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for Other

You don't get to much documentation if you are not a Drupal User you will have a hard life. Having all the templates in 1 website it makes it hard to find the content. I give it 5 stars because it is very stable, did not have any problems in 8 months. Just came back now to give it the rating it deserves. I only wished that there where a single version for each website for the multipages demo. Thank you for a great template!

for Customer Support

Tried to install this theme on an existing drupal site. No documentation on how to do this. I emailed support on last Sunday (5 days ago) and had no answer. I'm quite unsatisfied with this theme and customer support is too slow!

for Code Quality

BUYER BEWARE. I hoped to use this theme with an existing project. However it's such a mess that attempting to understand the logic by which it was built is an exercise in frustration.

(Context: I've been a full-time Drupal developer since Drupal 4.6, and am very, very familiar with core and contrib, and producing modular, reusable Drupal installations for clients.)

This theme is very tightly-coupled to the Drupal installation (and database dump) provided. It is a full installation with every bell and whistle turned on, for every example you see in the online Demo.

Because the design and functionality has been built to be dependent on this demo, taking parts of it and using it elsewhere is very, very, very hard.

There are node ids (nids) hard-coded directly into the theme which means there's a very good chance you're going to break something or lose functionality.

There are *215* CSS files included in the theme's CSS folder. Have fun figuring out exactly what applies to the functionality/design you need, and how you need to edit the file to use that layout or functionality. By no means does this theme use a SMACSS, BEM or any other modular approach towards maintainable CSS.

Pages typically have between 40-50 CSS files, and 40-50 javascript files (as a result of the theme itself as opposed to Drupal's core itself). It is very inefficient.

In my subjective opinion, this is a case study of most of the worst-practices in Drupal site building, both for developers and for site builders and maintainers.

I apologize for the negative feedback, but this is beyond usable. Any developer wishing to purchase a theme thinking they can use it as a base for their site is going to be in for a very unwelcome surprise.

If I've misunderstood something, do feel free to set me straight.

I'd request a refund, but I note that Envato's refund policy indicates 'the item did not meet your expectations' is not a valid reason for a refund. I've learned my lesson.

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