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Did you receive my email response?

Thanks for your support. You have excellent products and awesome service. Five stars.

Firstly great theme, I had a couple of queries – 1) The menu is not visible on my website I double checked the configuration but it would not show on the page. If you can share your email id I can mail the url to you. 2) On the single.php I need to show the categories along with the tags, can you please help with me with the code for the same. 3) Again on single.php, I need to show the previous and next entries at the bottom of the page any help on that would be appreciated as well.

Hi there, glad you like it :)

For point 1, check the documentation item “menu not showing up?” If you’re still having trouble, then shoot me an email through the contact form on my profile.

Points 2 I can do as a quick freebie. But point 3 would have to be a small paid customization (you can probably find a free plugin for this though).


If you already sent the email, use the contact form again and send it once more. I had a period when the emails from Envato didn’t come through today. Just being on the safe side :)

Just emailed you.

hi, I am instrested in this theme, but I have one question before I buy it. In the demo website(http://thatblognetwork.com/_hero/portfolio/), does portfolio is the custom post type?

Hi there. The portfolio is just a simple set of pages, nothing fancy.

I have ubermenu installed on my desktop site. There are three levels to my menus. Would that work? I need a mobile theme that would support three levels of menus, can you customize that for me? Also, can some plugins & widgets on my desktop theme be disabled for this mobile theme to speed it up?

Hi there. Hero has a 2-level menu. Haven’t tested with ubermenu but if it’s in a plugin and is responsive then I don’t know why there’d be a problem. The Hero menu button would have to be hidden manually though.

But if you want some plugins to only show on the desktop site, then that’s something you have to ask the plugin authors as Hero doesn’t mess with any plugins you have installed.


Hi there,

Just a quick question before I buy. My client wants a full mobile site as responsive isn’t delivering enough. So if I add this mobile theme to the normal Wordpress install will it adapt the existing site and make it look like your demo? I would preferably like to run this in a sub domain, so m.mysite.com and have a completely separate website for the mobile version. My client operates tours in London so wants the booking buttons to take priority on the mobile site. So, how would people be redirected to the mobile site if it’s installed in a different directory? Is this the correct way to do this or should I make new pages within the original WP install and use a multiple theme plugin? Sorry if this is confusing! Also, Can I customise this theme site a normal desktop theme?



If you’re going to use a new installation, then a free plugin like this can handle the redirection: http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-mobile-url-redirect/

I’m sure there are other choices out there as well. That’s just the first thing that came up on google.


Hi, It looks great! Is it possible to use a separate set of pages for the mobile version? And does the theme work together with WPML? Kind regards

Hi there. You can either reflect your current site or set up a different installation. You can also just create a few new pages and then create a mobile-only menu and use that link to them. Haven’t tested with WPML.


Hi there I have noticed that the theme will not display an archives page. Can you help me fix it please?

Hi there. How to display the archive page is detailed in the included documentation. Also, use the account you purchased the theme from to make comments please, so I know you’re a customer. Cheers.

Sorry, thank you.

Hello I have two problems. Can you give me an example of how to add an archives page? Secondly I have bought a hide my wordpress plugin, and my Hero theme has now lost its menu and will not display category searches. Can you check my mobile website to discover what I mean, and instruct on how to fix it please? I have added a responsive menu in the meantime. Thank you : http://schizophreniapoetry.com

Hi there.

You can use the archive page template if you use Hero as a primary theme. Page templates can’t be selected for inactive themes, it’s just how WordPress functions I’m afraid.

And I can’t really offer support for third-party plugins. You should really ask that plugin’s developer about that.


I don’t understand the theme is being used simultaneously with my desktop theme. I just want an explanation. The documentation does not make it clear. I have an acrhives page, and I want to link it. What do I do?

Sorry I have two accounts.

The archive page is a page template, and a theme’s page templates can only be chosen when a theme is active. Since Hero isn’t an active theme, the archive page template can not be selected.

Also, please comment from the account you made the purchase from.


Any way to get the comment form on pages as well? Currently it’s only working on posts…

Hi there.

Comments are on posts only indeed, which is the WordPress way.


Hello! I’m interested in purchasing this theme to use with my website http://thegroundglass.com/ I have both photos and videos on my desktop website, and I was wondering if it’s possible to embed video links from vimeo on the mobile site with your theme? Thanks!

Hi. Hero is a theme like any other, you can embed anything (except in impossible situations of course like when you use shortcodes which are integrated into your desktop theme). But sure you can embed videos, there’s a Vimeo video embedded on the demo site even.


Awesome! Thanks so much! :)

I noticed that nexgen gallery doesn’t work with this theme. Is there another similar gallery plugin you recommend?

Hi. I’ve always found PhotoSwipe to be the best (plus it works great on touch devices).