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Hi there,

Could you help me to create a ‘related post’ with tags please? I’d like to have 2 kind of ‘related post’ : one with category & one with tags. In more, could you help me to have more than 3 posts in ‘related post’ section. 6 will be perfect.

Thanks in advance.

My blog :

Replied to your previous comment :)

i’m having issues with sharing video posts on facebook, it doesn’t give me the correct feature image or description. the standard post and soundcloud works fine.

here’s the link

Hi there,

Are you using a OG plugin? Check out

no i’m currently not using this plugin

I definitely recommend using it

I am desperately trying to generate thumbnails for my video posts. “Video Thumbnail” pulls images directly from the embedded links, but it’s having trouble locating the “field” where it should pull from. Can you help? See below:

Problem: No video thumbnail for this post: 1. Ensure you have saved any changes to your post. 2. If you are using a a plugin or theme that stores videos in a special location other than the main post content area, be sure you’ve entered the correct custom field on the settings page. If you don’t know the name of the field your video is being saved in, please contact the developer of that theme or plugin.

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately custom fields are made a little different with the Vafpress framework we’re using. So what you will need to do is create your own custom field by first clicking the “Screen Options” on the top right corner when you add a post, then check “Custom Fields”. Scroll down until you see “Add New Custom Field” and click Enter New. Now give it a name such as “embed” and in the value field you paste in the embed code.

Lastly go to your video thumbnail plugin settings and enter “embed” into the custom field.

So now everytime you add a video post make sure to add the embed code to the custom field called embed.

that did it – thank you


I sent you a personal email regarding the xml file. Would it be possible to send it to me? I would greatly appreciate it!

Love the theme!


Hi there,

I replied to your ticket and attached the file! :)

I am having issues getting category pages to paginate.

Im not tryin to get the homepage to paginate.

when people click the links in my header it sends them to a widgitized page that i was trying to get the categories to only show and paginate after 8 post.

can you help with this?

I have added my category to my main menu and it takes me to a blank page

Hi Partmont,

First could you go to Theme Options > Widgetize categories and pages > and make sure you have not added any categories to the field.

To make category pages only show 8 posts go to Settings > Reading > “Blog Pages shown at most” set it to 8.

Please send us a link to your site so we can check out the blank page issue, or even better open up a new ticket at and provide us with your wp-admin info

Trying to get the social buttons to open in a blank target and cant get it to work.

I am only trying to fix the twitter and facebook button.

Here is my social_widget.php code

<?php if($twitter) : ?>
            <div id="tab1" class="tab_content current_social">

                <a href="<?php echo hick_option('hick_twitter'); ?>" target="_blank" class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="true" data-dnt="true">Follow @<?php echo hick_option('hick_twitter'); ?></a>
                <script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs');</script>

            <?php endif; ?>

            <?php if($facebook) : ?>
            <div id="tab2" class="tab_content current_social">
                <iframe src="//<?php echo hick_option('hick_facebook'); ?>&width=300&height=62&show_faces=false&colorscheme=light&stream=false&show_border=false&header=false" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:300px; height:62px;" allowTransparency="true" target="_blank"></iframe>
            <?php endif; ?>

here is my innerheader.php code

<?php if(hick_option('hick_facebook')) : ?><a href="<?php echo hick_option('hick_facebook'); ?>" target="_blank"><i class="icon-facebook" /></a><?php endif; ?>
                    <?php if(hick_option('hick_twitter')) : ?><a href="<?php echo hick_option('hick_twitter'); ?>" target="_blank"><i class="icon-twitter" /></a><?php endif; ?>

any help here would be great.

Hi there,

The first code you pasted is using twitter and facebook’s own code for buttons and it’s not recommended that you change it. However they should both be opening a new window when you click on the follow or like button.

For the innerheader.php does that not work for you? If not you’re probably using another header layout. Could you go to theme options > header and logo > and check which header layout you’re using

got it i was on header 2

Hello ! Can you tell me the list of the fonts selected in options for your demo theme ?

Thanks !!

Hi there,

We’re using roboto, lato and georgia. You can reset your fonts in the fonts settings by just clicking the “cross” next to each font option :)

Hello Again,

I fixed my last problem however I have a quick question..How can I change the font options I have while posting a new post?

I added a new css code and even changed the font options for the posts, but nothing has happened. My website is

Hi Jelecia, when I check your site I can see you’re using other fonts than the defaults for the post text, have you fixed your issue?

added a gif for a featured image. but on home page the gif does not work in the thumbnail

any thoughts?

Hi there,

Unfortunately when a gif gets cropped by WordPress it gets converted into a static image, so for it to work you would need to tell the theme to use the full size image for the homepage thumbnails so WordPress wouldn’t crop them, not sure this would be a good idea though, since you would need to make sure you didn’t upload images that would mess up the layout.

Hello, I’ve seen in another comment you say it is possible to have 3 columns in the footer instead of 4. Could you please help in how I can achieve this? Thanks in advance for your help

Hi there, head over to our support site and open up a new ticket, then we can point you in the right direction.

I just installed the theme tonight, and I’ve noticed that “normal” sized images aren’t really that normal. They tend to go into a small square thumbnail look. Here’s an example:

The image size meets the requirements.

Hi there,

Looks like you just need to regenerate your thumbnails. You can use this plugin: :)

Oh why thank you very much :D

How do I update the Theia post slider plugin to the latest version as the version included is totally out of date and full of bugs?

Hi Jordan, replied to your email!


Problem fixed, sorry it wouldn’t let me delete this post D:

Is there a way that I could add sharing (FB, Twitter, G+) to the top of each post to the right of the post date?

Where should I add the code in the single.php file?

Hi Jim,

You should add that inside the div with the class post-header which starts on line 127. I recommend you put your share buttons inside a div that you can float to the right :)

Thanks for your quick response. Could you give me an example of how to have it forest to the right?

You would need to wrap your buttons like:

<div class="social-buttons"> your buttons code here </div>

And then you would need to add some css like:

.social-buttons { float:right; }

Thank you. Since I want it to the right of the date, would I put it after this code -

· <?php _e(‘On’, ‘hickory’); ?> <?php the_time( get_option(‘date_format’) ); ?>

before the

Yes, btw. it might be easier if you create a support ticket at, code is a little easier to paste and show than on these comments.

Hi there,

Could someone help me 1° remove the “item-comment” that appears on the same line as the article title, on the homepage 2° tell me how to make the “popular widget” work properly ? It seems to show randow articles without any consideration of popularity.

Thanks again for your support.



Hi there,

1) To remove the comments add the following to your custom CSS:

.item-comments { display:none; }

2) The popular posts is determined by which of your posts has the most amount of comments. It sounds like you may not be using comments at all, so you might want to look for alternatives, there should be plenty of popular posts plugins out there :)

I would like a full-refund. In the past three weeks my site has crashed twice. First time the reason was that there was a corruption in the theme in which I had to download and re-install the theme again. The second time bugs were inserted in the theme and it crashed again. As a result, I want to go with another theme and I would like FULL refund back to my paypal account.

Hi there,

I’m sorry you’ve experienced some issues! A corruption in the theme and “inserted bugs” sounds a bit strange, you should have contacted us so we could have helped you out. It could easily have been an issue with a plugin or a personal mistake.

Unfortunately authors are not able to issue refunds, so you will have to contact Themeforest support.

Hi there. Well since I had to delete the whole theme from my site, I would appreciate some help on re-introducing it to my site. Would you be able to help me with this?

Sure, if you head over to our support site and create a new ticket where you include your site url and wp-admin info we should be able to re-install the theme for you.

Hi there,

Featured area on our site is not working. When you click one of the featured image, it should show a gallery images with slider like the original theme here - - when click photography it should display this one but not on our site here then click HAIRSPIRATION from the featured image, it doesn’t look like as the original theme.

Please help.



Thanks for your reply.

What we want to happen is when click Featured Area (example: Tutorials) here, that page will go here: We want to add the featured image gallery slider at the top of each category page like here

Please help.


Sure, again you will need to widgetize your category page so you can insert the slider widget. We’d be glad to help you out if you go to our support site and provide us with your wp-admin info.


Hello, is the ticket here private? I already posted a ticket there. Thanks.

Is it possible to disable the thumbnails in a gallery post?

Or do we always need to have 9 images to make the design look nice?

Example: is having 12 images, creating 2 rows of thumbs…

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

If you go to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add:

.flex-control-thumbs { display:none; }

It should get rid of them :)

This is just great! Thanks. Will test and see what works better for my readers. Love the support you are delivering! Seriously best purchase for my site ever!

You’re very welcome! :-)

I see a new version is out. What do you recommend is the best way to install the update without overwriting files & graphics? What are the core files we need to overwrite?

We are having lots of issues with the thumbnails loading on the homepage esp on mobile.

Hi Katy, I replied to your ticket :)