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However, after removing H1 completely, I still get a script preloader. Any idea how to remove it? :)

We’ve answered your email.

Hi Guys, We’re still waiting for a fix regarding IE8. When do you plan to release it? Thanks, Thomas

Hello guys, I would immediately buy this beautiful template but I have a problem with the slideshow … I’ll explain. If I see him on the Mac I have no chance of stopping the slide of images if I see it with IE / PC I have the display of buttons and pause, but it does not work! Before buying tamplate I wanted to know if you can solve this little problem. Thank you very much.

Hey guys, why do not you answer my emails? I just want to know if the change that I asked is possible or not possible to start.

thank God I solved it!

I request a refund. This seller has not responded to my requests and even deleted my comments on the forum.

I’m happy there is a wordpress version of this theme, however, when I click on your link in a previous comment the page is not available. I have tried searching for it and have not been able to find it. I purchased the HTML template but have been unable to make it work so I am looking forward to the wp version. Is it still available?

Hi there,

we’ve removed the theme because some users encountered few errors. We’re working on an update at the moment and we’re expecting it to be available on ThemeForest within the next 24 – 48 hours.

hello, WP template site at Themeforest is missing. What´s wrong? I prefer WP for our website www.segway-tours.cz – Some informations about WP ? Thank You

Hi there,

we’ve removed the theme because some users encountered few errors. We’re working on an update at the moment and we’re expecting it to be available on ThemeForest within the next 24 – 48 hours.

perfect. Thank You


Can I have the updated version where IE8 is supported? Great if I can have it asap, cos I have an urgent project to deliver.


You just need to go to your Download section, download the theme once again and upload it to your WP installation.

Hi, is there any other way to solve the IE8 issue without WP? Thank you so much for your help.

Hi, You can close the slide panel of ‘Accordion this is always open when you open it the first time. thanks

Hey, why are you not answering my support inquires? This theme looks great but it doesn’t function well at all and you’ve stopped answering my emails. What gives?

Dear Sir,

Hello. I purchased html by my mistake, actually I was supposed to by WordPress version. Could you consider me able to buy WordPress version if I add money? or if you cencel my purchased html I will pay for WordPress again. I’m sorry to border you but I need WordPress version without loosing my money.

Thank you. I will be waiting your rapid answer for this.

Hello, I am having trouble with the template,

1. When i upload the images for Homepage slideshow they do not show up at all.

2. When i edit the hompepage layout and activate “blog posts” ‘testimonials” “services” nothing happens. They do not show up.

pretty much any changes i make in the theme options do no work? is there a solution or this in wordpress?

Can you please send us an email at avathemes@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do.

Where can I find the php file for the SEND button in contact?

This theme might look really nice and everything, but the CSS files are a mess! It includes a lot of unnecessary things, overwrites a lot of stuff in the same selector and includes a bunch of javascript that is not really necessary for a clean use of the template.

It also forgets to include special characters support on the fonts, leaving it to the user to redownload the font with support for those characters.

I regret buying this thing.

Is it available in Wordpress ???

Really?? Wow Im gonna buy it right away, is it possible to post the link when you’re ready to launch it???

Yes of course.

Many thanks!!

Hi, many people are having doubts about the pulsar wordpress theme .. can help us? Go to Pulsar Comments please !

I have just purchased the template and I really can’t believe that the rounded letters in the homepage are image files and not just css. I planned to do a quick change using an icon font but now i’ll have to waste my time -come on guys!

I’m having some difficulty finding where to change the slider transition. I’d like it to do a simple fade instead of the boxes flying. Is this completely tied to camera.css, or am I able to edit the animation in one of the .js files? I can’t seem to change anything in foundation.orbit.js – I can even remove this completely and the slider still works.

Thanks for any help!


Hello, any answer yet? It’s been a week now and I’d like to resolve this issue if possible. Thanks!