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Adding text below main site logo. I’ve been loving you theme, but recently decided to add some text below the logo. (

ISSUES: 1) I’ve been doing it via the php files (main index), but I can ony get the text to show up after the horizontal divider that is below the logo. I’d like it to show up before the horizontal divider, right below the logo image.

2) The text that I am currently able to display only shows on the home page, but I need it to display on all pages.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I figured out how to edit the innerheader.php to place text under the logo. I saw you refer to it in regard to some other question another user had. Thanks!



I am planning on purchasing this theme but I have experienced an issue on a friend’s site when logging in as Editor.

He has selected the Sticky header menu option. It looks nice when you’re not logged in on the site. However, whenever you login and the “wordpress” sticky menu shows up, it covers the sticky menu of Hickory, rendering it inaccessible. How could this be fixed? I am not too fond of making the purchase if this can’t be fixed.


Hi there,

You should be able to add something like:

body.logged-in #navigation_bar {margin-top:32px;}

Wow that did it. Thanks for the support.


Is there a way to have a video post which also has a review rating (Video & review post)? This would greatly help us out.


Hi there,

So here’s what you can do:

1. go to single.php and look on line 164, here you’ll see:

<?php if(vp_metabox('hickory_post.hickory_post_type') == 'review') : ?>
change this to
<?php if(vp_metabox('')) : ?>

Now when you create a post first pick review post and enter your scores. Then choose video post and insert your video and let the post type stay on video post. This way you’ll get a video and the review.


Thank you :-)

I’m running hickory on WP 3.8.1 and using Modern Tribe’s The Event Calendar Pro plugin.

The plugin has a widget that places a small calendar in the side bar. The Calendar widget does not advance when the arrows are clicked, nor does it go to an event when a day is clicked. Rather it just returns to the top of the page (the link being When I switched out the theme to the 2011 theme this problem goes away, leaving me to believe this is a theme conflict.

I’m also not seeing events showing up in the blog feed (which The events Calendar plugin should do, and does in the 2011 theme) but I bet if we solve the Calendar widget problem, we will kill this one as well.

I have also contacted Modern Tribe for their take on this issue.

Thank you for your help. I LOVE this theme.

The Coming Soon plugin has been active for 12 hours. Are you still working? I’m going to take it down so the site can be seen by visitors.

The make of The Events Calendar plugin have responded with the following:

I bet you your theme does not output sidebar widget classes. Notice in the WordPress documentation that it recommends you output the following with your widgets ‘class=”widget %2$s”>’. The %2$s is particularly important, as many widgets, ours included, need those classes to work. Some themes however ignore the WP documentation, and thus cause problems like this. I might be wrong about the cause, but I have seen this issue a couple times before and that has historically been the solution. Since I can not see your site, I am going to have to just guess that is the problem. Definitely contact your theme author, or if you understand registering widgets you can probably fix this yourself.

Does this help?

Replied to your email :)

Hi, this theme is awesome and very useful, thank you :)

So how can i invisible comment balloon at index.php ?

When i comment out the this code at the category.php

<?php comments_popup_link( 0, 1, '%', '', ''); ?>

its working fine. But in the index.php its not working.

You can also enter following to the Hickory Options > Custom CSS:

.item span.item-comments { display:none; }


thank you for your help :)


Could you please provide me a demo file to upload it to Wordpress with the entries provided in the demo website?

Thank you!

Please send us an email through the contact form on our profile page: then we can send it to you. Cheers

First of all thank you for an incredible theme, this is everything I wanted and more!

I am trying to make the background of my header have no background until the user scrolls. In my child theme I have been successful in implementing this effect using some JavaScript. However I believe that some php is generating a background as in inline style by default. I tried commenting out the array in the options.php of the parent theme that one would use to choose the background color in the the options, but that doesn’t do anything.

Please help! Thanks!

Thanks bernindw!

Try go to /inc/customization.php and then on line 114 to 118 you’ll see the background code


You answered a question regarding the height of the homepage 5-post slider:

“You would need to go to inc/featured_area/featured-2.php and then first look on line 14 here you’ll see “940,520” change this to the dimension you wish. Do the same on line 63.”

For some reason I am having trouble finding: inc/featured_area/featured-2.php

Am I looking in the wrong place (editor)?

Hi there,

You’ll need to find the file via FTP or by downloading a plugin such as WPide which lets you edit all files in the theme folder :)

Hi we love the Hickory theme. I just have a quick question I couldn’t find the answer to…

Is it possible to have ‘Numbered Page Buttons’ on a ‘grid page’ (NOT the Homepage) like on your photography page example (although this is Widgitised). I can’t seem to fine a way to do it. Many thanks, K

Hi there,

The Photography page is a category page. These will automatically have pagination to them. You can then go in and widgetize the category page so you can add a slider widget for example. Check out:—this is how to widgetize a page, but works the same for categories

Thanks I have widgetized the category pages and they look great but if I only choose to show 10 posts per page for example (although there are 20 altogether) the pagination doesn’t show.

Replied to your email

Quick 2 questions…

Q1: Is there a way of adding code to posts – e.g. for an embedded magazine via ISSUU? When I put the code in to a post it doesn’t convert – works in a text widget…

Q2: The widgets for my contacts page keep just disappearing – any reason why that would be?

Hi again,

Could you send me an email with a link to your site and the code you’re trying to embed into your post. Thanks

How do I find your email please?

You can use the contact form on our profile page :)

hi! I purchased the “hickory” theme a couple of days ago. i had a couple of questions. The theme automatically posts my articles as summaries instead of showing the full text of the posts. I even checked my reader settings and which are set to full text. I would like to display full post. Also would like to hide the post featured image while still having a featured image uploaded for each article. thanks :)

hellooooo? need help here

Replied to your email

thanks! resolved!

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the social media icons in mobile view. They appear as white circles with black rectangles on my iPhone and don’t display the usual sign of Twitter, Facebook etc. The desktop and tablet view seems to be alright though.

Thanks a lot for helping!

Kind regards, Kai

Hi Kai,

Maybe fontawesome didn’t load when you tried? It works fine for me on my phone

It’s working ;-) Thanks!

I just purchased this theme and cannot find the psd files. I need my designer to make changes to some of the pages. Can you please let us know how we can get these files. They are generally available on themeforest so am not sure why there cannot be downloaded here. Please advise. Thanks. Tal

Hi Tal,

As many people do now a days we designed most of the theme in browser, so unfortunately we don’t have PSD’s to include. You’ll be able to see whether a theme for sale here on Themeforest includes PSD by looking in the Item Details > Themeforest Files Included

Hi Solo,

I tried adding a banner ad under header.php, and messed up something. The following message appears now above my logo, even after I deleted the Ad Sense code out of header.php. class=”home blog logged-in admin-bar no-customize-support responsive”>

How would I get rid of this code? My site is

Thanks for all the previous help, you guys are great.

fixed the problem, sorry

I’m glad you got it fixed!

I have a few questions that need support.

1. I want to show a number comment from facebook like demo, how? 2. What is his space ? I do not see it in the demo page. 3. Why is my website not showing like this? Although I did edit in the Homepage Options?

Please, thank!

I sent, my email is savoir.aimer @ .... . Add one more question, please add this function in post:

Hi, I did question 2 and 3. Please give me support questions 1 (facebook comment number) and “align Full” thank you.


1) Looks like the facebook plugin is changing the behavior of the comment output. You should look in the plugin settings and see if there’s a way to get rid of the text “comments”.

2) The align full functionality is in the theme. Do you not see the button?

Hi there. Nice theme! I have a question. I used the same HEX color for the logo I uploaded for logo for the header, and used the same HEX color for the background and for the nav bar in the Hickory customization options, but at the site, the shades are not quite right. The purple is 5e31b0. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Jessica,

Could you double check if the url you provided is correct. I can’t seem to enter it

oops! Maybe I misspelled it. Thanks

Hi again,

I’m using the color picker and can see that the background and logo bg is not quite the same. Your logo bg is: 5C20B6 and the header bg is: 5E31B0


I am a first time wordpress user but I have created so far a fantastic website for myself. I just have a couple of issues that I cannot seem to find the required info for (I have searched endlessly).

1) I have an issue with SOME images on my homepage & category pages that show a little circle graphic on my image (photos etc) that has a moon above a mountain- it’s some type of graphic that means something but I cannot for the life of me work out why it appears on some images and not others and what it means???

2) I have also used the Grid format for my homepage and List format for my category (archive) pages. The images turn out well when in the list format but in Grid they get cut off a lot -what is the perfect image size for the grid images? I have also regenerated them so it’s not that….

I hope you can help AND thank you for such a ‘clean’ and aesthetically pleasing theme!

Hi there,

1) He he, so these icons are indicators to what post type the post is. So the icon you’re describing is appearing on your gallery posts. If you create a video post or music post another type of icon will appear. You can get rid of this by going to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add: .item-image-icon { display:none; }

2) So the grid images is 300×300 px. You can change the dimension by going to functions.php and on line 101 you’ll see: add_image_size( 'newsfeed', 300, 300, true );, keep the first number (the width), but you can change the second (height) as you like. Remember to run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin afterwards.


Hi How do I put a stop button on the carousel that displays the featured content on the main page (Featured Area Layout).

Hi there,

Unfortunately the flexslider doesn’t come with a stop button.

I’ve purchased the theme for my website and love it so far. I’m working on designing a background for my website. What is the width of the content content area and what is the width of the background?

Hi there! So the width of the content is 940px and then there’s a 20px margin on each side :)

Hi, I have setup my site post on pages via the widgets but it does not respond to the layout settings. When I preview my site the post appears as a list and not the lovely thumbnails grid layout as shown on your demo site.

Please can you help

Hi this has been sorted out now

How do you stop the title of the Hickory slider from not showing on the front end. Basically I have used the slider and it has the title of the categories and post showing on top of my image.

Hi, not sure i understand, does the title and category not display? Or do you not want them to display?