re willing to meddle in both themes a bit. I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t provide support for it, though a number of people by now have told me the trick described here works beautifully: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/setting-different-static-home-pages-for-different-themes

This allows you to set up different static front pages for different themes, or just a single theme.

If you have further questions, please contact me via email. We offer support via email.


Thank you! I’ll take a look and email you if I have additional questions.

how many levels of blog categories tree does it support ? I saw 2 levels in the demo.

Hey there. What do you mean by “blog category tree”? Are you referring to the drop-down menu? If so, then it’s a 2-level menu.

Your HERO theme looks really nice! I was wondering if there is a way to limit which pages are being shown on the mobile site? This way we could limit the content to pages that are only absolutely relevant to the mobile site version. Thanks for your time!

Thank you for the kind words :)

If you don’t wish to mirror your entire desktop site’s content on mobile devices, then you can always set up a secondary WordPress installation, install Hero there, then create the exact site you want mobile visitors to see, and finally use a redirect plugin to direct mobile visitors from your desktop site to that mobile-only installation.


Wow, thanks for the quick reply! Last question… how is the slider set up on the home page? Currently we are using the layer slider plugin on the main site. How does this translate?

Sure thing :)

The slider on the demo site is Responsive Slider. I haven’t used the plugin you mentioned, though I really don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If it works on one theme, it’ll work on Hero.

Hey! Your mobile theme looks like it will solve all my mobile headaches in a whim. I was wondering though, do you know if it’s compatible with the Polylang plugin to make the pages multilingual?

Hey there. I just installed the plugin on a development installation and created a sample post with 2 translations to test out; appears to work beautifully :)

Thanks a lot! Purchasing now :)

This is gonna sound crazy, but I bought this theme just to use for mobile users. I already have genesis installed and that’s my wordpress primary theme. So I upload it to my themes folder and it’s got no option to have it just for mobile users. Do I install it in the plugins folder instead of the themes folder? In short I just want this theme to show to mobile users, please help.

Thank you so much. I’ve done it. Wow you are awesome.

Hi everything is fine, except that when I use any mobile theme switcher the header site logo title just vanishes. When I activate my genesis theme, and then use the switching plugin for hero, that’s when the header vanishes. I’ve got W3 total cache sorted for conflicts. Can you help?

I’ll have a look, sure. Shoot me an email through the contact form on my profile though; a support forum this is not :)

Include some WP logins as well.