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Congrats and welcome to forest :)

Thank you!

Congratulations Great work. And welcome to Themeforest :)

Thanks a lot :)

I plan on purchasing this theme tomorrow but have a question.

Is it possible put the slideshow widget (with the dots) at the top of the page? As a sort of headline feature?


Hi there,

Definitely, you can have it at the top of the page. You can even have multiple slideshow widgets if you wish :)

Very neat and detailed work. The design consistency is remarkable. Paginated posts and Review posts are great assets.

The only tweak I would ask in the Paginated post type is that clicking “next” takes me to the same eye level on the next page rather than jumping up to the top.

Wish you great sales and hope you produce lot of work here. Bookmarked.

Thank you for the kinds words! And thanks for the suggestion, we’ll definitely try and fix that for the next update :)

Hi, we just released a new update which improves the paginated post. Check it out on the demo site :)

This looks impressive. May have to pick this up!

Thanks skeltonmedia, I hope you do! Let us know if you have any questions :)

Nice theme, do you have .po/.mo files for translation?

Thanks! Yes that’s included :)

Stupid edit…

Well…I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be your 1st customer on ThemeForest!

Just a stunning theme…

Question – is there a way to make the background an image or ad?

Also I would like to second that request on the paginated posts…and also suggest something more like a slideshow that replaces the featured image. Know what I mean?

Right now the featured image stays the same but the content/posts changes.

An example from Bleacher Report -

The title stays the same but the Prev/Next buttons are at the top of the article and the image changes with each post/slide.

“Hickory” is still amazing and I will find a way to use it shortly…but having that slideshow/paginated posts feature tweaked a bit so it’s more like what Bleacher Report offers would make it PERFECT.

Thanks! Hope you make a ton of sales!

Cool…is it on the demo site? I looked at it and can’t remember if it’s different….LOL.

Hah! yup it’s on the demo site. We’re now using the premium plugin “Theia Post Slider” which comes with a bunch of cool features :) Plus you can also choose to hide the featured image

Hi, beautiful theme you got here. Have a couple questions for you before I make the purchase.

1. As far as short-codes go such as toggle/tabs/etc, does your theme have it?

2. What’s the chance of this happening in future updates?

Thanks, keep up the great work.

Hi CPWerks,

1. We haven’t included any shortcodes. We recommend plugins such as ThemeZilla’s shortocode plugin or WPExplore’s. However for the next update we will include some styling and include a shortcode plugin for easy installation.

2. That’s a great idea for a secondary header layout. We’re planning to add more header layouts, definitely.

Thanks :)

Thank you for prompt response. Guess I’ll wait for the update! Looking forward to it. :)

We just released a new update which has the header layout you asked for :)

Pre sales questions.

1. It’s possible full width posts without sidebar?

2. Infinite sidebars per category/post?

3. Can a category be associated to a widgetized homepage?

Hi there!

1. Right now only pages can be full width. But the suggestion is noted for our list of new features for the next update :)

2. We’ve included the WooSidebars plugin for easy installation, which will allow you to do custom sidebars for your category/posts/pages.

3. With the plugin you can also widgetize your category pages so you can insert the widgets you see on the homepage on to your categories. The widgets has lots of settings, so you definitely have lots of options to customize your category pages.

Are those 4 Post Types or do you mean Post Formats?

Yeah, they work pretty much the same way as post formats. When you go to Add New Post you’ll have a box with options:—here you can choose the type of post you want to create and you’ll get custom options depending on which type you chose :)

Pre-Purchase question—is the sidebar universal or is it possible to have an article sidebar and a frontpage sidebar?

We’ve included the wooSidebars plugin so you can have custom sidebars for your posts, pages, categories and so on :)

Is it possible to have the browse category posts appear in a ‘blog’ standard way versus the boxed posts? (in the demo - there is white space after the boxes end) .....UPDATE: well i see in my last question you said that i could have a custom sidebar for the categories - so that would solve that (still would be a nice option)

Actually we have an option where you can choose whether to use the grid layout or standard blog layout for your archive pages (ie. categories, author page and so on). :)

Hi, love this theme! Is it possible for a review post type to have image gallery at top instead of single image? Description mentions reviews can ‘evaluate any post type’ but I can’t seem to find a gallery post with review.


Hi netcentric,

Actually right now it’s not possible. But we will work on this for the upcoming update!

I need a theme for a music website. Is this it? Is there a audio kind of post type available?

I also request a feature that lets me list the current top rated review items. “Best new music”, in my case.

Hi there,

No audio post type, but you can still embed music into your posts. We may consider making a post type for audio though!

That’s a good idea, we will work on a widget that’ll display the top rated reviews for the upcoming update :)

Awesome. Great to year you’re open for additions to the theme.

Nice theme, congratulations!

Thank you!

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thanks a lot :)

I have discovered a bug. The users logo won’t show when using the option where the menu is at the top and the logo below. I get the “Hickory” logo.

You’re totally right! We will send out a hot fix immediately. You can fix this now by going to /inc/headers/innerheader.php—and on line 35 and 36 change “vp_option” to “hick_option”

This issue is fixed in the new update

Hello SoloPine, theme was awesome do you have any plans to release the minimal (lite) version of this theme ??

Hi lyricskhan,

Not sure i understand! How would you want a lite/minimal version to be?

Hello SoloPine,

Please check your inbox