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About to take the jump – Sintagma to Highlight – staying with Pexeto ;)

Hopefully I have no questions – and can do my site switch in the next 24 hours :)

Thanks for staying with our themes, I hope you will enjoy this one :)

If you have any questions – you know the place :)

Great support from Pexeto in his forum too!

Thanks, I’m glad we could help :)

On the home page template, how do you get the services box images to be flush right (with the main image slider) as well as flush left? On your demo site the images are flush left, but the main slider extends about 10px to the right of the right edge of the third services image.


We have launched a support forum where all the Pexeto items support is handled.

We kindly ask you to post your support questions on the forum here:

Thank you :)

Hi Pexeto:

Nice work! Impressed with a number of things and I’ve not yet bought it. Have one question first: Your “Showcase” looks sweet and may be just what we need for a client project, but they will need a “Showcase” on several pages. Will we be able to configure multiple “Showcases” with your WP Highlight theme?

Keep up the good work!


First of all – thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

I can see that you have figured this out, but just to confirm – yes, you can create multiple Showcase pages with different content set to them.

Hi Pexeto:

Oops! It appears you claim the ability to cofigure “Showcase” unlimited times on your description of features. Never mind my previous query.

Onward throgh the fog!

Great theme. Will purchase it today, but before i do i want to confirm that i can have the blog on the home page. I still want to keep the main image slider though.


Thanks for the interest :)

Yes, you can have the blog page as home page with the slider you like set to it :)

I purchased the theme and installed it and got this message… Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description highlight-powerful-premium-wordpress-theme Stylesheet is missing.

Please tell me what to do. Thanks.


I guess you might be trying to upload the whole zip file that you have downloaded and this is not correct, because this file contains not only the theme, but PhotoShop files, documentation, etc. You have to unzip the download zip file and there you should see the zipped theme and after that you can upload it from the Install Themes section of the admin panel. You can also refer to the “Activating the theme” section from the documentation where it is explained how to install the theme.

If you have any other questions, I would like to kindly ask you to use our support forum where all the Pexeto item support is handled:

Thank you :)

Thanks. I bought it and like it very much. One thing that i would like to see is a drop-down menu with formatting for pages and posts. This is available on all other themes that i work with, so i was surprised that it’s not included on this one. Other than that, great!

I’m glad you like it :)

If you are talking about highlighting the current page item in the menu – this can be done just by inserting a few CSS lines in the Additional Styles section – if you are interested about how to do it – you can post your question on our support forum and we will be happy to help.



We are happy to announce that we have launched a support forum where all the Pexeto items support is handled.

If you have any support questions, we kindly ask you to post them on the forum here:

Registration takes less than a minute. Thank you :)


Hi, I have a pair of questions…

in the portfolio list of posts, I can’t see the name of the category, also in the portfolio single post…

how can i change the permalink part where is written portfolio_category

here you can see the test website I’ve working on it:

and here:

thanks in advance…


We have launched a support forum where all the Pexeto items support is handled.

We kindly ask you to post your support questions on the forum here:

Thank you :)

Highlight is great – everything works fine, documentation is very good.

If you know very little about html / css you can do a lot with the control panel provided with the theme.

However, if you like to make fundamental changes to page structure and overall look and feel of the site to suit your taste – You have to be an experienced PHP developer!

Tasks that should be simple such as – me changing the source code of the index page to accomodate two service boxes rather than 3 plus a sidebar are impossible because of the very organised way that the developer created the theme. Everything is generated by PHP functions which are hidden away within external include files.

If you like to stick to the original look and feel of the template you see advertised – this product is for you.

If you like to really get into the source code to change things to your specification – only buy this if you are a hardcore PHP guru!


Thank you for your feedback :)

Actually we have made the source code organization like this so that it is easier for users to change things – so for example if you would like to change something in the theme structure, you don’t have to open all the page template files and do this change to all of them, but only do the change in one place.

If you find it hard to understand how the file structure is organized and don’t know where to do the change, you can post a question on our support forum and we will try to provide an explanation.

I am still thinking about buying this theme. Why so great theme have only 4 stars?

That’s kind of mystery for me as the rating system here doesn’t provide any feedback – the only person that I can think of that may have set one star rating is a man having a problem with his server – although I tried to help him, he never wrote back.
Everything else seems to be okay with the theme – so far we haven’t received any serious complaints :)

Hi! I’ve been looking at this theme Highlight and your other one Dandelion… trying to decide between the 2. Both have what I need, but just wondering if you regard one as having more features, easier admin or faster load times (or any other advantages) than the other?

One more question. Do you know of any of your customers having integrated eShop ( ) in the past? Or have you done an eshop integration yourself with one of your themes? Any examples? And do you know if it integrates well?

This is not a deal breaker, but it will help me make my decision.

I’ve checked lots of themes on TF and for my current project I’ve narrowed it down to both of your themes. I see you have some loyal customers and great reviews too, so I’m probably going to go for one of these in the next few days.

Thanks in advance! :)


Hi bluandyelo,

Thank you for the interest :)

As both themes have the Pexeto Panel implemented, both of them are very flexible and easy to use. Maybe the only significant difference is that if you are going to create a multi-language site it would be easier for you to do it with Highlight. Otherwise, both themes have similar features and it is up to you to choose the one you like most.

Regarding the eShop plugin – I’m sorry I don’t know anyone using this one, but I know that lots of people integrated the WP eCommerce plugin with Dandelion theme and everything worked normally.

Hi Pexeto!

Thanks so much for your quick reply! I am trying to purchase right now… having a Paypal issue, but as soon as envato resolves this I will purchase! :)

I might consider using WP eCommerce, but seem to be hearing better things about eShop. Thanks so much for letting me know about easy WP eC integration.

All the best! :)


You are welcome, I hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)

Hi, i have two quick questions before i purchase this theme – which i absolutly love.

1. i’m going to need to add a private/password protected section to my site—for certain pages, and wondered if your site would be compatible with wordpress widgets or plugins that will allow for this functionality? do you forsee any problems?

2. i’m not totally technically, and want to ensure as little problems as possible. can you recommend a good host that is familar with your product? i’ve seen some comments on the support forum about users having some issues on/off likely due to not being stalled or configured correctly, and would love to use a host that knows how to install or set up the hosting correctly to minimize any problems with my build out?

thank you! stacey

Hi Stacey,

Thank you for the interest :) Here are my answers:

1. I haven’t worked with such plugins so far, but generally the theme is built according to the best practices regarding plugin compatibility, so I think everything should be okay.

2. I know that HostGatot have some restrictions related with the Timthumb resizing script, but you just have to contact them and ask them enable these settings for you. Otherwise, I cannot think of any other issues, so I think any hosting that suits your needs should be fine :)


About the improvement you made on this version (the one you listed on the previous page), is there any chance that you implement them in the Dandelion theme ? :)

Regards, Benoit


It depends on what exactly you are interested in. We have already implemented some of the improvements :)


Thanks for your answer. I’m talking about the performance optimizations, the new sliders with unlimited usage and especially the translation part (.po file) and the options added to the blog part :)

All the sliders that are included in Dandelion can be used unlimited times with different image sets :) Regarding the .po translation – implementing such a feature as an update into working themes may cause some problems to already existing sites , so at this point we are not planning to implement it into the Dandelion theme.

I cannot get into support at this time but I had a quick question:

(love the theme btw)

For color options (background) I chose a light gold color but it makes submenu items hard to read since the background behind the sub menu links is light. I want the menu items to be white font but the sub menu items to be either:

1) sub-menu white font on dark background (but since I chose gold it’s making it white font and gold background, hard to read)

2) or sub-menu black font on the same gold background.

How can I do this?


I can see that you have registered successfully on the forum – if you didn’t receive an email with login details, please let me know – I will reset it and send you a new email. So, please let me know if you have any problems with using the support forum, as this is where all the theme support is handled.

Hey Pexeto,

Wonderful theme! I love it but I’m having some issues with the tab shortcodes.

I have tried putting everything on one line, putting just the panes on one line with a space, and putting each tag on a new line. Nothing enables the switching.

My wordpress is running in a folder other than the root directory with my domain pointing to the folder where wordpress is installed.

I’ve tried registering on your forum but have had no success. I never got my email asking me to confirm registration.

Thanks for your help, Stacey

Hi Stacey,

I have just reset your password and sent you the log in details to the email you have used to register. Now you can post your question on the support forum :)

Just received an email saying that my email was failed to deliver. Can you please send me a private message using Pexeto Profile contact form and provide another email address to which to send you the log in details?

Hello, I just sent you an email via your profile. Thanks for the fast reply!

Hi. I’m getting ready to purchase the Highlight theme and want to make sure it is very compatible with wp-ecommerce. You mention above that it is with Dandelion but I want to make sure it is with Highlight also.




Thanks for the interest :)

We have tested the theme with the plugin – all the main functionality of the plugin and everything worked normally, so I think everything should be fine.

How to register at your support forum? Thanks!

Never mind…. Found the instructions to register. Thanks, anyway.