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Great theme, I was nearly to buy your Dandelion theme. But I think this would be much better purchase.

Can you please highlight the main changes from your Dandelion theme (except the new design) ?

The theme has been tested with the qTranslate plugin and everything worked normally with it :)

Nice to hear. I need to do a little research and if this theme would fit my needs, I definitely buy it.

I wish you good luck with sales- to reach the no. 1 in 3 month top sellers list ;)

Thanks a lot :)

Hi Pexeto,

Another great theme, love it :-)

Would it be possible to add a mini contact form in the footer somewhere?

Also wondering if the homepage centre section could have an additional 3 more boxes (6 in total)

I would also want to expand the logo area and potentially add in a telephone number area in the header as well.

If all this is achievable then you have got yourself a sale :-)


Hi Rich,

Thank you :)

The footer is widgetized, so you can insert whatever widgets you like in there. So, you just need a contact form widget – I’m sure you will find plenty of them.

Generally the home page template supports 3 boxes, but you can also insert custom content above them – you can very easily insert another 3 boxes by using the “Insert 3 column layout” button and insert the content into these boxes.

Regarding the logo – yes, you can expand it – there is a section in the options page where you can upload the logo image and also you can set its dimensions in there – the header will automatically resize for higher images. Also it won’t be hard to insert a phone number in the header, if you have any questions about this, please let me know :)

Hey your welcome,

Ok so it all sounds possible then? I did have a look through the WP plugins, but finding a mini contact form isn’t that easy especially one that’s already styled.

In the homepage centre section instead of adding 3 new boxes as you suggested is there any way of adding a carousel as the full content width, with custom boxes within it, i have seen this done on a few other templates.

I know im being picky but your admin section swings it for me as so many other templates/themes lack any ability to really change things with ease without delving into code.

Thanks for yuor quick reply’s :-)


Regarding the contact form – we have added some styles for inputs inside the footer, so if you have the widget, maybe very small styling additions may be needed – it really depends on the widget.

Regarding the home page – I’m not quite sure I have understood you, but you can insert whatever content you like to the home page. Additionally, for a greater flexibility, we have also provided a shortcode for inserting those boxes in a non-home page template, so you can also use a default full width template and still have the 3 boxes in there :)

Hiya again,

Ok thanks, well i could give it a go and see what the styling looks like, would the contact form you already have work as a homepage widget?

Re the carousel, have a look at this URL then scroll down the page and you will see what i mean:


Hey Rich,

The contact form is used within the Contact page template – if you want, you can set your home page to use the Contact page template – you can set it like all the other pages – set its layout to full width, add an image slider, etc.

Regarding the carousel – I think a plugin can accomplish this – you can have a look at this one:

I think it will accomplish what you need :)

Also you may consider using the Quick Gallery functionality:

Hi Pexeto,

I bought this theme the day you launched it after only playing with the demo for a few minutes. possibly my fastest purchase ever! So far, I’m loving your work!

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a complete redesign of my website and would ove to be able to change the colour of the menu.

i have a lot of elderly people use my website and the colour of the menu being the same as the main theme colours may cause problems in viewing it.

Is it possible to change the colour of the menu drop downs to say a dark gray with white text?




First of all – thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

This can be done easily with a small CSS addition, but as all our theme support is handled on our support forum and my answer may be helpful to others as well, I would like to ask you to post it on the forum here:

Registration takes only about a minute. Thank you :)

Thanks Pexeto,

I have registered and posted in your support forum as requested.


Awesome theme!

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, I liked your theme, but why you did not used PIECEMAKER or CU3ER ? It would be great, it must be done by the next update.

We have selected the current sliders to best fit the theme style. However, thanks for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind for future updates :)

On Themeforest have a theme, where have Nivo slider and PIECEMAKER – both effects in one theme.I just think,for your theme will only benefit the presence of such an effect.

I love your admin panel.

Thanks :)

Hello, I just purchased this theme and I am having the same problems as I had with my previous theme with WP 3 .1. There are notices all over the place regarding width and height settings in the dashboard of WP as well as the actual theme’s admin panel. Pretty much the whole dashboard is screwed up. I went back to WP’s default theme and everything seems fine. Maybe it’s my lack of technical knowledge but I’m pretty frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s my site:


It seems that your server has been set to show notices. As a quick fix – I can suggest adding the following code in the beginning of the functions.php file:


If you have any other questions, I would like to ask you to post them on our support forum here:

where all the support questions are handled. Thank you :)

Love this theme. Great job. Nice white space. One problem in Safari for Mac on both iOS and OSX is the content on this page over rights the sidebar



First of all – thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

Also, thanks for letting me know about this – I will release an update with a fix, however, for anyone interested until the update is released – you just have to open the single-portfolio.php file and on line 24 delete the loading-img class from the image tag.

hi .. really nice clean design .. is it possible to box header’s background? I would like to keep the header background to only the 960px, and not have it stretched across the entire screen .. like Dandelion ..

Thanks !


Thanks, I’m glad you like the design :)

This can be done with a few CSS additions, however as all the theme support is handled on our support forum, can you please post your question here:

Thank you


as I did not get a email from your support system after registration I have to report a bug here:

Changing “Display items from categories” to a certain category fails. The setting is not saved and the page only shows the 3 top categories (template type Portfolio Gallery) instead of showing ALL categories, which is the second bug.

So I can’t use the Portfolio Gallery as picking a category which filters the shown portfolio item is impossible. Thus the whole portfolio does not work for me.

Please contact me and I can send you login credentials – I am also willing to continue this conversation in your support forum but I can’t get in…

Br, Andreas


This issue has been already reported and an we have uploaded an update – it is waiting to be approved now. However, fixing this is very simple, you can refer to the support forum topic here:

Regarding the log in details – I’m not sure why you didn’t receive them, did you check your spam folder? Anyway, I will reset your password now and will send you back the new log in details.


I am interested in the Highlight theme, but I am looking for more of a ‘tabbed effect’ or something more dramatic for the navigation in the header. Can the default navigation be enhanced with tabs or some other effects?



Thanks for the interest :)

Generally the theme’s navigation works in the way you can see it on the demo and to get this different functionality it would require quite a bit of customization.


I am interested in the Highlight theme, but I am looking for more of a ‘tabbed effect’ or something more dramatic for the navigation in the header. Can the default navigation be enhanced with tabs or some other effects?


I have replied to your comment above :)

Hello again, Sorry if I was not clear in my previous post. I am not looking for additional ‘functionality’ per se, I was asking if instead of the nav links being just plain text, they could be styled as tabs or highlighted in some fashion with more pop than plain text offers. Thanks!


Yes, with some basic CSS additions it would be easy to set rounded tab background to the menu items or highlight them in some other way – it really depends on what exactly you need :)

Wow! Wow wow wow! This theme is stunning! Is it easy to add a custom pattern to the background?

Thanks a lot, I’m glad you like it :)

Yes, it’s easy to add a custom pattern – the easiest way that I can think of is to replace one of the existing pattern images with yours. By the way, this question gave me the idea to add an “Upload Pattern” functionality in the next update :)

One question on the filtered of portfolios;

How do you handle sub-categories with the filter? Are the categories hierarchical or just tags?

If they are hierarchical, can you select on a parent and then filter on the children?



The filter on the portfolio is handled by setting categories to the items – you can set multiple categories to one item and you can create hierarchy of categories. You can also create different portfolio pages and select different sets of categories to be displayed.
If you would like to have a parent/children structure, you can create this like a hierarchy of pages in the dropdown and to each page set to display the subcategories of one parent category – I hope this will work for you :)

Purchased your theme and I must say that over all it is excellent. One of the best thought out and coded themes. The portfolio filter is excellent and perfect with some modifications and extra custom fields for a real estate/ vacation rental site.

It is extremely flexible and very easy to modify, but amazingly not that complicated and confusing from both a modification and users view point. Really excellent job

Thank you very much for your feedback, it is very much appreciated! I really hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)