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It is index.html line 204

I would like to buy this HTML, just need some more informations: The video is it possible to put a link or you have to put in the server? ( I would like to use the vimeo server …) Thanks for your answer

You’ll need to put it on your server. Vimeo is not supported at the moment.

clock timer is wrong. whoa what a bag of cats…...i thought the timer was fixed?

Why does it take so long to load ? it seems to be working fine for you…..please help asap. And I need help setting up subscribe info

I cannot get the contact form to work. I’ve emailed support 7daysago and have not gotten a reply. I need the form to work or the purchased resource is useless.

how can i install it?

This is only a HTML template and it’s not working with Wordpress.

how can i set the countdown? Also the subscribe button is not working. Its redirecting to your page

We’ve responded to your email few minutes ago.


The coutndown problem is not solved yes. See your demo site please.

I need support. Thanks in advance, Cruxy

What problem do you have with the countdown?

I will send the link to see it yourself. Thank you for your reply after 2 months.

We’ve just replied your email.

Hello i love this update!can u tell me please how can i do to come back at a image background just after the end of the video please?

i am interested…the email subscrive is working?


Please fix photo slider for phones. Thanks.

We have checked our backround photo carousel and it’s working fine on mobile. Can you contact us at support@avathemes.com – thank you.


Contact form dont work and Clock is resetting please advise

its been 3 days and no reply