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was wondering if you can hide the “Follow on Tumblr” button?

Hi, yes it can be hidden easily.


First and foremost, I purchased and applied the theme today, and I must say that I LOVE it! Thank you so much.

A few questions/requests:

1. Is it possible to embed links within the slider images?

2. Is it possible to fix the menu buttons under the banner so that it aligns with the width of the banner and the rest of the page? I tried fiddling with the number of pages, and the length of the titles, but I was never able to get it to properly align. The OCD in me gets annoyed with the fact that the buttons don’t align width-wise with the rest of the page. Here’s a link to show you what I mean:

3. Is it possible to re-order the widgets on the right? I’d like to have the Facebook widget on top, then the Twitter widget underneath it, and the “Follow me on Tumblr” image on the bottom. How do I go about doing that? Fiddling with the HTML ?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and thanks again.



Which browser did you use?

1. It is possible to have links, Nivo Slider is used, so it supports every feature supported by Nivo Slider.

3. Reordering will have to be done in the HTML , I have comments in the HTML which can help you, just change the order. If you are having trouble, contact me through my profile.

Ok, I can second question through email, can you please send me an email from my profile? by the way, I didn’t think someone to have so many custom pages.


How can i add links to the images i put on the Nivo Slider?

Hi, It will need a little modification in the theme code. Are you able to edit the html code of the theme, please contact me through my profile.


Yes i am, & i sent you a message.

Hi, I have replied to your email.


Hey, what if I want to move the header (with about, feature, external and ask thingy above) under the sliding image, so the sliding image will be the first thing on the theme. Is it possible? And is this theme updated?

Help! I just tried to copy and past all of the HTML from the Text Editor and paste it into my Tumbly under Edit HTML and it stripped my site completely.

In the Documentation it said to go to “Customize Appearance” but that doesn’t exist, there’s just Themes now at least on my dashboard. Please help!

hi, is it xml code which i can install in my blogspot?

Hello I just bought the code and I’m having trouble with having the new format to show up. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong with putting the code in! And help would be appreciated!