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Just want to commment on how amazing this theme is. If you’re thinking of purchasing, just do it.

The new version is absolutely amazing – awesome job! :bigwink:

haha im glad you like the new updates, big changes indeed!

okay so i bought this wonderful theme, it is missing the background option in theme barracks and i can’t register to post on the forum because it as for username and email when i hit enter to register it says i need to input a password but there is nowhere to put a password. so i can’t ask this question in the forum. Could you please either help me register so i can ask this question or answer it out here in this forum?

Hey, please try again, are u be able to register now?

Just out of a curiosity, I’ve been renaming the .zip and installing it again on Wordpress whenever you release a new update.

Is this the best way to do it?

you should rename the old folder and install the new one in (so you have backup of the old one)


A couple of pre-purchase questions:

1) Can you place the menu bar below the slider? 2) Can you style the menu in order to give it custom background and custom button images? 3) Is the page builder Visual Composer?

Thank you in advance


1 and 2) No without code changes 3) No, we use custom page builder

Truly an amazing template. honestly 9/10. great job! <3

Hello, Beautiful theme! So much potential to do anything you want really 10/10!

Question: The Contact Form Template on the Page Builder, is there any way to customize what information you want to ask for? IE: NAME: PHONE: WEBSITE: TWITTER:


mmm no sorry, try with some contact form plugin!

Hello Skywarrior I seem to be having issues and also on others installs. Please see img:

Thank you.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. If you are having problems, please make a post in our support forum:

Big compatibility issues with mobile devices and some of the advanced features. Specifically for me, its the parallax and video views, as well as the one click install feature not working at all.

I didn’t care too much about the one-click install but I have detailed and explained the critical bugs to the author and a fix was promised – that was almost 2 months ago with no updates or quick fixes in sight.

I’m hoping this comment encourages the author to fix the theme and make it mobile compatible as was originally advertised. It’s a great looking theme but for the moment, these critical issues make it impossible to target mobile devices and use all the nice features showcased in the demo.

Hey there. Did you wrote this down in the forum? we are going to release a new theme, but we will look at these errors soon and release an update, since its long due.

Yes, I have written about all of these issues consistently for the last 4 months on your forum (since August 2nd). I have left you 7 comments in that time. You have been saying “will fix soon” with nothing to show as of yet. The theme looks good but you are not supporting your customers by not fixing critical bugs. 4 months really is poor support, and as of this moment you still haven’t fixed it or released any updates. I will not be purchasing any more of your products in the future.

does this have a blog roll home version available?

There is a block in the page builder which allows you to create the blog roll homepage ;)

Hi i have a problem with the woocommerce categories, i cant insert them as a submenu on a page, by example the cart page look like but the category page (Is a submenu of SHop) look , so how can i put in a page a category of products, can you help me thanks so much i made it through the shortcode [product_category category=”braceletes”] because i never found a way to do that through the options of the panel, excuse my if my english isnt perfect, thanks so much for the help

please make a post in our support forums:

Great theme. Would love an updated Bootstrap 3.x version.


This theme is compatible with Wordpress 4.0.1?


Hi I purchased the Oblivion theme and the 1 click install was not working. Someone in the support forum answered my question and I am assuming they are going to fix it since I gave them admin access.

Does this theme come with a 1 click install? Is the 1 click install working? Because as mentioned I am having issues with that on the Oblivion theme.



Yes, please check the support forum. This is a different theme too.

Hi, I know it is a different theme. My question is, does this have a 1 click install and does it work? I am asking because the other theme I got from you guys I have to get 1 click install help because the 1 click install did not even show up. I do not want to go through that again just to install the demo which is why I am asking that question now. Thanks.

I love the look of the working theme, they did a great job! The problem is the theme has multiple problems. And support is almost non existent. I understand they are busy, but if your product has problems you should fix them. A lot of us buy themes because our lack of knowledge, so when they don’t work properly we get stuck! plus the fact you cant send people to your website when its a messed up. So it hurts our business as well.


Send us email to with theme issues

This Theme is full of bugs and the support team doesnt awnser anything

Hi gpkelly81,

actually we answer everything, but please have some patience. You are not the only one asking for support on our support forum. :)

I rely wanna buy this theme but I don’t know if it’s up to date with the newest WP and does it work properly?

Hello, this theme is compatible with the newest WP (4.2.4). It does work properly.

Yeah, I bought the team, liking it so far :) good job on it!

Thank you for making such a beautiful and responsive theme. One question I do have is: How can i build a blog isotope page for my posts like the one shown in the demo? So far the page builder blocks for blogs don’t seem to produce the same results.


when you create a page select template “Blog – Isotope” and you will have it.

Thank you for such a quick reply. And yes I saw that it is available under the templates… but then that means that unlike the elements from the page builder we aren’t able to use “blog isotope” as a section of the page with other elements, or choose to included/exclude categories?

You can go to theme options > general > Blog settings and set your own categories.

Hi, I recently bought this theme for my gaming clan. I have not made it live just yet. I am looking for a page pre-loader? Does this theme come with this feature (or am I blind)? If not, can the dev team possibly add this in the next update? Would be much appreciated, loving the theme so far! Great Work! 8)


if you talk about our One Click Install it is located in Dashboard > Theme Options > One Click Install


Unfortunately that is not what I was referring to. I’m talking about a page pre-loader that shows a loading bar or percentage before the actual website appears. I hope this clarifies things…


you can use some custom plugin for that.

Hey there, I have bout the theme many months ago and im now trying to get a search plugin that can search through the page builder posts aka the shortcode content. Do you have any sugestions to what plugin works with Hikari?


sorry but I haven’t used or seen any of such plugins.

What does the extended support give me does it give me fixes and solutions or onlone chat ? And can i change the themes language to arabic


sorry, which extended support? Once you buy our theme, you get support for free in our support forums: