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Hi there, I have sent various support tickets without getting any response. I have not been able to make the contact form work. What could i possible be doing wrong if the only thing that is needed is to change the email address in the contact_me.php? I did this, just entered my email address as follow: $to = ‘claudia_yanten@yahoo.com’; I have not make any changes to the contact form, I delete the Login form and Signup form because I do not need them. I am using the files from the latest updates to the theme. Please if you can give me any tips here, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Claudia

Hi there,

There was nothing wrong with the Contact Form. It works perfectly well. The problem was with my Yahoo account. I used another address this time with Gmail, and it worked without problems. I apologise for my mistake.

Thank you for all your help.



Glad to hear you were able to resolve this :)

On the video version is there a way to have the user control the volume?

Hi I am having some issues getting the YTPlayer running on my local environment,, in point of fact it is not running at all I get an error from classie.js (TypeError: ‘null’ is not an object (evaluating ‘elem.classList’)) and the video is just not playing.

I realise the above is probably not the problem however I now am stumped buddy, please reply ASAP

is there a “back to top” button?

Hi, do you plan on expanding the theme like adding a multiple page version?

And is it possible to have a non fixed header? I need that to build a html structure for simple pages.

I bought and installed the theme “Heroic – Creative + Modern WordPress”. Now I have the “Heroic – Creative + Modern One Page HTML Template”. How do I enable video with this new theme?

Really good work!;


I already purchased the Heroic theme with another user. How much do you charge to create a custom pricing table section that comes with a image option identical to the Team Member section (with a rounded image on top of each item, initially used for each team member profile)..

Thanks in advance!

Someone already commented on a possible incompatibility between the owlCarousel and the jQuery 1.10.2? I’m having problems with the owlCarousel at theme :\

Hi there.

I use this theme for my company and am now wondering if there is a way that users can play the video directly from the filtered portfolio section rather than clicking into the project.


BTW This is a fantastic theme but the only issue that I have is the way projects work. It would be good to treat the projects as you do the contact page (an overlay that you can click out of) instead of going to a whole new page. It is distracting and on mobile very clunky.


In carusel version external links not working. I give some external links like <li><a href="http://www.guvengeriatrimerkezi.com.tr">GER?ATR? MERKEZ?</a></li>

When I clicked it nothing happen.

You can test on http://guvencayyolu.com.tr


Great looking theme. One question though, how do I get the main banner at the top of the page to view whole on a phone in portrait mode?