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Very creative work! GLWS! :)

Thanks :)

Another great job! Love your new template.

Really glad to hear that! Hope you enjoy it

Good one!Best of luck :)


Good job! GLWS!

Thank you!

Awesome onepage template ! Good Luck :)

Hey thanks so much!

Hi, What would it take to change the “Sign up Today” with a ” Enquire Now” form?


Hi Peter,

If you would like to use an enquiry form instead (similar to the one at the bottom of the page when you click on the ‘Contact Us’ button), that can be done quite easily.

If you create a ticket in my support portal I can help you do that.

Cheers, David

This is the second template I have purchased from you and I continue to be beyond impressed by the quality of your work. Can’t wait to see more!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

You should create a multi-page version too! Great work. Regards!

Great template, only thing is that the email form does not work!


I have tested the contact form numerous times and it has worked for me. Please check your spam folder and ensure you have edited the contact_me.php file with your own email address. If you still haven’t received an email via the form, send over a ticket via my support portal.

Link: https://parrelliinteractive.zendesk.com/

Thanks, David

Hello daveeeo,

It was my fault, I was adding a new field called telephone, and I forgot to add some code on custom.js.

Everything is working now, thanks!

Great to hear! If you have a quick minute I’d really appreciate it if you could rate my template!



If i buy this template, how can i disable and make the tag redirect to another page, instead of the same one. Id like to use it as a multi-page web. Thanks!

Hi there,

That can be done quite easily. After you purchase the template, please send me a ticket via our support portal and I’ll assist you with your request.

Link: https://parrelliinteractive.zendesk.com/


Impressively lovely modern and smooth creation !!!! Love it !!!


Beautifully designed and awesome attention to detail.

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

I appreciate your theme. Good luck

Thank you :)

Awesome! Is there a way to disable the animations for mobile?

Thank you.

Strange thing also happening, on my ipad mini (1st gen), the video version is all that will load on Safari or Chrome, the other versions crash the apps. Never seen that happen before.

Pricing Table???

Hi Petervandever,

Check out the first two options (Carousel + Video). They both incorporate a pricing table :)

Cheers, David

Hi David, the contact overlay does not display nicely on iPhone 4S, is there a way to shrink the size of the text boxes, or arrange everything so it displays correctly?

Many thanks, Daniel.

Hey there!

Thanks for letting me know :) I will be submitting a new update shortly that will resolve that issue.

Cheers, David

Hi, great work but only one thing – I would like to work if there’s a possibility (and would be highly appreciated if you were to give me a hint how to do it) to make “more overlay” pages – such as the contact? Thanks!

Hi, Team content is not displaying on the demo or on purchased file. Please advise. Thanks.


Thanks so much for letting me know about that. It was an oversight on my end :(

I’ve updated the custom.js file inside the ‘js’ folder with the right code.

Cheers, David

Hi there, I would like the owl carousel to play automatically, can you please indicate how to change this. Thanks,

Hi there,

To make it slide automatically, simple add this option to the script:

autoPlay: true;

Here’s the code that you can replace in the custom.js file

  lazyLoad : true,
  items: 3,
  theme: "owl-theme-main",
  autoPlay: true
  lazyLoad: true,
  lazyEffect: "fade",
  singleItem: true,
  navigation: true,
  navigationText : ['',''],
  slideSpeed : 450,
  pagination: false,
  transitionStyle: "fade",
  theme: "owl-theme-featured",
  autoPlay: true

Thak you, that is great. Is it a file called custom.css?