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First – absolutely LOVE this theme! I’ve gone through a bunch, but this one feels like home!

A couple things I’ve noticed (I have the most recent version):

The YouTube social icon in the header doesn’t change color when you hover over it like the other do. It works in the footer, just not the header & I can’t for the life of me figure out why!

Images with captions still aren’t responsive on mobile browsers. I removed the captions & then they worked, but would like them to work with captions too.


Found the issue for the YouTube icon, I just don’t know how to fix it myself:

Header: <i class="icon-youtube">
Footer: <i class="icon-youtube-play" /></i>

Found the issue in the innerheader-2.php file, line #51 should read:

<?php if(hick_option('hick_youtube')) : ?><a href="<?php echo hick_option('hick_youtube'); ?>"><i class="icon-youtube-PLAY" /></a><?php endif; ?>

“-play” needs to be added (all caps above). I have it fixed on my end, but if that could be included in the next release, that’d be great!

Still having issues with the caption images responsiveness though.

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the kind words! And thanks for the headsup on the youtube icon!

For the other issue, it should have been taken care of in version 2.0.3. Do you mind sending me a link to your site so i can check it out

I can’t seem to locate the demonstration video, can someone help me? Thank you so much! (

Hi. Love the theme. One question though: on the image gallery posts, when you click on an image to make it full screen, is there a way to make those pop up boxes responsive. I’m trying to use full quality pictures that are often much bigger than most screens (3200×2000 or so) but they’re so huge you can’t even see them. Don’t really want to have to process every image to make is smaller if possible.



Hi I installed the theme but the images are not appearing?


Do your posts have an featured image assigned to them?

Hi. I installed the theme two weeks ago, and now, up to sudden without doing any change all the configuration got wrong and the blog looks completly a mess without any CSS. I installed again the CSS but doesnt work. Why does it happen?

Done. It was a pluggin that mess the CSS MP- modify pluggin

Glad you found the issue

ok! i buy the theme but i don’t know to use it… no video tutorials? no pdf’s? :O

Be sure to choose the “All Files & Documentation” when you download the theme from Themeforest :) PS. also replied to your email

Hi! I love your theme! Beautiful work and very good support! I’m having a problem that i don’t know how to solve. When i insert my images on the post content and try them to be insert in the middle of the text – alligned left or right – it always show up of the content. Can you help me with this?

I would like to know how i add in the end of each post the feature: other post that you would like to read. Thanks a lot!

Susana Rodrigues

the other post problem solved!:)

Hi there,

Could you please use the account you bought the theme on to ask questions with, otherwise we can’t verify your purchase.


Hi, I have a client interested in your theme, Hickory. What audio plugin do you think works best with this. Not all her material is on Sound Cloud. Thanks.

Hi there,

I don’t have so much experience with audio plugins, but there should be lots of great ones to choose from.

Do you have plans to make the theme woocommerce supported?

It’ll definitely something we’ll consider. But I can’t promise anything yet unfortunately.


1. How can I add in category and tags description? 2. Why in the main and in the archive to articles assigned only one category. For example, Turkey – this is Europe and Asia. The site also displays only Asia. 3. What image height should be that it is normally displayed here.

Hi there,

1) You can go to category.php and add this bit of code:

<?php echo category_description(); ?>

This will display the description you have written for the category.

2) This was to prevent the design to break if people have a lot of categories. If you send us an email with your site-url and wp-admin info we can remove this limit. Also we could take a look at the third issue. Cheers


What about the third? Image hight

Sorry, 420px should be the height :)

Hello! I am just having a little trouble with my responsive i just wondered if you could help?! When i view my website on desktop and iPad it looks absolutely fine. However when viewed on iPhone or mobile devices my front page has an image on it and the image becomes stretched downwards and looks pixelated. I have tried many different sizings to overcome this, but i cant. Any help would be great :) I’m

Hi there,

Could you please send us an email with your wp-admin info so we can take a better look at the issue? Thank you!

Hi there, I’m really loving this theme! I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of small issues I’m having:

-the author photo doesn’t show up. I’ve input this person’s google+ account and their gmail address. Is there something else I need to be doing for their gmail photo so show up in the post “bio” section? -the thumbnail for a vimeo video doesn’t show up. It is just a blank grey box in the list of posts.

Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

The author photo is not controlled by google+, but by You need to set up a gravatar profile using the same email as your wordpress admin email.

You still need to assign a featured image to your vimeo video post :)

Thanks so much! That did the trick. Thanks again for the awesome theme, and your support has been amazing too. =)


Hey, me again! Having trouble trying to make all my posts feature items show up as the same size on the home page on

I want them all to show up as 200×200 or 250×250 but some do and others won’t no matter what.

I have tried editing the images in my media library to those sizes and nothing happens. I have tried CSS coding to see, for example:

set_post_thumbnail_size( 250, 250 ); // 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall, resize mode

However, nothing is working no matter what I try. I don’t mind changing the images if needed but it is driving me mad as the site would look even better if I can have all the home page post images the same size

Cheers dude – love the site, Ian

Hi Ian,

I think what you just need to do is regenerate your thumbnails :) You can do this with the plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails:



Great theme ! I’ve one question. I want to put slider like yours, but mine have too heavy image and when I put “short” option nothing change.

I need help please


Hi there,

Could you please send us an email with a site url and wp-admin info so we can take a better look at the issue. Thanks!

Do you know if this Theme will be usable with WP 3.8 in the future or is it not possible to use this theme with Word Press 3.8 ever?

Hi there,

Hickory is compatible with 3.8 already! We’ll be sure to update the feature list.


Hi Solo,

Thanks for all the previous help you have given me. I now have one more issue it seems…. The keyword tags aren’t showing up anymore. They have showed up in the past, and the old ones are still located in the tag box. But now every time I post something new, the tags never come up. I’m not sure if it’s the new Word Press update, or WP Socializer plugin—-I don’t think it’s this.

The website is Let me know what I should do/ change. Thank you! :)

Hi Martin,

So i believe the WordPress tag widget shows the most popular/used tags. If you go to functions.php and look on line 454 you’ll see:

$args['number'] = 14; //Limit number of tags

Here you can increase the amount of tags shown

Thanks! that worked


Hello! Love the theme. Before purchasing I would like to know, Can the sections on the front page (Latest Videos, Latest Travel, etc.) be set to show any category I want. If I made a category called “Sports Cars” Can I set a section to show my latest post in that “Sports Car” Category?

Hi there,

Yes that is possible :)

I just got the theme and like it but have one question.

I want to set up my home page widgets similar to the Hickory theme demo but cant figure out how you have the two rows of equal sized images/columns under the ‘latest news’

Please help

You might need to run the plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails in order to re-size all your old thumbnails to fit Hickory’s sizes.

I figured it out. Actually what I did was just delete the dummy posts I had and do them again and it worked. Strange but who cares…It’s working and I love the theme! Thanks.


Please help. I am looking to change the header link in “header.php”? I tried replacing

What do I do to fix this?

Hi there,

Not sure i understand correctly. Could you send us an email with more info, thanks!

Hi, bought the theme and is really nice, but i try to do this and i can’t find the way, please can you help me?

Hi there,

You need to use the widget called Homepage Slider Widget and then choose the “Short” layout in the widget settings.