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Realy nice bro! Good luck!

Thank you!

The Parallax version is very cool, congratulations!!

Nice template Tony.

Thank you :)

Hey Tony,

Have purchased this template and pleased with it, just trying to see about using an ifram for the subscription box, as I do not use PHP. I cannot get anything from the help file, can you advise please?

Hello and thanks for the purchase!

By default there is a PHP script included for the subscribe form, but since you are not using it, you will have to write your own script to handle the submitted data.

Please, send me a message through the contact form on my profile, so we could continue this by mail.

I’ll be happy to help you to setup it according to the way you want it to work.


I really love this template! just one question before i buy this: i see there is no menu on top to go down and no button to go back to the top. Can this be added in a simple way?

Regards, Donna

Hey Donna!

Thanks for the interest, yes it can be easily added. In fact, I will add it and update the theme by your request. You can wait for the updated version, or you can download it now and get notified by email when the update is released.

This would usually take from 1 to 3 days :)

Hi Tony,

Great: what a quick reply! I will buy this when the theme is updated!! Thanks!


Hi, you really are great. Will there be created a little menu on top also?

Thanks for the great idea, I will consider it for the next update :)

Hi again Donna!

I’ve just uploaded an updated version of Hexy with a collapsable sidebar navigation. It will take some time to get approved, but it’s already available on the preview :)

Hi Tony, this is really great! Will buy your theme this week!

Hi Tony. Can you help please? The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

This is becouse it is not a WordPress template.

Only can use paypal to deposit? that sucks i just wont be buying it then if thats the case

Ok, im getting ready to purchase now, do i need to select a Predefined color scheme or are they included or done in the admin? Thanks

There are separate HTML files for each color, you can even create more yourself.

Ok thanks, I downloaded it and have everything ready for install, I sent you the files let me know if its everything you need, thanks

Iam told by my web builder the theme is missing all liquid files, any help here?

Specially theme.liquid & index.liquid?

Hello, this is an HTML template, it is not a Shopify theme. It is not supposed to have .liquid files.

Hello, Im having loading problems, when i first go to the site i notice all content is scattered to the left of the screen then after a second the page loads, is there any way to fix his? here is the site

Hello, I don’t seem to have the same problem, but I think I can guess what’s causing it.

It might be caused by the JavaScript being loaded too slow and a long time after the page has already rendered. This is not a problem on fast internet connections.

One thing you could do is to take all the JavaScript located at the end of your template (before the closing body tag) and move it up inside the head tag. This way nothing will be rendered up until all JavaScript has properly loaded.

Beware, that this is a bad practise, because of the fact, that some libraries might be loaded externally (from a different address / domain), and if that machine is down, the user won’t be able to see your site, even though it is fully working.

Best regards.

Your work are almost perfect but 1 major problem I’ve found repeatingly is the google map widget messing with the scroll down and thats pretty annoying. Keep up the good work!