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Hi, how do I change the default values of the countdown? Tried a few different things mentioned on but no luck.

Figured it out.

Hello, impossible to send email in the contact form for “message.php”, could you please help? Emergency here )

Please post your problem via support forum . In your case, you need to send us your hosting information, our developers will go to check it for you.

Hey guys it seems the contact form does not display a success message on the demo?

Thanks for the quick reply, the subscribe form works great but the contact form sends an email but does not display a success message. I actually don’t have it live but I see that it doesn’t work in the fullscreen image background demo either (only domain sales works).

You can email me at if you find the culprit. Thanks and great theme!

Hey guys please disregard, it turns out I was missing the

Hi, I added ‘About’ and ‘Jobs’ options to this page I haven’t’t added the relevant URL to them yet. This issue is ‘About’ and ‘Jobs’ do not show up when I load the URL mentioned above on mobile. How can I correct this?

I have figured it out. Thanks for this forum anyway!

When an invalid captcha sum is entered on the domain page this error is received:

Call to undefined function http_response_code() in /home/content/56/11887056/html/domains/server/domain.php on line 52

Did you change server/domain.php file? Because I did not see any function http_response_code in our file.

No, the only modifications I made were the ones you provided. These are the affected lines:

die(" The following errors occured:
    ". $errortext ."

Hello! How can i use the background image slider with the countdown? Thanks!

Please open index-image-slide.html and copy from line 39 to 49
<section class=”md-section md-home”>
</section><!- /.md-home ->

then open index-image-slide-fix.html, remove from line 46 to line 57

<section class=”md-section md-home md-home-progress”>
</section><!- /.md-home-progress ->

and paste into line 46

Thanks! Nice template. Is there a way to enable a success message under the “Send” button of the contact form similar to the error messages above it?

Hi. I bought a template. In the archives there is no template “This domain is for sale”, and in the form of CAPTCHAs 3+4. What to do?

Ok. sorry. I see. Files with the extension .php

please how do i make the count down work … your support will be appreciated

please how do i make the count down work … your support will be appreciated

Our demo is still working fine. Is there any problem with the countdown at your site? Please post on our support forum


Hi! Thank you for the template!

2 questions: 1. can i add instagram logo & link to the “link page”? 2. can i leave a progress section but just without a horizontal status bar?

Megadrupal, another issue… when placing an email for subscription it’s all ok, the submit button disappers. But when i send a message nothing visually happens. So i continue clicking to send and i recieve tons of the copies of 1 message. So did i do smth wrong and a button should disappear or…

Sorry and another question – can mailchimp be used as a database for “send an email” if yes, then how. Or how it was planned by you to store the mails?

You can take the mailchimp code and replace in Notify section. Then replace with class
Or just post on our support forum. We will help you

Good morning,

I’d like to use the index-domain-slide.php file but it’s not displaying properly on mobile. Using iOS safari on iPhone 4

Here’s a screenshot from your theme demo. You can see at this state it’s not working and is not a functional page:

You cannot scroll down and if you try to scroll this is what you get:

Could you please fix this or I will need to politely ask for a refund. It’s not usable in this current state.

Also, the form messages are not sending and I’ve followed your documentation exactly.

Yes, I’ve submitted a support ticket on your site but haven’t heard back yet.

Thank you

Yep I’m on the forum right now, haven’t heard back.

Do you have a resolution to this yet?

It’s been 8 days. What’s going on?

Hi Grey
Sorry for the delay but we are still working on this is issue. It may take less than 2 days to fix this. We will feedback you on support forum right after fixing. Thanks for your patience.


first problem is that on smaller platform such as iphone4 to iphone 5s you can’t see the design completely and there is no scroll and people can not bid! – test here to see.

second problem is that there are 5 designs in 1, Can you please separate the designs so the loading speed gets a lot better. index-domain-slide has 10 js and lots of css, what I need is 1,2 css and 1 or 2 js as it only needs validate and send. Can you please make 5 folders and put the files separately so we know which is which and separate the codes, I saw for example in style.css the code is for all 5 designs and that make loading speed less, it’s the same issue with js too.

third problem is a lot of H logos, where are they actually used ? Only pic it should be a hexagon for page numbers, but I can’t remove the reset because it don’t know what they are attached to.


Hi Alighanbari,
We see your post you issue on our support forum. We send you the updated version

Question, How come the domain for sale pages are .php files?

This theme has lots of javascript so I’m curious why you decided to do that instead of making the domain for sale pages html and have the javascript point to the php files?

Thank you

just want to make sure your server support php, because domain sale pages need php to save email to database and send contact email. If you don’t need those function, you can change .php to .html

Yes I understand that, but why not just have the javascript use a contact id that points to an email.php file?

yes, you can change .php to .html, if your hosting support php, everything works well :)


Can I use this Template with Wordpress?

Thank you!

No, it’s just HTML template :)

Any updates on the mobile errors?

Please submit your problem on our support forum Our developer will help you

We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We are checking this and will respond you at the soonest time via the support forum

I need only to change the day on the countdown to 73 days please what can I do???

hi, please find in js/script.js – line 62 to 66, change it to:
austDay = new Date(2015, 6, 10); $('#defaultCountdown').countdown({ until: austDay, format: 'dHMS' });

it will change to 73 days

Poor support system … I need only to change the day on the countdown to 73 days please what can I do???

sorry for reply late. Please check the previous comment :)

thanks its done now and working