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Sorry is there also a way to create a black border around the featured 3 box widget that sits at the top in the demo?

We can try and help you out with this as well on the support site. Cheers

Hi. Sorry, I’m sure I’m probably being a dufus, but how do I make all the featured post images (the ones under LATEST NEWS on the Hickory demo site, for example) all the same size?

I’ve uploaded my images in wordpress and they look great when they automatically appear at the top of each post, but when they appear on the category pages the images are all different sizes. Is each image uploaded not automatically resized for each content area?

I’m certain the problem is my lack of expertise, but I was just wondering if you could help.

Many thanks. J

Thanks very much for your help. That did indeed fix it. I’ve now come up against another weird problem though. For some reason, when I add the slider widget to the main homepage area it turns up both there and at the top of one of my category pages. I’m also not sure if the slider should be added from the Widgets menu or from the Homepage Options area in the Hickory Options menu. Thanks in advance.

Sorry. I’ve just solved this mystery. I’d accidentally widgetized a category page. The latter question still stands though. ’m also not sure if the slider should be added from the Widgets menu or from the Homepage Options area in the Hickory Options menu. Great theme, BTW. Just taking me a while to figure it all out.

You can do both, however the slider from the theme options will be displayed above everything else, and you also have another layout to choose from :)

How can I remove pages generated via another plug-in from tag listings?

On this page, I only want to display posts with the tag “region-Australia”, however it is also displaying events with the tag “region-Australia.”

Is there any way around this?

Could you check the plugin settings and see if there’s a setting to hide events from archive pages?

Hey, could I have some little help?

I’m making review posts ( is there anyway that i can bring the review score to the top (right below the video)

and also hide the the date the review was issued from the top


- Page name - Video - review score - text

(date appearing in the bottom is fine, just not the top)

thanks :)

Hi there,

Please open a new ticket at then we can try and help you out!

hi there,

thanks for your last helpt. now I have another question. since I have a german site, I try to translate all english words like “on” or “by” for example.

what i didnt find in the php files, is the position to change ‘on’ and ‘by’ on the frontpage as shown on under each shown post the english words are still there, although i changed every ‘on’ in the php files, which I could find.

any tips where to look too ? thank you chris

Hi Chris,

The theme is translation ready so I recommend you translate the theme via poedit or use a plugin such as :)

Is there a hope for an update of this theme soon, to fix the hickups with WP 3.9 like the blocked ‘save’ and ‘save draft’ buttons?

Hi Felicea,

The issue have only happened for under 1% of the hickory users, so it’s a little strange issue. Since now we have helped the few people out, but we will be sure to also update the theme. If you want the fix immediately then please open a ticket at and provide us with your wp-admin info and site url. Thanks!

Hello, thank you. I already managed to fix the problem based on the information you gave in other comments. It just would have been much more convenient to upgrade the theme.

That’s understandable!

Hi Hickory support,

I have just transferred my URL over from a blogspot to my wordpress site ( with your theme installed and ready to go. However since the transfer none of the featured images are showing on the homepage or any of the category pages, it doesn’t seem to want to let me add any new images too. My developer friend thinks it’s to do with the database behind the site but I just cannot see that it is. I think it’s not that the images are not longer there, it’s more that some bit of code is telling the server not to use them in favour of the default image.

Any immediate help with this would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks, Team AboutToBlow

Hi there,

Could you please head over to our support site and provide us with your wp-admin info so we can take a better look at it. Thanks!

Hi Hickory Support,

I’m wondering if you can help. I wish to remove the logo and its hyperlink from the header completely (but keep the nav bar ‘stuck’ at the top). I’ve delved through the header.php file and the stylesheet.css but can’t figure out which element to remove.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, You will need to go to inc/headers/innerheader.php in order to delete the logo :)

Spectacular! Thank you for your help.

I saw on one comment that to remove the thin border line between header and main homepage slideshow, you add: #header { border-bottom:none; }

But how do you remove the border line below the slideshow, please? Thanks

my site is

Hi there,

You will need to add:

#featured_area { border-bottom:none; }


nvm, I figured it out myself :D

Hello Hickory support ! Working on your great template for 1 month now for a client. Have done many customization, I was wondering how to put an rss subscrition button in the header near the social icons ? (instead of the RSS in the social widget). Many thanks !

Hi there,

You can go to inc/headers/innerheader.php and on line 33 you can manually add your rss link, like:

<a href="http://LINK TO RSS"><i class="icon-rss" /></a>

Work pefectly ! Thanks a lot

Hi, I’ve just bought the theme – and I love it btw – but I am not the most skilled at this kind of thing to say the least. I have installed the theme ok but can’t seem to find documentation and videos anywhere that are mentioned in the support section. Where are these?

Also, I have tried a basic post with sound cloud, embedding the sound cloud code in the section half way down the post bit, but when I publish or preview it, nothing is happening. What might I be doing wrong?

Many thanks,


Hi Alex,

Have you tried selecting the “Music” post type > check “Music from soundcloud” > insert the full embed code > and then check the “include featured image” option as well?

Did you fix the homepage issue? Looks like you’ve set up your homepage with the widgets :) The reason the thumbnail for “The Wes Anderson Collection – Video Essays” is not the same size is because the height of the image is below 300px, and unfortunately the images can’t be scaled up in size since they would lose quality

Hi, yup, getting there with the homepage thanks. With the sound cloud post, I have done all that but am still getting a slightly different outcome than your demo page:


The sound cloud widget on my page is overlapping the featured image and is sitting above the title, not below it. Any ideas?

Finally, what is the ideal size for a header with picture and logo?

Many thanks for your prompt answers,


Ah gotcha, actually the hickory post you are referring to is just a post with a soundcloud embed in the post content. Using the music post type will place the soundcloud in the featured image, see:

So if you don’t want that happening then you have to insert the embed code into your post content via the editor.

What do you mean by picture and logo?


Hi, I already post on facebook but I have no idea where to ask so… (my name is Patricia) I’m trying to widgetize a category, like you guys have here:

how you widgetize so the featured photography area is on top? thankyou!!!

I don’t even know how to start, like create a widget area? a attach it to the category? how do i do that? ... sorry I’m a noob :P

Replied to your ticket :)


I’ve purchased your theme. But i want to know where i can find the documentation?

Hi there,

Documentation can be found in the zip folder you downloaded from Themeforest :)


Thanks for responding. However, i’m still having trouble finding the documentation and video tutorial that is stated in the support page. I am looking in the “” file and have found nothing that resembles documentation. Is there a possibility for SoloPine to be able to email this information over? It would be greatly appreciated.

Ah, when yo go to Themeforest > Your Downloads page > and click download Hickory, make sure you pick the option called “All Files & Documentation”


I need to mute or delete this code:

        #wrapper {
                border-right:1px solid #e5e5e5;
                border-left:1px solid #e5e5e5;

I found it on style.css delete it, but no effect, where it can place too? Thanks.

You will need to go to Hickory Options > Custom CSS and add:

#wrapper { border:none; }



One more question howto change theme width from 980 to some other?

Hi there,

This would require quite a bit of customization so we recommend finding a freelancer who could help you out. have a great selection of freelancers available :)

Hello! Having installed the theme I have found that my bloglovin feed has stopped working. I have contacted bloglovin and they confirm there is nothing wrong with my feed or my profile that is prohibiting the posts coming through. They have to manually pull them and when they do images don’t show up either so it appears to be something in the theme that is preventing both the feed and the images going to bloglovin – any advice on how to fix it? Also is there anywhere to embed the bloglovin code so it can detect it better? Thanks :)

Gotcha, but still I think we should try “re claiming” your blog. So if you go to Bloglovin > Blog Analytics > Claim Blog > Search for your blog > and then it will ask you to insert the link. The claim code is most likely different than the one you’re already using though. So you should insert the new link in your newest post. If you don’t want it to show up you could make it white text like this: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

OK so I have done this – will leave it a couple of hours and see if it updates the feed and let you know…

Okay great. Just noticed the html code i inserted in my comment didn’t show up, but to make it white you could just add:

<a href="" style="color:#ffffff"></a> to the link


The theme’s custom fields, such as Type of Post, Mark as Featured Post etc. have suddenly disappeared from the Add/Edit Post screen, can you pls help?


I am on WP 3.9.1

Also, the Custom fields are enabled in Screen Options, but I see the fields like this

Please open a new ticket at and include your site url and wp-admin info so we can take a better look at it. Thanks!

On the demo site, there is a featured slider section at the top of each category page. However, I am not able to set this up successfully with the theme and I dont see details on how to do it in the documentation. So can you please explain how to set up a featured slider on a category page, just as you have it here:


Hi there,

To widgetize a category page go to Appearance > Widget Area > create a new widget area and assign the category you wish > Now go to Hickory Options > Widgetize pages and categories > and enter the category into the category field.

Next you can go to Appearance > Widgets and use the “Homepage: Slider widget” into the new widget area you created

Hello! This theme has been a lifesaver for me. I LOVE it. The only thing I’m still having a big problem with is the lightbox. When I click on the images inside the gallery, they BLOW UP (with desktop & mobile). I’ve tried resizing. I’ve tried putting something in custom CSS. I’ve tried installing other lightbox plug-ins (the one I currently have on there works, but the Hickory lightbox is still showing behind it). Can you help me out? I’ve run out of ideas.

actually, here… that will take you directly to a gallery post.

Hi there,

Thank you! You can use the following CSS to se a max-width on the lightbox:

#cboxLoadedContent img { max-width:1200px !important; height:auto !important; }

Insert this to Hickory Options > Custom CSS :)

Hello I have been using your theme for a long time now and love it. Is it possible to have the background be an advertisement? I just need to be able to load in the graphic (which I can do) but I need the background to be clickable?

Let me know any help here would be great. Right now you can see the wood background. I am looking to see background ad space. Thank you.


Thanks Jordan!

Check out—in their features they say that clickable background images is an option