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Any change of making the subpage tabs work with Jquery?


If you would change the horrible green to a light blue im sure this would sell sell sell

Im not buying until the Multimedia, Gadget, Reviews + Hot Products are JQuery Based.

They looks so wrong just being mouse overs.


Thanks for the comment… we are reconsider the suggestion….

Still no comments back.

1 Sale is all that its gonna get.

Im taking this off my watch list.


We have change the subpage tab with jquery and make the blue color version. The changes still being review, I think it will be approved soon.

This template is updated, but I don’t know why the description is not updated, here are the changes:
- Make the Blue Color Version
- Change the category tab to Liquid Menu System

Live Demo:
Blue Version
Green Versions

Good design…. Strongly suggest, provide other colors.. the green detracts from your excellent design..

the preview is not working for me!

just fixed the demo url, please try again…

Can I download the full home.psd? regards.

Yes, psd is included in the downloadable zip file… thanks

Is this still supported? Does it support wp 3.0?

This is only html template, not wordpress…

Hello, this appears a scrollbar on 1024 px resolution how to remove? help me please. not modified at all.

I could not install the theme. I get the message below:

Unpacking the package …

Installing the theme …

The package could not be installed. The issue is not the style sheet style.css.

The theme of the installation failed.

what do I do?

Hello same problem here! Not able to install it even manual mode…

Hi, this is only html template not wordpress… thanks

Demo page is broken – just a basic wordpress site with no theme..