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This is stunning – great work! Do you plan to make it into WP? Good luck with sales am sure it will be very popular

Thank you I should be ok the attention to detail in the code looks incredibly tight

Great, thanks for purchasing the template!

This is a very unique piece of work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you creativusmouse ;)

Good work! Good luck :)

Thank you louijie for the comment.

Nice combadi inspiration, GLWS

Thanks Preon.

Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

Thanks LioIT

Very nice.. Congratulation for this beautiful theme, AVA..


Wow, so many nice comments! :) Thank you candeed!

This is really nice. I wish you all the best with sale.

Thans cr3ate ;)

Very nice design, hoverer it is completely broken in IE8.

Really nice styling – looks like there are tiny bugs in the drop cap typography? A definite purchase if you decide to make a WP version if not good luck with this one.

Thanks for the comment, we’ll send you an email if we decide to make a WP version.


We’ve used Camera Slideshow plugin for the photos, but the text is standard HTML, it’s not set through the plugin.

Really nice design, but like iki_xx said, completely broken in IE8. I would like to buy your template, but i want to know if you’re planing to fix the issues with IE8?

Thanks for the comment, we’re working on an update and we’ll release it in the next week or two.

First, Nice Template.

I try to add this template with codeigniter, but some reason all js part not working… any thing you know about..?

Its Fixed, It’s my Fault

I’m glad it works for you :)

No bg or slide images in the archive & loosy responsive adaptation :s

Well we cannot include the images in the downloadable files since they’re not our own we just have a permission to use them in the preview version. However, the placeholders are included and they can help you to add your own images.

As for the responsive adaption, can you please let us know what’s not working for you and we’ll see what can we do.

I agree with previous comments; would be nice to see as WordPress with color options.

Thanks, we’ll consider your comments ;)

How to change effect in slider???

Hi there can you please send us an email via our themeforest profile and we’ll send you the instructions.

If not on Wordpress, where can I apply this theme? Sorry, a little new to all this. Thanks for any guidance. Looking to move my current website.

This is only a HTML template. For any further help please drop us an email at avathemes@gmail.com

Hi, first of all, thanks for a great template! I have 2 questions:

1. How do I get rid off the curvy text effect on the home page? 2. How do I change the slideshow transition effect? (For this one I have emailed you for instructions, but so far nobody answered)

Thanks in advance!

Solved it myself.


Thanks for the theme and I am really enjoying it so far. Very easy to modified and customize for my own needs.

However, maybe I am missing something but the contact form on the contact.html does not seem to include the “full PHP working” form as indicated.

Is there a file in the structure that can be modified for the form to submit emails to? Also, the submit button doesn’t work.

Thanks much,

We’re working on an update for this and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.