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hi, question before buying….does the menu bar have an option to be under the logo? thanks

ok scrap that….just saw it in the headers options :)

This will help me tremendously in making the decision to buy your theme. I have a site that is build based on issuem theme and plugin ( This plugin allowed me to build an issue based WordPress magazine.

My question is can the featured area be used to display featured articles that are specific to the issue being viewed or are you locked in to the same content displayed no matter which issue is being viewed?

Thank you

Hi Nahoul,

You would most likely need to do some customization to the featured area. I have no experience with the Issuem plugin, so it’s hard to say how easy it would be to make it work, unfortunately.

Thank you for your response. Adding such functionality would make the theme complete. I highly recommend looking Ito it.


1) I would like to have control of the text that accompanies the preview of a post. Standard is that it just takes the first XX words of a posts body text.

2) I’d like to be able to put in an intro statement for each post. This could be mirrored in 1)

3) I want to disable the author and date on my post previews. I managed this with entering .item span.item_meta { display:none; } in the custom csss field, but it seem to leave the space open, not filling it with text – -which makes it look odd. I havent found how to adjust the text – ref 1) and 2)

Thanks to SoloPine for excellent reply-rate!

Hi there,

1,2) You can enter a custom excerpt :) When you edit/add a post click screen options at the top right corner of your screen and then check “excerpt”, this will a new new box further down where you can enter a custom excerpt text.

3) Do you mean there’s too much space at the bottom after doing that? you could fix that by adding:

.content .newsfeed li { margin-bottom:30px }


I installed the theme on wordpress 3.8.1 and installed all that was needed, followed the steps etc etc. I was creating posts to setup a mock site. Then I viewed the main page to see how the site looked, it looked good, clicked on New > Post up at the top and I got this error:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /public_html/testblog/wp-admin/includes/post.php on line 494

and now all my posts have disappeared on the backend, but they’re still showing on the main page? I’m confused. any help?

Ok, the posts are showing on the homepage, but when i go to look at the post it’s gone. i tried switching to the default wp theme, but still the same issue with the same error.

Hi there,

Sounds like you might have an error in your WordPress installation. The warning is also referring to an WordPress file. I’d recommend you try doing a fresh install of WordPress.


Does this theme support retina display?

No but there’s plenty of could retina plugins out there. Also almost everything in the design is html/css, even the icons are “icon fonts”


I was wondering if there is a possibilty to disable the lightbox from the gallery posts? I got pretty big pictures and when I click on one of them it’s been opened in full resolution (which is bigger than my screen). I installed a lightbox plugin (Easy FancyBox) which doesn’t have the same problem. But it stacks with the gallery posts lightboxes. So when I click on a picture two boxes are beeing opened.


Woops, sorry about that! Hmm, there should be Custom CSS in the Hickory Options. If not please make sure you have the latest version of the theme :)

Ah ok. Now it works. Thanks!


hey guys its MILK again, I was wondering if there is a way to predefine the soundcloud players colours, so that it will override any colours set in the embed code of a track.

Unfortunately you have to add the color into the embed url as an parameter and therefor it can’t be controlled via CSS


We have purchased Hickory and it is a wonderful theme. 2 minor issues:

The Homepage Icon (the little house) doesn’t appear. It is turned on in appearance>Hickory options

Also, we can’t seem to activate Header 3 (black on black).

How can we change author profile pictures??

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

1) The icon will appear if you go to Appearance > Menus > then click “view all pages” > insert the page called “Home”.

2) After you’ve activated header 3 you go to Hickory Options > Apperance Options > and make the header bg black.

3) You need to set up a gravatar profile using the email address you use for your wp site account.

4) Could you send me a link to your site so i can see what you mean


Thank you very much. All problems seemed to be solved.

Awesome :)

Awesome theme but I have a problem with images in posts. They are not really responsive. How can I fix this?

Hi there,

they should be! Could you send us a link to your site so we can check it out. Cheers

Hi, sorry it works with new articles but not with the old ones but I hope I can fix that.

Alright, otherwise send us an email and we can take a look at it

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I am still a young beginner so I need your advices.

So, after buying this nice wordpress template, I’d love to reproduce the same organization page (with two separate columns). =>

But the problem is that I have only one column on my main page and I can not find where I can change that in order to have two. =>

Thank you very much for your help! Have a good weekend!

Hi there,

Looks like you got it sorted out? :)

Hi. Excellent theme. I am interested in buying this item but I am not an experienced wordpress. I have two questions for you, to decide on the purchase. 1) Get sample data? (Would be helpful for me). 2) This theme supports sabai-directory plugin? Thanks for responding. Regards

Hi there,

1) Yes we can provide you with that :)

2) We haven’t tested the theme with this plugin, but I’m sure it would work just fine!

I purchased a few months ago. Have you added the ability for full length posts on homepage yet? You provided the “advanced excerpt” link but I still can’t figure out how to get it to work.

Can you please provide further guidance?

Hi there,

We don’t have such option unfortunately. Feel free to send us an email with your wp-admin info and site url so we can check the plugin out

Hello again,

How can I fix my homepage? The preview text just trails across to the right, and the articles aren’t tiling correctly.

Do I just need to wait until each category has at least four articles, or what?

Oh wait – I managed to solve it for now. Just changed the widgets to show four articles from any category.

Cheers – problem fixed.


Woocommerce before February 10th?

Unfortunately that’s probably not going to happen, sorry!

Hi, in love with the design of this template!

However, is there a way I can fix the slider widget (please see image) in the side bar? The title of the post overlaps with the category :\

I’m getting a video when i click that link, could you double check it :)

Could you please send me an email with your site url and wp-admin info so i can take a better look at the issue. Cheers


I want to expend the width of the theme. How can i do it?

Hi there,

Unfortunately it would take a bit of customization, so i recommend you look for a freelancer. has great WP freelancers :)


Is it possible to add more than five images/posts to the home page slider?


Hi Marban,

If you send us an email we can try and guide you through it

Thanks so much! I’ll send you an email.

Hello, I’m using the widgetised homepage, and would like to have one “latest post” at the top of my page. Something that looks a bit like the 3 column homepage widget (w/ sidebar version) but just the first column. I’m thinking the easiest way to do this is if I use the list version of the homepage post widget. So my question is, is there any way to make images in this widget 620px wide? My blog is in case it helps to see it. Thanks!

Yay it worked!! Thank you so much. I love this theme!

Hey, sorry one more question – how do I make this change responsive? On iPhone and iPad it’s still a small thumbnail image, rather than full width. Thanks again in advance!

Could you please add the following code to Hickory Options > Custom CSS:

Hello, I’m having a little issue with the image crop on galleries? It always auto crops from the middle and I’d much prefer it if they would be cropped so the top part (face) shows. I’m sure there’s something simple I’m missing?

Hi there,

Unfortunately the Aqua Resizer doesn’t offer such option. However we could increase the height of the image, would that work?

hi, one pre-buy question.

is it possible to make the post thumbnail images square ? Without having to change all to much code?

best regards,

Hi, Sorry for the lak of information.. i where referring to the:

Under: LATEST NEWS, im guessing its a widget.

Is there possible to make them square without changing to much code?

Thank you so much!

the post thumbnail images

You can go to functions.php and look on line 108. change: add_image_size( 'list_thumb', 230, 150, true );
add_image_size( 'list_thumb', 230, 230, true );