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i need help with how to add the image to the banner space widget it only allows text and no image

Sure, when you edit or add a page look at the top right corner and click the “Screen Options” > Check “Discussion” > scroll down and you will see a new box where you can disable comments and trackbacks :)

thank you, you are the best i love you lol whoever you are

Haha, thank you!


First of all, you template is just awesome! But actually, I have a little question, how can I change the size of the pictures of my home page (of the “latest news)? Like those ones

Thanks in advance, have a great day!


I showed my site to several friends, all described it as lovely and very efficient. So, congratulations!

Excuse me again, I am so sorry, but i have 3 more questions:

1) Do you know where I can fix this problem?

2) After changing the image size, I’d like to know how to “center” the small round? 3) how I can reproduce the formatting in orange?

Thousand thank you for your help, it’s very nice to have a reactive and quality support !!!

Glad to hear that!

1) Looks strange, could you send us an email with your wp-admin info so we can take a look at it.

2) Please add the following to Hickory Options > Custom CSS:
.content.sidebar ul.newsfeed.classic li .item .item-image .item-image-icon { left:120px; top:60px; }

3) You need to use the “blockquote” tag. You can find it in the WP post editor :)


Great theme :) Makes my site look snazzy.

I have a little problem though. When I want to share a post on Twitter, for some reason it puts the URL link twice.

Also, how can I edit the text that automatically appears when I share something on Twitter? I want to get rid of the ‘Check this out’.

Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

Could you try to go to single.php and look on line 230 you’ll see:

data-text="Check out this article: <?php the_title(); ?> - <?php the_permalink(); ?>"
Delete the <?php the_permalink(); ?> and you can also change the “Check out this article” :)

Thank you. :)

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing this, but I have a question on the structure. What is the difference between the content below the header, and the content below “latest news”? Are they both posts? Is the content at the top stand alone, or does it pull it from somewhere else?

I’ve tried a few themes already for the site I’m working on, but their structure hasn’t been so adaptable. Any additional info you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to help me, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,

The content you see just below the header is what we call the “Featured Area”—when you write or edit a post you have an option to mark the post as “featured” doing that will make them appear in that area :)

Hey SoloPine,

Is there any way to insert custom Logo Headers on pages?

Thanks for your time

Hi there,

Unfortunately not without doing some customization. You could use the is_page() function: in the inc/headers/innerheader.php file to change the logo depending on what page you’re on


Is there a way to revise the code in the Homepage widgets to pull from tags? I’d like to have the option to pull from either a specific tag or category (I’m happy to have two separate widgets for that).


Hi amy,

It’s possibly but would unfortunately take some customization which would be out of the scope of support we’re offering. I’d recommend you take a look at they have great & cheap WP freelancers

Hello SoloPine

I have just purchased the theme and have to tried to upload it to wordpress and the error message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” continues to appear.

Please advise me on what to do

Thanks Amara

Hi Amara,

This is a common issue, Themeforest has even written a little article on how to fix it: check the “Common ‘Broken Theme’ and ‘Stylesheet Missing’ WordPress Issues” section

Hi The thumbnail images are not loading in the homepage slider. I changed controlnav:”thumbnail” in hicory.js. and it gives the img src as undefined.

Hi there,

The slider is not set up to use thumbnails, you would have to go to /inc/featured_area/featured-2.php and change the code. I recommend you look for a freelancer to help you out with this :)

Hi there,

I’m trying to remove the sidebar from my HP ( I’ve disabled it in HP options but it remains. Cleared my browser cache, no luck. I have the feeling I’m missing something very obvious, can you help me out?


Hi there,

Are you using a page as your homepage? In that case you need to change the page template to “Full width” :)

Beautiful, thank you!

Hi!... I bought this theme a while ago and now i want to upgrade it to 2.0.3.

Is there any way of doing this automatically? or I just have to redownload it and overwrite all files on the server?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, unfortunately that’s the way you’ll have to do it. You can also go to Appearance > Themes > Delete Hickory > And then upload the new version

Before I buy. does this template come with demo content?

Hi there, We can provide you with the demo xml file yes :)

Ok cool thanks.. I will make the prchase later on today

Solo Pines! Love the Wordpress Theme! Two questions for you:

1-Do you think the color scheme for my site works?

2- Notice that the “Latest Posts” Heading bar and “Search” bar on the side don’t align. Is there a way to get them to align right? I think that would bring it all together nicely!

Thank you!

Hi there,

1) It’s definitely a bold move to use so many different colors, but i think it works in this case. Though, I would probably make the color on the “Latest Posts” bar a little darker, right now the text is a bit hard to read. Also I’m not sure about the grey bg color in the footer. Maybe keep it black? Just my 2 cents ;)

2) It seems like there’s an empty div that creates that little gap. Could you send us an email with your wp-admin info so we can take a better look at the issue.


I sent it to you guys! let me know if you got it and what else youneed from me.

Replied to your email :)

Having a lot of trouble with scheduled posts not showing up after they publish. I have to go in and update them every single time to make them show up. Is this a bug in the theme? I’ve never had this problem with Wordpress before.

Thanks guys.

Hi David,

That’s strange, have done scheduled posts on Hickory without any issues. Could you send us an email with your wp-admin info so we can take a better look at the issue. Thanks!

How do you move commet section up over Author Box, Tags and Related Posts.

And how do you disable Tags and Related Posts in all post ?

Thanks really love the theme :D

Hi there,

if you go to single.php and look on line 299 you’ll see: <?php comments_template( '', true ); ?> take this bit of code and move it up to line 220 :)

Hello! This theme has been a lifesaver for a “newbie” like me. Thank you thank you!

The only thing I can’t seem to modify is the Facebook “Like” button. I really want my readers to be able to “share” with a pop-up comment box, like the other share buttons. Can you help me out?

Ah! Nevermind. Figured it out. :)


I would like to choose different category layouts for various pages. one classic and other grid. how can i enable this?

Hi there,

Unfortunately we don’t have an option for that. So you would need to go to category.php and manully use the condition tag called is_category(‘name-of-category’) to set the layout. If you send us an email we can point you in the right direction.

i sent you a message

Replied :)

How can I make the featured image link to a specific URL (when displayed in a post, not on the homepage)?

I am already using the Default Image Link.

By default, clicking on the feature image just launches a gallery of that image.

Hi there,

I’m not sure that plugin works with the featured image as well. If you send us an email we can try and guide you through another solution.

Hi! Thank you for the great theme!

I’m trying to target a certain category to be able to add the selector .post-meta: {display: none;} to remove the author and date information from the post

I’ve tried adding the line .category-(category slug) .post-meta: {display: none;} but it doesn’t seem to target the right category. How should I proceed?

Hi there,

Do you want to get rid of the meta info on a category page or inside a post page?

Hi, Loving the Hickory theme. One problem. I checked the box to disable author box on posts but author and date are still showing up on posts. Am I doing something wrong? Here is a link to a post: Thanks

Hi there,

That option gets rid of the boxes below the content, but the meta info below the title will still be displayed. You can get rid of it by going to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add:

.post-header { display:none; }

great theme!

1 issue, though and 2 questions:

1) the grid layout is not working, instead of grid it shows just one small column, second one missing. list is working.

2) what do I have to do to enable sub menus in the footer menu?

3) what exactely does the option “widgetize pages and categories” do?


it really looks messy with the one column in the grid. please advise what I can do.

Hi there,

For some reason you’re missing following css: display:inline-block; on your li items. Please go to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add:

.content .newsfeed li { display:inline-block; }

ahhh, thank you. now it works!