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Hi. I’m loving your theme!! Great work. I have one issue I can’t figure out, and it’s how to have a featured image for the front page featured area, but not have that featured image display on the actual post page. Couldn’t find reference to this in documentation. Thanks for any help.

Hi there,

When you write/edit a post there’s a post option to “Disable the featured image” check that option :)

Oh my, that was so easy. Thank your for taking the time to respond.

You’re welcome!

Issue #2…. On mobile, front page images not showing like in your demo. I haven’t the first idea of how to troubleshoot that, please help! Thanks again for great theme.

Thank you! I am using the JetPack plugin and it has a mobile theme feature, but there is no check button to override it. It must be that. I hope I can figure this out, as it’s a HUGE issue for mobile experience!

In case anyone else uses JetPack, here’s how to turn off mobile: You can disable the Mobile Theme by navigating to the Jetpack Dashboard (Jetpack > Jetpack in your WordPress Dashboard). Find the “Mobile Theme” module and click on the “Learn More” button. After you click that button, the “Deactivate” button will appear to the right of the “Learn More” button. Click “Deactivate” and you’ll be set.

Thanks for sharing! :)

I would like to receive the xml file using the demo page please

Please send us an email through the contact form on our profile page and we can send you the xml file :)

Just a quick question. I’d like to update to the newest version 2.0.3. Can you please tell me how to do that? If I go to my purchases on Themeforest and download the Hickory-Theme files again, will that automatically download the newest version? I just tried that and the file-name is the same as back in 2013 when I first installed the theme. Where can I see that it’s actually the newest version? Thanks a lot for your help. I absolutely love the theme – amazing job!

Hi there,

So you should have the latest version, you can make sure by going to style.css and check the top of the file. Here it’ll say the version number :)


Is it possible to exclude specific categories from the latest posts section on the main blog page?

Many thanks John

Hi John,

Are you using the grid layout or widgetized layout?

Atm, Im using the grid layout. Also, I would liike to create a video page….On my old theme I had to use a plugin to achieve this….Im hoping I can do this without a plugin on your theme? Basically I need a wall of videos displaying all the video content we have. Could you help me achieve this? Great theme btw! :)

Then you’d need to go to index.php and add to the query.

You could give all your video posts the same category and then link to that category in the menu :)

I’m interested in purchasing your Hickory Wordpress theme (for the, but had a couple of questions beforehand.

I assume that it’s possible, but just to make sure… on a full-width blog post, is it possible to adjust the size of the main image at the top? Or is it always that big?

And, will the header image area re-size if our header is smaller than the standard space?

Replied to your email :)

I’m having a problem with empty space beneath the footer.

How can I remove the empty space at the bottom of the page?

I can’t seem to enter your website right now. But sometimes the empty space can be because of the plugin called Jetpack and their Stats addon. If you have this plugin then go to the Stats settings and be sure to disable the “smiley” at the bottom of the page


I am trying to use an image (jetpack) in my sidebar to place my logo at the top of the sidebar. I left the size field blank assuming it would just fit to what ever size the sidebar is….basically fill 100% of the space…..but this is not the case. Is there anyway to make this responsive? It would be great if the image resized in line with the sidebar.


Many thanks John

same with video. Placing video embed code in a text widget is not resizing. The video is huge. Is there a way for the sidebar to get these widgets to behave responsively?

Hi John,

Could you please send us an email with your wp-admin info so we can take a better look at this issue. Thank you

Is there a way to show all the site tags in the tags widget? For some reason the theme is only showing a few of the tags rather than them all.

Many thanks John

If you go to functions.php and look on line 454 you’ll see:

$args['number'] = 14; //Limit number of tags

Here you can edit it :)

Is it possible to use the theme’s method of dealing with author pics/bios etc like shown in the example below….? The method shown is using a team plugin, which I would like to replicate using the theme’s method

It would be great to display all of the author pics, which are clickable, and take visitors through to the themes single author pages….like this one…..

I much prefer how the theme deals with the single author pages…..with the small round pic….and relative posts below the bio.

Many thanks John

Hi John,

I’m not familiar with the plugin, but maybe it’s possible to set a custom url on the author pics and then link them to the themes author page?

Hi there. Great theme. I’m using it here and would like to align the headline text to the edges of the images – need to move it over to the left. How would I go about doing that ? thanks Tim

Hi Tim,

You can go to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add:

h2.content-heading { padding-left:0; }


hey, beautiful theme. but for some reason the blog title and tagline are stuck on “hickory: a wordpress magazine theme” despite changing and saving. help?

Hi there,

It’s actually an logo image, so you need to upload a new logo to the Hickory Options > Logo and Header.

We’ve included the logo PSD in the download folder :)

Hi! The theme is running quite well but I have encountered a strange problem. Sometimes I cannot save the theme settings. For example: I add featured posts, click save and it keeps loading and never makes any changes. I have tried turning off plugins and after turning off Jetpack, settings were saved. This is still strange because after enabling Jetpack once again, I can still make edits and save theme Options. It’s almost as if it works for a while and then breaks again. Any help would be most appreciated!

Glad you were able to find the problem. You might wanna check out other poll plugins such as YOP Poll and Polldaddy

Thank you for the suggestions. Now i found the real solution and you should save it for future clients. I had defined WP memory limit with an error so by enabling a rather large plugin, Wordpress reached the 64M limit and Vafpress couldn’t save changes. By bumping the limit to 128, everything works perfectly! Amazing. Also, is there a way (in the future) to set featured posts by category? This would save time, because the editor won’t have to 1. mark a post 2. make it featured. Anyway, thank you for the amazing theme!

Thanks for sharing your solution! And thanks for the suggestion, you could fix this fairly easy by going to inc/featured_area/featured-2.php look on line 49 and replace:

'cat' => $category,


array( 'category__in' => array( 2, 6 ) )

change 2, 6 to the category ID/ID’s you want to show.

Also delete the following from the query:

'meta_key' => 'is_featured', 'meta_value' => 1

After this make sure that in Hickory Options > Homepage Options > Featured Area Options > Posts—that you leave this field blank.

Is it possible to remove the side bar from one particular page? I would like the content on two of my page to fill up the entire page….I do not really have the need for the sidebar on these two pages.

Many thanks John

Hi John,

Yes when you create a page look in the Page Attributes box > Template > Choose Full width template :)

Is it possible to make the social network links open in a new window rather than the current window? This is both the sidebar widget and the social network buttons in the menu area.

Many thanks John

You’ll have to add target=”_blank” to the links, you can find them in the /inc/widgets/social_widget.php and /inc/headers/innerheader.php files :)

Could you please give me an example of how I add the _blank to the links….And could you also specify what lines the links are on in the code? Many thanks, john

Sure, in the social_widget.php you’ll look on line 94 fx. and add:

<a href="<?php echo hick_option('hick_instagram'); ?>" target="_blank"></a>

On the innerheader.php file you’ll look on line 23 to 32 and add it like this:

<a href="<?php echo hick_option('hick_facebook'); ?>" target="_blank"></a>

Hi there, is it possible to remove the “underline” underneath the small photos within a post? Thanks for this theme, still the best I’ve ever used. =)

I did do that but the lines are still there…. Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks!

Sorry for the slow reply! Could you send us an email through the contact form on our profile page, with your site url so we can take a better look. Cheers

Just sent! Thank you! =)

Hello First of all great theme. I read through some of the other comments and learned that unfortunately there is no ability to create full length posts on the front page just excerpts. You mention to use to navigate this. It appears that this will still not allow full length excerpts event thought I have put all the content in the excerpt field.

Do you have any options that would allow for full length posts on the home page?

You could edit the excerpt length if you go to index.php and look on the lines between 105 and 112 :)

Ok I have edited it in there but it only gives text and not images. is that possible?

You can go to the advanced excerpt plugin settings and “allow” images :)

Hello Just one more question regarding the home page featured posts. In the home page option under “Choose Featured Area Layout” I choose the second option slider w/ 5 posts.

is there a way to reduce the size of the main images that show up? I just cant seem to find the code creates the container for those posts.

Do you mean reduce the height of the slider?

Yes I would like to reduce the height and width of that slider for the featured posts. Where would I edit that?

Thank you for your time.

You would need to go to inc/featured_area/featured-2.php and then first look on line 14 here you’ll see “940,520” change this to the dimension you wish. Do the same on line 63.


Gallery posts seem to not be working for me:

It did at one point but then I went back months later and the images aren’t appearing…this was after I tried it again recently on a new post and had nothing show up.

Hi there,

Could you send us an email with your wp-admin info so we can take a better look at the issue.



we’ve just purchased hickory theme and I was wondering if there is a way to set some defaults for the post options.

If possible, I would like all the new posts to have Featured Image set to Full Width Size and Disable Author Box

thank you

Hi there,

Could you please use the account you purchased the theme on to write comments, otherwise we can’t verify your purchase.

Thanks for understanding!