Discussion on Hestia - Responsive Unique HTML 5 Template

Discussion on Hestia - Responsive Unique HTML 5 Template

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Shit..Just bought this one and got trapped, thought it is wordpress template and dont even know how to upload it to my website right now lol.

hi there! i want to buy your theme. In free version header images are not responsive. Is background. Please tell me if i buy the theme will solve my problem?


In what free version?

Did can in this template (video variation) play background video in mobile? Now there in mobile show only images.

the site doesnt work on my iphone or ipad but does work on pc, please help

iphone, ipad gets internal server error???


Hi, One question before buying your template : Does the slideshow in the home page could be linkable? Thanks, Florest Gump

Hi, yes, it can be linkable.

Awesome template. My wife wants to do event planning, so i’m using this template to build her website. Scanning through the files to see what all i need to copy over to my Middleman static site generator, i noticed that it appears that the template is missing an image.

line 30 on colorbox.css states that it uses an image ‘loading_background.png’ but it seems this file is not there.

Any thoughts?

hello, love this template, i will make purchase, i really like the video in the demo, can you provide a editable copy of it to me?

Yes, edit template.js and find this code in navigation:

            var colors = {
                    "home" : {
                        "background" : "",
                        "index" : 0
                    "about" : {
                        "background" : "",
                        "index" : 1
                    "services" : {
                        "background" : "",
                        "index" : 2
                    "folio" : {
                        "background" : "",
                        "index" : 3
                    "contact" : {
                        "background" : "",
                        "index" : 4
                    "blog" : {
                        "background" : "",
                        "index" : 5


add here your new page name and index, same as you can see for other pages.

did the above and now it works but the products and services pages are messed up

here is a link http://new14.mtmwarehouse.com/

Add css code for products.

Thanks for the great template. The drop down menu does not work on an iPhone with the video playing in the background, I think all controls are disabled. Is there any way you can help me find a solution?


In the demo when you reduce the page width, the title (such as PORTFOLIO) gets smaller. In the purchased version this does not happen. How do I modify this to be like in the demo?

I found the difference.

In uploaded layout.css there is line: h1 { font-size: 80px; line-height:80px; }

In demo layout.css there is line: h1 { font-size: 38px; line-height:38px; }

I need your help. Contact form doesn’t work, can’t receive any e-mails. I change e-mail address in file “mail-it.php”. Is there anything else to change?

I just try it, and contact form work fine. Contact your hosting provider, maybe they have some security measures for php, that can be a reason why form can’t send mail.

Hi! First of all, great template!

One problem though, when in mobile-version (on my iPhone or when scaling my Safari-window) the headlines on each page doesn’t get responsive and the page need to scroll sideways to see the whole headline. First, i thought that i had accidentally deleted something, but downloading the original files from here – it was the same problem. How do i fix it?

Best regards

Hy. I m back again!

I need your help. Contact form doesn’t work, can’t receive any e-mails. I change e-mail address in file “mail-it.php”. Is there anything else to change?


Hy. I need your help. Contact form doesn’t work, can’t receive any e-mails. I change e-mail address in file “mail-it.php”. Is there anything else to change?



Please send me e-mail from profile you purchased template with link to your website.


Template purchase my friend Suzana Blagojevi?. I tell her, to send you some kind of confirmation.

Very nice theme thanks!

Thanks for purchased!

Hi, Is this possible to change scrollbar from default to CSS One like many other websites here? please advice.


Yes, it’s possible. You can use nice scroll: http://areaaperta.com/nicescroll/

Just reiterating (I send a message as well), but is this multipage (not just single page), and also, is it an easy change to make the URL reflect distinct pages instead of being static?

Can you check why the video doesn’t work in Safari, but its work in Chrome?

Safari for Windows?

Do you have any idea why the video playback would be freezing in Chrome?

Would you mind taking a look at the site?

Sure, send me link on mail.

Awesome, thanks. Just sent

Have you fix so IE can play the video and on iPhone?

The video doesn’t work

Sorry, very new to coding and need help…how do I change all fonts cross-site to Arial?

Please & thank you!


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