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Great theme! Good luck :)

Great Work. Really Loving this theme!

Nice work SKywarrior :) GLWS

Good Job. Good luck with sale;)

does the theme package come with full documentation, installation, usage, instructions for creating certain pages, posts etc etc.

also does it come with a sampl.xml or import.xml to load the theme with demo content?

im interested to purchased, just have questions, cause just purchased a different theme a week ago and it had so many bugs, no documentation.

Ok he will be online later on. I’ll send him a nudge so he can look into it ASAP

Hey I guess you found out already fron Raa, but we fixed both bugs and the theme is update :)

Yes, updates took care of the problems, thanks for the great support.

How can I buy this theme using WebMoney?

Not sure, better contact themeforest :/

very clean theme.. good luck!

How does it work with video? Let’s say i want to use a vimeo-video on the front page or in the portfolio?

Looks really nice!

Yeah no problem, just insert the video code, Example:

Help Me! My hosting CMS panel Page Builder in column and save template Fatal error: Call to a member function get_blocks() on a non-object in /home/avantgar/public_html/wp-content/themes/hikari/pagebuilder/functions/pb_functions.php on line 30

Hey there. Please make a post in the support forum so we can help you out!:


woo commerce store compatible? check the enfold theme. If you can get a nice woocommerce plusin that looks cool like theirs I would love to buy this.

Currently not. Thanks we will take it into consideration for the next update

I wanted to thank you for this wonderful theme, really impressive.

No problem thank you for supporting it. If you like it please rate it 5*, it helps a lot. Thanks!

rate it as 5 * now! I left a message on the forum, I need a little help, the choice of the theme does not work … help me?

rate it as 5 * now! I left a message on the forum, I need a little help, the choice of the theme does not work … help me?

Great theme ! Having trouble installing as I did try 4 times reinstall of WP yet I get this error – parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in … PHP

hey there. Well thats not good, please make a post in our support forum so we can look into it.


We couldn’t confirm your email. Check the link in the email we sent you or try sending another confirmation email. I did register in the Forum yet getting an error Do you offer to install the them for a fee ?

Yes we can come to an arrangement. Please send me an email so we can discuss further.



I bought the Hikari theme and when I save a page template with a column I get the folowing message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_blocks() on a non-object in /home/avantgar/public_html/wp-content/themes/hikari/pagebuilder/functions/pb_functions.php on line 30

I saw someone that asked you the same question in the comments and you told him to register to your support forum. I can’t register because my “Downloads” list on ThemeForest doesn’t have certificates for any of my purchases.

Can you help?


Hey Nuro,

Yes I believe that problem has been resolved in the forums. You can download the purchase code by clicking in download and selecting the licence option.

Hope that helps!


As mentioned in my message, the “certificate” link showed in the registration instructions on your forum doesn’t exist anymore. You can see from the tag besides my nickname that I purchased the theme, can you give me access to the forum? I can also send you a copy of my ThemeForest invoice if you give me your email address.

Yes I’m aware. We update the instruction image yesterday so please check again :). Sorry for the trouble


Is it possible to make the portfolio the default “home” page? And does it work with

Yes you can. Not yet, but you have .po files if you need translation

What about the description for each item? – Is it possible to translate those?

What about a demo with admin panel?


I’ve purchased this theme cos I loved it. I have installed it, but how can I have the website look exactly like what the demo shows. I am not well versed in Wordpress so to have a demo installed into the wordpress would be very helpful so I just need to change the images, logos etc. Please help thanks so much!

You have to import the xml file that comes with the theme :) There are tons of tutorials in youtube into how to do this

Hi, is it the ecommenrce compatible with this template? Thanks

Not for now

Hi there – purchased the theme and really like it. The page builder was working fine and has stopped in the last few days I’m getting a ‘No data received’ error on that page within the WP admin:

(Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data. Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

I’ve done some Googling and it all points towards server errors – do you have any advice?

Thank you!

Hmmm not sure if its server error. Have you tried to change to another theme to see if the error is given by the theme?

The site is live for my client so I don’t want to mess with it as it stands. I haven’t encountered the page builder before in any other theme. It was working fine and then gave up a few days ago – I was wondering if the error was theme specific or more to do with my server not responding quick enough?

Thanks again.


I must ask, will there be a 2014 update coming soon for the new version of WooCommerce?

yes yes! we are going to update it a lot next week. It will be full of new features!

So INCREDIBLY excited! I’ve gotten only the BEST feedback since I developed my website at!

awesome! please rate the theme 5 stars then, it helps a lot. You can do that in your download section ;)

Hello Skywarrior.

Any news on the update?

Thank you.

We are working on it, sorry for the delay :/

Hi Skywarrior,

Like your theme.

I have a small problem with the portfolio page. Look:

Do you know what the problem is.

Thank you.

emm i dont see anything weird. If you are having problems please make a post in the support forum: