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Are you using “simple product” for this item? http://meigeeteam.com/templates/highplaces/index.php/blazers/just-female-sleeveless-blazer-9.html

When I tried to add a “configurable product” with selections of different “simple products”, the quick view window would also display a whole product page with Menu, footer.

How do I configure the quick view for configurable product?


Hello. Send me please an email through the contact form on my profile page with the link to your store + magento admin details and ftp details so I could check and fix it.

Hi i just bought the highplaces Theme and have installed on magento 1.8, I copied the files from the patch, apparently the theme is activated, but when I´m going to the configuration apart, it gives a 404 error, please help me with this issue, thank you.

Hello. Try to clear magento cache and relogin

One Page Checkout is not working on IE8 do you already know this problem? We are using Magenot 1.7.2 – Thanks

Hello. There is no one page checkout extension packed with this theme.

What pixel dimensions do you have your product shots built at. We tried a few different dimensions and it does not format exactly like yours.

Thank you for the quick response!

One last question. Where can I find the code to change the Paypal icon on the Sidebar?

That icon is showing from paypal website. You can just turn off that logo in admin go to Configuration-> System-> Payment Methods open tab PayPal Express Checkout and navigate to Frontend Experience Settings and set “No Logo”.

There is a button on the checkout process that shows “multiple addresses”

How can I view or see this function?

Hi, To make checkout with several addresses go to shopping cart and find button “Checkout with Multiple Addresses” underneath Block with Total price.


please help me out with some problems. On Home Page the “New Products” isn’t displayed correct as a h1 and within the widget as shown in the demo. Customer-Login in Frontend isn’t possible – redirection doesn’t work also customer is not logged in, after typing in the right data. Default Template is working with the login. Thanks for helping me out.

checkout isn’t working too. Not able to log-in or register, checkout process starting from 01. Billing information with no possibility to fill in something. Thanks for help

It seems that either you have conflict of jQuery libraries between our theme and one of another installed extensions nor something wrong with settings of your server. Anyway send us please your website link, access to magento admin and FTP, so we can explore the problem with your store.

Hi Guys,

Please can you tell me how I can get the size and colour box to appear next to product? Like this below: http://meigeeteam.com/templates/highplaces/index.php/blazers/soft-blazer-with-studs.html

My box appears below picture.


What do you mean? First your question was default magento behaviour. This is not a bug. Second one is customiation question. Third one… 99% it appeared because you use the version of magento our theme isn’t compatible with yet or didn’t upload needed patch.

To be fair I didn’t list all the bugs / problems that I have been working through. Please do not confuse the two. It’s a great theme but I just can’t get on with it whether it be the structure or Magento. P.s I was using Magento 1.8.

To be fair not all of your issues are bugs. Anyway, we are willing to help you with your issues, just contact us.

hello, little more than a month ago I purchased this theme(highplaces), but still can not get to run the language and currency bar , How can I fix this problem? the address of my page is http://skusto.com Thank you for your answer.

Hi, I have a problem with this theme, particulary with the slider on the main page, when entering my page www.skusto.com, the slider images are loaded separately and integrate a few seconds later in to the slider, how can I solve this problem?, Thank you for your help.

Hello , im waiting for yor reply, thank you …....

Hi, I have a problem with this theme ( highplaces), particulary with the slider on the main page, when entering my page www.skusto.com, the slider images are loaded separately and integrate a few seconds later in to the slider, how can I solve this problem?, Thank you for your help.

Hi, Please send us email through our profile and we’ll provide you an update.

With best regards, Dylan.

Help! I’m about to launch my site and notice there are a few things not working as they should. If you can help ASAP that would be greatly appreciated.

1) After creating a customer account when I try to relogin to that account under “registered customers” and type in the correct credentials nothing happens. The page reloads but nothing happens

2) Checkout isn’t working. I can go past “checkout method” (1) and billing/shipping information (2/3) but at shipping method (4) after an option is selected (‘free shipping,’ ‘delivery,’ etc) nothing happens when I click continue. I can’t get to payment information (5) order review (6) or submit the order.

If you want to check out and play with the pre-launch live site or need access to the FTP or magento user account credentials just tell me where I can email you and what credentials/info you need.

Thanks for your help!!! Looking to get this resolved by 3 PM MST in the US.

Hi, Described second bug is known issue and the fix for it will be available in next theme version. If you send us email through our contact form we’ll provide you that fix. Concerning the first bug we need FTP and magento credentials cause login page of demo version is working nice without any error.

With best regards, Dylan

Dylan nice theme, but we have 1 problem, we use custom options and these display at the bottom of the page along with the add to cart button, is there a fix for this ?

does not matter, this theme is actually useless, the main thing about a shopping cart is the “add to cart” and the CHECKOUT, this fails in both parts as above we have the same problem. How can you release a theme that has a broken checkout ?

First of all, as you can see on the demo checkout and add to cart are working properly. Probably it’s something wrong with your store and/or your installed extensions or/and your server configuration.

Or probably you installed this theme on magento 1.8.1 but it’s not compatible with this version of magento.

Anyway, checkout in this theme is default magento checkout so can’t be broken

it was installed on 1.8.1

We always try doing our best so decided to launch support ticket system to be closer to every buyer we got! Feel free to create a ticket if you have any troubles related to our themes Create a ticket

Please post in comments only presale questions

Hi Dylan,

Thanks again for the great support. Love your work!


Hello , im waiting for your reply, please rlply fast thank you …....

Hi, I have a problem with this theme ( highplaces), particulary with the slider on the main page, when entering my page www.pens.com.au, the slider images are loaded separately and integrate a few seconds later in to the slider, how can I solve this problem?, please share the sloution with the sales@pens.com.au or gpsingh@pens.com.auThank you for your help.

We purched this theme in december so that time its not solved so how ill add this code to that particular block because website is already live so now i dont want to change the version , for existing site i need solve the problem , please help, and Thank you

Please rlply ,im waiting for your mail, in which file i need to replace code or where should i change the file

Hi Meigee Team, I emailed you earlier and am hoping you can still help me with the PAGINATION issue.

Products in LIST mode show pagination but GRID mode completely lacks it. I’m sure this is just a configuration issue as if there is no PAGINATION (ability to see more than 9 products) in GRID MODE (the default) then this would be a major design flaw that needs to be fixed. How can a customer shop yet not see more than 9 products at a time without switching to LIST mode.

See this image for reference: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/468999/Pixs/pagination.jpg

Thank you in advance for your help. My email is brandaidllc@gmail.com.

Actually it looks like you sent me the files but there’s an error. I sent you message in Fresh Desk about this.

Also can you please respond about how to make my website have a nice REVIEW system like in your demo? It’s different from the one I installed from this theme

Your demo also has a page (http://meigeeteam.com/templates/highplaces/index.php/blazers.html)where GRID mode show 4 items per line instead of just 3 per line. Can you send me files so I can have this as well.

Does your demo have features not provided with the theme we buy here?

Please do not send your messages everywhere. We got your ticket. All tickets are responded in turn so you’ll get the answer as soon as possible.

Thanks. If you can respond ASAP it’d be much appreciated as I need to get some fixes before I meet my client today. I sent an email to support with a few issues/questions

Hello, When you plan to upgrade the theme to Magento Community Edition 1.9? Thanks

Hello. This theme can be updated to 1.9 on demand. Just create a ticket here https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com after purchase to get the patch.

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After activating the theme, the filters (layered navigation) disappeared from search screen.

Your custom modules breaks theme behavior, more detailed we wrote you in your ticket. Please check your inbox or follow your ticket.

With best regards, Dylan