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Thanks ThemeRox!

Fresh and nice job. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks mate :)

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

Thank you so much!

Very cool theme :)


Awesome onepage work

Thanks Metrothemes

Nice style, nice color, really like it.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!

Thank you! ThemeRex

hi! i really like your template. but: my client wants a lightbox gallery @ the „work“ section. is that possible?

best wishes, lorenzo

Hi Thanks for your interest in our template. yes its possible. See an example page with lightbox gallery in work section. After your purchase you can open a question in our support forum and our technical team will guide you, how to do that.


hi! perfect :-) i already purchased your template… where can i find the support forum?

Looks great, thanks!

Thank you for your purchase :)

Wordpress version?

Getting ready. Should be available in coming 1-2 weeks

I just buy this item .. i uploaded to my server… check it … everything ok if i used fullscreen-video as home page…it´s work with the default video if I change the video value to another… not work

please help

Hi there

Can you please email the url where you have uploaded the page. you can send it to

And also one more questions… forgive me I´m new on this… how can i change the images for my ones

HELP please

No problem for your questions. For images you can see image placeholders in the html page using url like: in their “src” attribute

So, 380×300 is the dimension of the image we are using on the demo. Now for example you need to put an image of 380px width and 300px height in your images folder and put its url in place of the above url i.e. images/your-image-name.jpg

Please note, all the images placeholders have different dimensions so you need to put images as per the required dimension to create a good looking website.

For quick response and better assistance you can login to our support forum and ask any question you need.


Thank you for your help

You are welcome!

Hello is me again, lol…. fast question How can I slowdown the slide text in home ….

:) to change the speed of work rotator, go to line no. 425 in init.js of js folder and see there is 2000 currently. It means 2 seconds, you can change it to as you need 1000 = 1 sec

Hope it helps

Superusefull thank you very much

Typo it is for word rotator not work rotator :)

Hello, my question is about the blog, how can i update the blog? which platform? Thank you in advance!

Hi, this is a HTML template so as the blog it is just plain html and you need to edit the files in any text editor to be able to change the content and images.


:S Thank you!

hi! please notify me when the wordpress version is ready :-)

best wishes, lorenz

Hi There

I know it is getting very delayed :( But i have now assigned this to my team and they are preparing for the final deliverable package and i should upload it in couple of days. If it goes in long review queue then i will let you know.

Thanks and i appreciate you are waiting for this. Hope i won’t disappoint you this time :)

Hi There

I just uploaded the wordpress version of Heylone for review. It will be available to buy as soon as it gets approved by ThemeForest Reviewer.


Hi There

If you are still interested in the wp version of Heylone then you can purchase it here:


I have some customization raquests. Do you process customizations? How should I explain requests? How can I get an offer?

You can email your requirement to and you will get a quote for the work. Thanks

Hello, you program has a bug.It does not work when I scan it latrally with a cellphone. It works when I watch it vertically. Pls fix it soon.

Thanks! I will be going to check it :)

Please fix as soon as possible

Can you please elaborate exactly what problem you are getting? I checked it and found everything with this fine.



If i buy this item, can i put the the text of the template in french ? Also, what template should we use if we want to put the website online and we’re not that great in HTML code ?

Thanks for your help!

Hi there

Yes French text will show up as template is using google fonts and they support all characters. To make this a live website you will have to upload all the template files to your website root folder.


Hi All

WP version of Heylone HTML5 Template is now available at: