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How much is this theme?

Hi It’s $16.

Regards tomsky

Thank you. I just bought your theme.

But I have a problem …

1). “homeslideshow” always on pause (shows only the first slide)

2). preview of the goods does not show on page “Latest Products”. : (

You can see it here: http://cartopen.ru/

Any ideas?

Hi Thanks for buying my theme. I’m sorry about the problems, can you send me an URL to your website (in the comments or via themeforest contact page) and I will have a look at this.

Regards tomsky

1) Slideshow works fine for me (Firefox 4, Chrome 10), if you still have problems with it, please advise me on the browser you are using.
2) I have found a problem that caused the preview not working correctly. I have made an update and submitted it, but it may take some time as it needs to be accepted manually. You can correct this by editing latest.php file (in catalog/ controller/ module/), about line 70 add

‘image_big’ => $this->model_tool_image->resize($image, 350, 350),

Sorry about the problem

tomsky, I sent you a message …

Safari 5.0.4 (7533.20.27) – works :)

Internet Explorer 6 (2900.2180) – works :)

Google Chrome 10.0 (648.204) – works :)

Opera 11.01 (1190) – slideshow not working! :(

Just checked it on Opera (both your site, mine and my localhost) and… it works. I’m using Opera 11.10 under Windows 7.

The add to cart buttons are messed up. the ”+” background on Add to Cart is appearing behind the “A” in add to cart.

FF 3 .6.16 on Win 7

Nice work though

Hi, Thanks for reporting this bug, I will have a look at this and make an update

The above comment applies to the homepage.

The problem with product preview has been solved and updated files were uploaded, if you have bought the template please re-download.

Hi tomsky.

Great theme – I love it. I am having a problem though.

On “mouse-over” of a product – an image loads of that product – how do I turn this off?

Hi MarcKeegan!

Thanks for buying my theme. This can be done in a few ways, the easiest one is to edit custom.js file (catalog/view/theme/highStreet/js/) and comment out lines 32 – 79.

Regards tomsky

Dose this theme require opencart original core files changes ?

Yeah, some files need to be changed (new lines of codes are added to the existing files)


Once 1.5.0 is released for Open Cart will you be upgrading the theme for it?



Yeah, I’m going to :)


Hey in the min cart pop up on the top right. How would you include the items in the basket aswell,not only total and quantitiy?

Hi That would require changing mini cart script and currently is not implemented in High Street theme.



well when will you include it? Its seems to mak sense to include that information in there so customer can see what products they are purchasing very quickly.

If there is strong requirement for this feature, I will include this in next update (probably when OC 1 .5 stable version is released). However, at the moment I can’t give any specific timeline.

do we get free upgrade if we purchase your theme now and open cart 1.5 is released?

Hi Yeah, I’m planning to do an update to 1.5 once the stable version is released. And yeah, all updates will be free if you have purchased the theme before.

Regards Thomas

Hi there, When i am in a category and try to search for a product – the search does not work… any ideas on why this happens?

Hi, does this happen in a demo store or in your store? If the latter, please PM me with your store URL .

Thanks tomsky

Hi Tomsky, I’m new to opencart but very impressed with this template and considering purchase.Two questions:-

Can I set the default skin/theme colour in the admin (which loaded initially) Can I disable the theme switcher ie just fix the colour I want?



Thanks for getting in touch.

Yeah, you basically get 5 skins and decide which one you want to display. The theme switcher will not be displayed in your store (it may be if you want – but this needs additional extension to be installed) and you get full control over the skin you want in your panel admin.



Hi tomsky,

Nice theme! I’m currently looking around for a suitable theme for my business, but because we have a very unique and unusual shop, I was wondering if it was possible to add/adjust some features to my requirements? Possibly youtube videos on product pages, things like this.

Please let me know if this is possible and any other relevent details. At the moment our server is running MyISAM Db, so unfortunately magento is not an option.

Thanks for your time! Ray

Hi Ray,

Thanks for your inquiry. Yeah, it is possible to customize your store. I will be able to give you more details if you contact me via PM (please also include more details about your store, required features, timeline etc.) and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Regards, tomsky

HI I like your template and I very much consider it for my new online shop. I do have a question thought …I’m planning to do some changes on the way the products are displayed and I was wondering which file contain the code for that . Also there will be small changes in the header. Would you be willing to help me out with it / would those small changes ( like adding a picture in the background of the header ) cost me extra ? Thank you


Thanks for your enquiry. It really depends what changes you want to have. For example: to change how featured products are displayed, you need to edit module/ featured_home.tpl file, for Latest: module/ latest_home.tpl, for products in categories: product/ catalog.tpl.

Please contact me via TF with exact description of what you need and I will give you an estimated quote and timeline for the work involved.

Thanks, tomsky

Hi, I just bought your theme but there is a problem with the image container. I have a long description for my items and once users click images to see more images page jumps down all the way to the footer and they have to scroll back up to see the images.

I’ll send you my website in private so you can have a look.


I e-mailed you back, please check your inbox and reply to this message.

Regards tomsky

Hello there! I’ve purchased your theme and it’s awesome and all, except for the fact that when I do press “add to cart” to a product, it goes to the cart but when I push the checkout or basket option, it goes back to 0 as if there’s no product selected. I’m using XAMPP , and have my website uploaded on a localhost, that’s why I can’t provide a link. Please help me out, by telling me exactly what I’ve gotta do to make my cart work!

Hi there

Thanks for buying my theme. I don’t think your problem is theme related, because it doesn’t happen on the demo page, my localhost or no one else reported this. Have you got cookies enabled? Are you logged in when you add this product to your shopping cart?



Well… I’ve just uploaded my site (you can see it on: http://icsd07055.x10.bz/index.php). I keep creating accounts, but can’t log in. Plus, the basket thing just won’t stop happening.. :( I can’t ever, like, checkout to see whether payment can be done or not or if the shipping/payment options work. Which is kind of frustrating, really, since the whole project is for a University Essay.. Please, any help would be much appreciated. :)


What version of OpenCart are you using?