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I wonder the author box at bottom in single posts:

There is a GOOGLE + area with “sharedaddy” classes. This is above TAG area an outsite from author box. At bottom of author box with auhor image are icons of authos social networks. But it won´t show the google+ icon.

Need help. Thank you!

Hi there,

You did set your google + id in the user settings? Go to Users > Your User.

Thank you very much for your reply. I found that part you mentioned, but the question remains: Could you please tell me where the code comes from in the theme? Where can I find it to control and modify it? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

I hope i understand correctly. You can find that if you go to single.php and look on line 281.

If you are referring to the “sharedaddy” area, this is added by the Jet Pack plugin and there Share add on

Hi, as I can leave my blog equals “Classic Homepage” the demo? I do the “Classic Homepage” option appears. Only appears “grid layout”, “list layout” and “widgetized.” I await response.


In that layout we use the “List” layout. :)

Hello I’m very interested in this fantastic-looking theme, albeit with a few questions.

1. For the gallery post, is it simple to make each image its own unique url? The same would go for the paginated posts.

2. If our featured image for a post is a GIF will it show as a GIF on the home page? (Like in the blog section below the featured content at the top)

Hi there,

1) You would not be able to use the gallery post, but you could use the paginated post to make a gallery, like:—this way you can see the url changes

2) I’m actually not sure whether that would work, since WordPress crops the featured image to fit the different sizes the theme needs, and i think that would break the gif. However, if the gif is the exact size, let’s say you’re using the grid layout and you upload a 300×300 gif, it should work since WordPress wont need to re-size it.

How do I get the columns beneath the main slider? I would assume that I add the “3 column posts” widget to the “main widget area” so it appears on homepage, but that does not seem to be working for me? I was able to get the static featured posts to display correctly, but I am trying to achieve what you did on your theme preview with the indivudal section below it, in 3 columns that stack … Please help :)

Hi there,

Replied to your email :)

Hi! Thanks for this great template!

I installed normal, but at HOME PAGE the side bar is in a wrong place, all other pages are normal. Check:

What should I do?

And can tell me one ADS banner plug in?


Hi there,

Strange, could you send me an email with your wp-admin info so i can take a better look at the issue. Thanks

yes, what email?

Please use the contact form on our profile page :)

Hi, How can I get the Logo/banner to go all the way across? Its almost fitting but there is a hairline white line on the left and right side of the logo. It does not seem to matter if I make the logo wider. I think its the background color of the page just showing through on the edge. Any ideas how I can get rid of that? Thank you!

We have a coming soon page up. If you send me an email where I can send you a screen grab, I can show you. Thanks for your help!

Please use the contact form on our profile page :)

I sent an email yesterday. Thanks.

Hey! I have Hickory installed with full width header and navigation below. The navigation menu works great with mobile devices when viewing the front page, but it breaks when viewing single posts, for example with this one:

For some reason, it doesn’t change the class of the wrap for the navigation menu on smaller resolutions.

Can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Could you try to disable the plugin called tiled gallery. This might be causing a conflict with the menu plugin

Hi, Great theme guys. We have one question. Our web site is really really slow with your theme. Do you know if the theme is the cause or if it’s anything else ? Maybe someone already has the problem ?


Please send us a link to your site so we can take a better look at the problem. Thanks!

Just downloaded this theme and loving it so far! Quick question… is there a way to manually select the posts that appear in the Homepage Post Widget? Or at least alter the order in which they appear – as opposed to the most recent always showing?


Hi there,

Please use the account you bought the theme on to write comments, otherwise we can’t verify your purchase.

Thanks for understanding!

For some reason the sidebar does not disappear when in full-with post mode. It just ends up at the bottom of the page, as here:

It’s not supposed to be like that is it?

Did you fix the issue? I don’t see a sidebar when going to the link you provided.


Hi, I have a category in my main menu. When I click on it, instead of it showing just that category’s posts, it is showing all categories and their posts. Weird. Any idea what to do about this?

Thank You!

Seems this is happening when I view any category. It shows all the categories instead of just the one. For example the Category Books, instead of just showing Books, shows Music, News, Articles ect.

Just fixed it, turned off the “widgetizing” for those posts in Theme Options and now it is normal. Thanks!

Awesome glad you got it fixed

Just downloaded this theme and loving it so far! Quick question… is there a way to manually select the posts that appear in the Homepage Post Widget? Or at least alter the order in which they appear – as opposed to the most recent always showing?


Very strange, you might need to provide me with a site url so i can check it out. Cheers

Hi there!

I just wanted to share with you our work at using your theme.

First of all, thank you! This theme is easyly understandable, the code is easy to read, the structure is near perfect :)

We did some tweaking to work with more Widget Areas, removed sidebars on some sections, plus a thousand tweaks to make it look as we wanted.

We still have a lot of work to do (i.e. we had to deactivate responsive theme because of the changes), but we are working on it, and I’m thankful to have a great base like Hickory to work with.

Keep up the good work, regards!

P.S.: I’m working right now on some way to allow our editors to change posts displayed on the featured area, without granting access to change any other setting. Any clues would be appreciated ;)

Thank you so much for the kind words! Your site is looking really great, good job!

Do you mean in the Hickory Settings? Or in the post settings when you write a post?

I’m trying to do it through Hickory Settings, so any user with “Editor” role can change the current featured posts. I’m still dealing with it.

I see, let me ask the creators of the Vafpress framework if they know of an easy way to do this!

Same question, but from the account we purchased the theme…

Is a way to set some defaults for the post options.

If possible, I would like all the new posts to have Featured Image set to Full Width Size and Disable Author Box

thank you

great… will I have to re-apply these changes in case there is an update on the theme? Do you ever release updates?

Yes, you would need to re-apply in case of a new update. We definitely did more updates in the beginning, you can check out the item description page for update history

cool, thank you

Hello. I have a little problem when I insert Images in my Posts. There is always a thim grey line or border at the bottom of the pictures. Howdo I get rid of that? Thanks.

Please go to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add:

.post-entry p a img { border-bottom:none !important; }

Thanks a lot. Problem solved.

Hi there. Firstly, thank you for such a lovely and efficient theme (Hickory). I’ve used a few in my time, and I’m happy to report that this is by far the best.

I have a question though, which would make things easier for me if answered.

Is it possible to link the home page featured posts images to elsewhere? The images are referencing events in our events calendar (‘The Events Calendar’ by Modern Tribe plugin). I’d basically like the featured post images to go to the relevant listing in the calendar when clicked.

My site is here:

Any suggestions would be more than welcome!

Many thanks.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the kind words!

There’s not a straight forward way to do this. But you can use this little work around.

1. Download the plugin called

2. Then go to the featured posts and you’ll see a little box where you can enter a custom url. Insert your event link here :)

Perfect! You nailed it. Pretty easy way to achieve it. Many thanks!

Hey guys, I love the theme but my google analytics seems to have stopped working. Seemed to have been working fine until a few days ago. I had a really big weekend and release of some stuff but now i have no Analytics info to back it up. could you help me remedy this ASAP? Site:

Hi there,

It looks like you have only inserted your analytic id into the analytic box in the Hickory Options. Make sure you enter the complete JS code

Thank you So much! I felt really dumb after you figured that out. OtherThemes that I own only require the tracking ID. I should have known!! but thanks so much!

I’m glad we got the issue fixed! We’ll definitely keep that method in mind as well


I have a few questions about POST PAGINATION

1) Is there a way to get the pagination slider at the bottom? I find it more natural, because when you are finished reading, it is more natural (and more normal I believe)

2) Is there a way to avoid getting the Featured image on top of every page in the post (except for not having a featured image, of course)?

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

1) You can go to Settins > Theia Post Slider > Navigation Bar > Vertical position > set it to bottom :)

2) When you write a post look down in the post settings, here’s an option to disable the featured image :)

hi guys, does HICKORY support multi language??


We haven’t tested the theme with any, but i’ve heard that qTranslate should work pretty well

Hey, i could use so help!

How do you go about paginating a page? As in I have a music category page and it only shows the latest 10or so and nothing else. I can change the widget so it shows 200000 or whatever but that still doesnt paginate it.

Help please?


Hi there,

So category pages should by default display pagination. Could you send me a link and wp-admin info via email so i can check it out. Cheers