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Thank you. Since I want it to the right of the date, would I put it after this code -

· <?php _e(‘On’, ‘hickory’); ?> <?php the_time( get_option(‘date_format’) ); ?>

before the

Yes, btw. it might be easier if you create a support ticket at, code is a little easier to paste and show than on these comments.

Hi there,

Could someone help me 1° remove the “item-comment” that appears on the same line as the article title, on the homepage 2° tell me how to make the “popular widget” work properly ? It seems to show randow articles without any consideration of popularity.

Thanks again for your support.



Hi there,

1) To remove the comments add the following to your custom CSS:

.item-comments { display:none; }

2) The popular posts is determined by which of your posts has the most amount of comments. It sounds like you may not be using comments at all, so you might want to look for alternatives, there should be plenty of popular posts plugins out there :)

I would like a full-refund. In the past three weeks my site has crashed twice. First time the reason was that there was a corruption in the theme in which I had to download and re-install the theme again. The second time bugs were inserted in the theme and it crashed again. As a result, I want to go with another theme and I would like FULL refund back to my paypal account.

Hi there,

I’m sorry you’ve experienced some issues! A corruption in the theme and “inserted bugs” sounds a bit strange, you should have contacted us so we could have helped you out. It could easily have been an issue with a plugin or a personal mistake.

Unfortunately authors are not able to issue refunds, so you will have to contact Themeforest support.

Hi there. Well since I had to delete the whole theme from my site, I would appreciate some help on re-introducing it to my site. Would you be able to help me with this?

Sure, if you head over to our support site and create a new ticket where you include your site url and wp-admin info we should be able to re-install the theme for you.

Hi there,

Featured area on our site is not working. When you click one of the featured image, it should show a gallery images with slider like the original theme here - - when click photography it should display this one but not on our site here then click HAIRSPIRATION from the featured image, it doesn’t look like as the original theme.

Please help.



Thanks for your reply.

What we want to happen is when click Featured Area (example: Tutorials) here, that page will go here: We want to add the featured image gallery slider at the top of each category page like here

Please help.


Sure, again you will need to widgetize your category page so you can insert the slider widget. We’d be glad to help you out if you go to our support site and provide us with your wp-admin info.


Hello, is the ticket here private? I already posted a ticket there. Thanks.

Is it possible to disable the thumbnails in a gallery post?

Or do we always need to have 9 images to make the design look nice?

Example: is having 12 images, creating 2 rows of thumbs…

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

If you go to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add:

.flex-control-thumbs { display:none; }

It should get rid of them :)

This is just great! Thanks. Will test and see what works better for my readers. Love the support you are delivering! Seriously best purchase for my site ever!

You’re very welcome! :-)

I see a new version is out. What do you recommend is the best way to install the update without overwriting files & graphics? What are the core files we need to overwrite?

We are having lots of issues with the thumbnails loading on the homepage esp on mobile.

Hi Katy, I replied to your ticket :)

Hello, I have a problem with the display of the twentieth image with full width Gallery:

Hi again,

Not sure why it happens, but could you try adding the following to Hickory Options > Custom CSS:

.flexslider.full .flex-control-thumbs li:last-child { margin-right:0; }

Sorry about that,

Could you add the following to your custom css:

.flexslider.full .flex-control-thumbs li:nth-child(10n+10) { margin-right:0; }

Can you tell me how to get the Theia post slider to work? what’s the short code i have to use?

Hi there,

We’ve included the Theia documentation in the Hickory page you download from Themeforest. I recommend you take a look at that for more details

Hi there,

I purchased Hickory theme yesterday and also not able to find video in Hickory Documentation and I have a problem with Theia Slider. It does slide through posts, but no matter what I do, it always shows 1 of 1 post, while it should be 280 posts all together or less, depending of chosen category, but certainly not 1 of 1 ??!! And why the Theia slider included in Hickory theme doesn’t have advanced option, like it’s shown on Theia slider page. Do I have to purchase Theia slider separately for that advanced options?

Hi there,

Unfortunately the plugin will not show the amount of posts, it can only show amount of slides you have within a post.

You don’t need to buy the plugin, however the theme is using an older version of the plugin at the moment. We’ll be sure to update it asap. If you send us an email we can send you the latest version right away. You can send us an email by going to our profile page and use the contact form.

Hoping I can get some assistance. I am trying to change the color of the sidebar and upload my logo, however every time I try to save my changes, it won’t save. Please help. Thanx

Hi there,

Could you go to our support site and create a new ticket including your site url and wp-admin info so we can take a better look at the issue. Thanks


The review page has a rating widget with a 10 point rating scale, how can I change it to 5?

Unfortunately changing the rating scale would take some customization and I recommend you look for a freelancer who could help you out. has a great selection of WP freelancers :)


My partner bought this site for our website. We’re in the process still of flipping our original content over.

One issue that we’re having is the padding or margins around the blockquote. I’ve been trying to change it in the style sheet but it basically won’t let me change any details of the block quote. I wonder if there is something in functions that needs to be changed first. Our site mostly consists of interviews that heavily rely on the block quotes. This extra padding isn’t what we would prefer for design but most importantly when we look at the site on a mobile screen it forces the text into the centre and reduces the each line to about 7 characters which makes our content basically unreadable on mobile devices. We would really appreciate some help with this issue!

Thank you so much! We love your theme and are very happy to be using it.

Best, Rachel

Hi Rachel,

I took a look at your site and can see that you’ve made a lot of changes to the blockquote. I think you especially need to look at the 10em margin you put on blockquotes.

Also the reason you don’t see your CSS changes immediately could be because you have an cache plugin installed. Make sure you clear the cache after you’ve done CSS changes.

Hello, I am planning to purchase this theme today, but I want to know first if the demo.xml file is also included? so that I can see the initial looks and edit it for demo purposes. thank you. I will wait for your response. =)

Hi there, Once you’ve bought it you can send us an email through the contact form on our profile page and we can send you the XML file. Cheers

Allright, I will purchase the theme now. and will send to you a request. thank you.


How can I incorporate the table at the bottom of this post(just before the rating widget)?

Hi there,

You can manually insert the HTML via the text editor, or download a table plugin :)

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way of inserting custom icons before the text in the menu bar, just like there in case of the home icon?



Hi Raf,

Without having tested the plugin you could try out:

Great theme! Perfect for brand catered site, which we’re working on right now.

Anyway, how do we modify the twitter follow widget? We want to remove the counter from that just so it looks cleaner. :)


Hi there,

If you open up inc/widgets/social_widget.php and look on line 70 you should see the following:


Changing that to false should do the trick :)

That totally worked. Thanks! :)

Hi all,

is there a setting or something else, that the post pictures are set all in the same size. for example i have different pictures in use, but all are able to scale to 300×300, but it is not done ? how can is set this up?


Hi there,

Could you try regenerating your thumbnails with this plugin :

hey guys,

for my video-templates I want to deactivate the mobile theme. How can I do that?


Best, Mitch

Hi Mitch,

Could you open up a new ticket at then we can try and help you out

Hey, another question, how do we get to launch the lightbox when clicking a thumbnail in the homepage post widget (instead of going to the post)?

Thanks! ;)

Hi again,

Please open a new ticket at our support site and we’ll see what we can do!

Hi I have just installed the Hickory theme. I have just added a review post and when I preview it the review box is sitting underneath my share buttons, google plus and not underneath the main review text. Is there a fix to it? In your theme demo its correct but i can’t seem to get it to work in mine. Thanks

Hi there,

Please open a new ticket at and include your site url so we can take a better look at the issue