Discussion on Hervin - Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

Discussion on Hervin - Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

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I used the xml importer to call out the me but it doesn’t look like a your demo. What is the problem?

Hi, maybe there is a misconfiguration or a missing step in the setup. If you can provide wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com we can configure the setup free of charge. Thanks


divagata Purchased

Hello! i’d ike to upldate the version of the theme, without loosing my customization of theme. Is this possible? I’ve checked on my control panel and my current version 1.1, there isn’t the button to update it from there.

I also would like – don’t know if it’s possible – set the background colour light for one cathegory and dark for another. Wow can i proceed? thanks

Hello, as you probably know the latest version of the theme is available for download from envato.

You can remove the theme in the WP dashboard and install the new version. The content and options are not erased between upgrades.

Backup your theme before to be on the safe side.

Alternatively, you can unpack and copy via ftp the latest version.

the folder location is wp-content/themes/

If you did custom work and modified the theme files, you have the merge the changes.

Some of our customers are using Envato Market Wordpress plugin


We do not endorse it it’s just an alternative way to keep your themes updated.



egoegeo Purchased

How do i remove the loading? i need it to be without load times. just click and default browser loading

Hi there, you have enable/disable preloader setting in customizer -> general settings. Thanks


dawn_io Purchased

Hi! Would it be possible to install the demo for me or at least point me to the XML plugin files for my site etc? many thanks

Hi, plz open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access. You may want to extend your support period. The xml file can be found in demo-data folder in the main archive and can be imported using the WordPress importer tool. Thanks

Is there a way to enable video playing on mobile?

Hi, by default we recommend disabling videos on mobile, because there are different network speeds and different data plans – it’s a general practice to do that. We can help you enabling them though. Thanks

Hello, Is your theme compatible with woocommerce?

Hello, as advertised, we have not tested or integrated the theme with woocommerce. We have other themes working with woocommerce (Antro, Rayden). We also have a 14 days return policy. Thanks

Do I need to purchase the “Rayden – Creative Portfolio Theme” before I can use the “Rayden – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Template”? or they can both work independently?

Depends on what you need – the first is the WordPress theme, the second is the HTML version. They can be purchased independently. Thanks

Hi, Pre-purchase question :

In the case of mobile mode, there is no Progress circle while loading the portfolio details through AJAX. (Progress circle appears in PC resolution mode)

Can I customize the program or the progress bar in mobile mode?

Hi, The progress circle is the ball cursor which should be deactivated on mobile, because you can not move it on touchscreen and will stay fixed on your screen.

Hi, Pre-purchase question: - In your “large carousel” portfolio, is there anyway to have show multiple projects instead of one fullfulling the page? Like is it possible to show 20vh of the next project thumbnail?

Hi, it is possible with custom work. Thanks

Hi i want to buy this theme but php 7.4 will drop. Will the theme work with php 8.0 or 8.1?

Hello, we have recently re-tested the theme with php 8.0 and you should run it without problems. if you decide to buy it and if it happens to run any problems, pls open a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and notify us. Thanks

Hi! theme is ready for wordpress 6.0?

Cheers, Alex

Hi Alex, yes, if you encounter any problems with latest WordPress just give us a shout. Thanks

Hi! Sorry for contacting you again but what is the best way in Hervin Theme to use Google Fonts local? Any suggestions?

Hope for your reply.

Hi, if I understand the question correctly, you can use a plugin such as Easy Google Fonts. Thanks

Hello, Thinking of buying… it is possible to automatically activate the sound of the video when the page loads, that is to say deactivate the muted? Thank you!

Hello, we can enable sound in slider & hero section videos however they may not autoplay due to browser’s autoplay policy – if, for example, the video slide is first in the slider. Thanks

hello! Don’t Know why the background of category pages is now turned to white even if the theme is set on black! Since the last time it I’ve checked it was dark . https://www.crippi.net/portfolio_category/video/ and also I can’t find where to set the classic menu, I’ve checked everywhwere! I’ve been your client for so long, please give me this little help, thankyou

yes. It doesn’t work on I’ve noticed there are two way to display categories from the menu: 1-https://www.crippi.net/video/ – doesn’t display the post and it’s black 2 – https://www.crippi.net/portfolio_category/video/ – i can see the portfolio items but it’s white

Hi, is it possible to provide wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com We need to inspect you backend. Thanks

ok! thanks

Hi, i want to know how we can change font color and size also i need social icons instead of text in footer but I can’t find any option to do that i also raise a ticket on your support portal please look into this.

Hello, Rest assured, we will process your ticket plz follow up on ticksy from now on. Thanks

Hi Thank you but still i got same problem i have attached screenshot also for reference and attached one link too but still your support did’t gave me any solution. can you please look in this closely. and tell me where is the problem.

Plz follow up on ticksy instead of using dashboard. The theme dashboard is being used to share information about the product and not for support. Thanks

Hi, I recently installed the theme but I can’t find a way to install the demo, is there a step by step guide? Thanks

Hi, If you can provide wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com we can install demo data free of charge. Thanks

can i use the theme with elementor?

Yes, and if you disable AJAX page transitions you should use the plugin normally. With AJAX transitions on some elements may not work. Thanks

We have purchased the Hervin theme and have an issue with the ordering for the Next project. Select a project from the main slider and scroll down for the gallery…. continue scrolling until you view Next project. Our problem is that it is not showing the next project …. It display the previous in order . For example, the first projected selected will display the last one instead of the next one. Any suggestions here?

Hello, two things: the chronological order can be set in customizer -> portfolio settings (forward or backward in time). Second there are some reordering plugins (such as Post Types Order) that affect the portfolio navigation. Check both situations. Thanks

Great theme do you offer install i will pay

Hi, you don’t have to pay, just open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access, if possible. Thanks

Help, I need to change the font of the headlines or the name of the projects.

I want to give the same font as your MUNIO theme

Hello, Hervin is using Oswald, sans serif as secondary font, Munio is using Poppins for slide titles. You can change using custom CSS or more sophisticated using a plugin such as Easy Google Fonts



https://wordpress.org/plugins/use-any-font/ with custom CSS you can say
.title {
    font-family: 'Poppins', sans-serif;

It only allows me to change the font of the MENU, and paragraphs.

The font of the headlines (hero-litle) is not changed at all. Neither does the font on the loading screen. :(

Which one did you try: the plugin or the custom CSS? You can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access. Thanks

Hi. How can I change the social icons text to icons? I found a similar comment but without the solution. Thanks!

Hello, the category is the same for All Projects and navigation?

Hi, yes, the category is the same. So All Projects filter and Portfolio Bottom Navigation in each portfolio post should list only 1 category of portofolio posts (projects – cat. A) but on the home page (Full screen slider) all categories (2 – cat. A & cat. B ) should be displayed.

The first portfoilo post on the homepage is About me (cat. B ). When the visitor scrolls to the bottom of this portfolio post (About me) in the bottom navigation only cat. A should be enabled in order to achieve that the navigation is looping only trough cat. A.

I hope that this makes sense, if not I can send you the link to the homepage and show what I mean in details. Thanks!

We can hardcode the category in All Projects and portfolio navigation this is the quickest and less time consuming. Thanks

Hello, love this template, is it compatible with WP 4.7?

Hello, it is compatible with latest version of wordpress. Thanks


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