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Just like jtberg01 I too am having problems with the contact page. I’ve put everything on the server, php is working, changed the email in the ajaxSubmit and still nothing. I just get an error that the url/submit cant be found. I guess due to action=”submit”. Im sure that’s a way to call the php page I’m not familiar with but I don’t know where else the problem could be. I’ve looked everywhere. Used Firebug and still can’t find it. Thanks. Other than that I love the theme!

Sure http://www.garricklane.com/contact.html Thanks for the reply. I’m on your discussion board now as well if that would be a better forum to reply. Thanks for your quick response!!!

mmm yeah i think we need to check what did you do with the code couse its weird that outputs that url. Lets continue this conversation in the support forum ;)

I didn’t change anything between the <form> tags in your code. I only put my email in the submit.php page as instructed.

Hey! First of all great template.

I would like to buy it but i found some issues… The first one is ont the “About me” Page. The image (Slider) on the top does not resize correctly (I think someone else already talked about this problem…). Would it be possible to fix it?

The second issue I found is on the contact page. When you click on the image, the info bubble appears but the shadow is somekind wrong and there’s no X to clode the info.

As I said, this is a great theme, but those issues are stopping me to buy it :/ Any fixes on the way?


You’re welcome! Just bought it anyways because it’s just awesome. Although, i found another issue. On the main page (or portfolio), the container where the projects are displayed is not centered. You can barely see it, but well…

Edit: Here’s a pic of what i meant:


Nice good spot, ill roll out a update tomorrow with the WP version to fix this issues :)

Can you add some squared buttons please?

Hi Skywarrior, I just bought this amazing theme. A problem though : When I try to use the contact form ( I replaced the email address to mine in the php script ) and click send, it doesn’t work. I mean nothing happens. I have PHP and everything enabled, so the issue is not coming from there. Do you have any idea on how to fix this problem ?

Thanks and keep up with the good work !

Hey sorry for the delay. Would you mind posting the url where its hosted, I need to check something. Thanks :)


It’s not hosted anywhere for the moment, I just tested it on my PC for the moment…Maybe it’s why it was not working ?

:D Yeah no wonder it wasnt working. You need to upload it in a server or it wont work. Let me know once you upload it, but it should work ;)


I tried to upload it on my server : not working. Here’s the message that I get ( top screen on the page ) : This is a debug mode, you got a problem with your form, it will try to help you, refresh when you think you nailed down the problem error in the ajax: 0 error

I just replaced the email address in the PHP script. Any idea ?

Thank you for your help.

mm Ok ill look into it tomorrow first thing, sorry for the trouble :/

Hey! Sorry for the delay. I finally fixed that error. I resubmitted the file so it should be approved later on :)

“span12 portfolio-block aq-block” I’ve added 8 more blocks but cant get it to line up properly, it seems to break funny at 8 images. Please help

“span12 portfolio-block aq-block” I’ve added 8 more blocks but cant get it to line up properly, it seems to break funny at 8 images. Please help

Hey there, could you provide a link?


Awesome template, I just had a couple of questions:

I have another site currently that I’m working on, but love your template. How possible is it to transfer some of the stuff that I’m working on to this template? (disclaimer: I’m not the programmer)

How customisable is this?

And also, my website is a for-profit company, but free to use the website (It makes money based off of micro-transactions on the site that is entirely dependant on the user). Which version would I need to buy, and would I get all rights and titles to it?

Sorry if I seem like a noob, I know I am, I just want to get this all answered before I invest in anything. Thanks in advance!

Hey there!

Haha dont worry this are totally legit questions.

1. To transfer the data you dont need to do anything else than enabling the theme. If you want to create the pages as in Hikari you will need to use the page builder which is a drag and drop tool that let you create websites (no programming needed). Also there is a instruction file into how to use this.

2. Basically you can do any page layout you want with the page builder. We are actually rolling a new update this week or early next week with parallax blocks :)

3. Normal version is fine. 45$, you just cannot sell the template you buy, but you can sell whatever other product you want in it.

Hope that helps!

ere, but can you please update the jquery functions?

I want to use this theme on a other Project, but this is work with 1.9.1

Not Work with WordPress Version 3.8.2. Why?

I can not install! Can you help me?

Sorry what are you talking about. You havent bought any theme from us.

Sorry. I bought the Orizon

i cant upload file into my blogger.. please tell me how

may i know what is the contact form php version?

the problem is : Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )

the problem is : Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )


please check with your hoster if your server wp_mail is working. Please start a topic on our support forums: support.skywarriorthemes.com