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More questions: How / where do i post pictures to the gallery?

You just need to create a new page, select the page template and upload your photos. You don’t need to create or insert the gallery. It’ll be added automatically.

the 1.5 version is pulling the wrong information for the full page sections. Is there any fix available???

Yes, we’re now working on it and I believe the update will be live very soon.

Hi AVAThemes, great template, did have some questions, however. Emailed them to you, would love a quick response!

Sorry for waiting so long, we were on a summer vacation. We’ll be answering all our emails within the next couple of days.

Could you PLEASE PLEASE respond to our emails? The 1.5 update is still broken. Last Thursday you promised a fix within a couple hours and it has been almost a week.

Can you please respond or at least tell us where to begin looking to find the bug to fix ourselves???

When I try to install this theme it prompts me to a page that says “are you sure you want to do this.”

Why can I not install this premium theme on my wordpress?

I have emailed you two weeks ago asking for the themes xml because everytime I apply any changes to the themes back end it removes any styling…

We’ve just sent you the files.

Hi, I have the same issue as Bigfootweblabs. For the One Page section it is pulling wrong infos! What can I do? Thanx…

Hi again, so I think I can specify whats wrong a little more! The Pages: for example Page One, and Page two are linking to the wrong content! It’s only the pages, Blog and services and everything else works alright. Since the website should be only in about 10 hours, I really need support!

in order to show the right content for those pages, you need to select the right categories within the Theme options.

Hi, thanx for your reply. There is no category option for the “pages” only: ‘Page One Box’. I can only choose the pages… The categories are only shown for: About us, Timeline Box, Portfolio Box, Services Box, Testimonials Box, Blog One Box, Two Box. I’m searching in the Homepage Configuration slide. Is that the wrong place?

That’s right but you do have this option:

“Select the page for your homepage ‘Page One Box’”

So you need to select a page for your page one, page two…

Ok, but, I selected a page in the homepage configuration tab for ‘page one box’, another page for ‘page two box’ and a third page for ‘page three box’. And in the frontend it then shows for every page the same post (always the most recent post). Is there some other thing I’m missing?

slider isnt displaying for site for Hexic – Multipurpose One Page Responsive WP Theme

Hey guys, great theme btw. sent you email yesterday asking for the xml file. Hope you can send it asap. thanks. :)

I’m afraid we haven’t received your email. Can you please send it once again? Thanks

I just resent it to avathemes@gmail.com. thanks

Hey I still got no rpely. pls email it to daryl.jimenea@gmail.com

Hola! How do I replace or remove the hexigram header image above each section? Switch colors?

You need to open the theme folder and replace the image

Which file am I looking for? I can’t see it. Please help!

He guys can i receive the sample files for this theme? Thanks!

Sure, just drop us an email and we’ll send it right away.

Oke great, can you sent it to info ”@” mobilemundo.nl?

Hi there,

I have the same problems as bigfootweblabs and sundh, the Page One, Page Two etc are not showing the right page, only the latest blog post instead of the page content which is selected. Do you guys have an idea when you fix this bug? I hope very soon because without this option this theme is worthless for me and i do have to buy another theme.

Hi sent you email yesterday for the xml file, can email me at raffiaquilante@gmail.com for that file? Thank you!

Hi there,

Thanks for a great theme. How do I go about adding a gallery for single-projects? I see the slider and loader but I don’t know how to add images.

Please I need help to configure the gallery. Could you let me know the exact step by step configuration?

Hi, sent you an email a couple of weeks a go with a question, but you didn’t answer, so here it goes again: I’m having trouble when trying to put the Single Page content on the homepage. I create the page, assign it on the Theme Configuration and everything like any other section of the homepage, but still it won’t appear anywhere. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

Hey, when are you planning to send that XML file? I sent you message more than a week ago. WHAT KIND OF SUPPORT ARE WE GETTING FROM THIS TEMPLATE?...

Hi, I’we just install wordpress and hexic but the theme keep on loading on ie9. Here is the url : http://www.goodmood-studio.com/goodmood/

What should I do please ?

Have you installed everything correctly and added the content to your site?

False alarm ! I’ve updated ie. Sorry for disturbing :)